Feeling a little overwhelmed of having to start a gf diet.


Hi, thanks for my accepting my request to join the group. I have just been tested for coeliac. Got another blood test in 4 weeks and a referral to gastro for a biopsy. I had no idea, no symptoms and was just feeling tired all of the time. Feeling a little overwhelmed of having to start a gf diet. Is that normal?

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  1. I was the same aswell Hun xx

  2. I could not recommend it

  3. 2 blood tests u only have one tho xx

  4. Same symptoms for me too. The GP chased me for further tests, which is incredible considering the stories I read on here of people suffering and their GP not doing anything. The diet is crap (imho) but totally doable after you get to know what’s what. Good luck.

  5. It can be done and u will feel better

  6. Thx everyone and yes, apparently I need another blood test to get a true reading. Has anybody lost weight with coeliac? X

  7. I have yes 2 pound in 3 weeks think it’s stress related to x

  8. That’s a positive then (not about the stress tho) x

  9. Not for me no x

  10. Bless ya x

  11. Might ask my doc to do anther blood test to x

  12. Yes, good idea x

  13. But if test result was high then deffo got it

  14. I know it’s a strict gf diet but what happens if you have a cheat now and again or is that a no no?

  15. Reason being I react in a house if any of them gluten/soy are being cooked with even if I’m in a different part of the house And I live in farm country and even though I live in a bubble (I don’t go outside at all) I still react at harvest time

  16. Yes, it’ll happen from time to time. Whole new life change

  17. Will get better in time

  18. Thank you everyone for all your help and support xx

  19. Welcome! Jump Right In and ask any questions that you have everyone is great in this group.

  20. We will get there and be ok xx

  21. It’s a journey that we are all on together xx

  22. Start simple and add things in as you learn. Meat. Fruits veggies. Pure spices. We’ve only been GF about 6 weeks but it’s been kind of fun trying out new recipes!

  23. Welcome and yes it’s normal. I’m one week into it and still lots… great informative & helpful group. Hang in there and good luck. X

  24. Yes sorry today I started this year being 67 kegs and now I’m 52 kgs

  25. I need to put weight on to

  26. There are recipes out there that make GF better than it use to be. \nEveryone is right. Don’t cheat. I was GF and felt great. Then my budget got tight and since they haven’t done the blood test and confirmed anything, I bought cheaper food -i.e. Gluten. I now have to detox. And one time can take 6 months to get out of your body completely. But, one day at a time.

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