Ferritin along with thyroid testing?


First, whoever in this forum told me to check my ferritin (iron), I love you. 🙂
I asked my doc and he took it today along with a thyroid test.
My question is: Do MOST docs order ferritin along with thyroid testing? I complained to him about hair loss and “low thyroid symptoms” the last time I saw him and he only tested for thyroid DESPITE my other symptoms. Maybe change endo’s?

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  1. It’s so difficult to get into new endo where I live! I was dx with hemochromatosis before I was sent to endo. Iron overload made me so sick! Glad you got your ferritin checked! Vitamin D was depleted by the iron, too.

  2. YEAH!!! So glad u got him to check this for u! Pls post ur results when u get them. Were u able to do vitamin levels too? The whole process has to work together. U r on ur way to answers! 🙂

  3. Oh u don’t need an endo to run any of this. I don’t do endo’s anymore as they just don’t seem to get it.

  4. Endos are not trained properly, don’t keep up with the current research, don’t listen to patients, don’t do the right tests, are not usually willing to explore NDT, for the wrong reasons. Over the years I’ve heard/read many many stories and have very rarely run across an Endo who is different than this. They are ignorant of proper thyroid care and refuse to acknowledge the autoimmune part of Hashis

  5. Truth! They are better for diabetes perhaps. They also do not acknowledge adrenal fatigue. They basically run a few thyroid labs, if ur lucky the right ones or if ur lucky and can tell them the ones to check off, and then they will just write u a script of some sort. They do not listen. I even went as far to find an endo who was a “thyroid specialist” and he was the worst of them all! Yup, there is no script for Hashi’s so they don’t have anything else for u.

  6. In my experience they should run\nA Full Thyroid Panel\nFerritin/Iron\nVit D\nB 12\nMagnesium\nPotassium\nThese are what my doc checks every time

  7. And a CBC 🙂

  8. I’ve been exhausted lately. Wake up extremely tired. Gave in to my chocolate craving and even worse, can’t think straight (very foggy). I rarely wake up and stay in bed, but lately, I just stay there until I can gather energy. It LOOKS LIKE and FEELS LIKE depression … or fibromyalgia, and that’s what makes it a very tough illness to deal with!

  9. I cannot wait for your labs to come back! So sounds like low levels of ferritin and Vit D. When will you get your result? Did they say? All of this definitely mimics depression symptoms for sure and it sure could be or even just situational because you are so frustrated by everything. Did you say you take Selenium? And also I would be curious about your sex hormone levels.

  10. No, I don’t take selenium – it’s good for thyroid functioning? Can you “overdose”? I’m going to a new primary and will ask for vit D to be checked and some other things mentioned in this thread. I’ll be getting my tests back Tues or Wed. MAYBE my hair will grow in thicker, too… it’s getting so thin!

  11. I have a feeling that your labs will have answers for you regarding your hair. There is an autoimmune condition called alopecia that some Hashimoto’s patients have that affects hair. But, let’s just see on those labs. Selenium: yes you can overdose. 250mcg a day is all you need taken 4 hours after your a.m. thyroid med. It is known to boost your energy levels ( hence taking it late a.m./early afternoon so it doesn’t keep you up at night) as it helps with the conversion of free t4 to free t3 and helps to lower the TPOab and TGab. It really is one thing I would start on asap if I were you.

  12. Thanks for the info. I don’t have alopecia, it’s just thinning. I’ll look for selenium though….sounds helpful!

  13. Good deal! Many love selenium. I can notice a difference after taking it and my antibodies were 400, now just last week down to 112 making no other changes. 🙂

  14. Your lucky your doc tests for antibodies. I asked my current endo to check and he said, “You have Hashi so why do you need to know your antibody count?” That should have given me a clue. Now I have to search for a doc who gives a hoot. Thanks again!!!!!!

  15. Thanks SO much everybody. I’ll be back with the report! Huggs!

  16. What is it supposed to be at

  17. Ask your new doctor. Being that the doctor is new, I’m not sure how long you have had Hashi’s but you could say you haven’t had them tested for years and want to see where you are at now that you have resources to help lower those antibodies. The higher the antibodies, the higher the attacks and the higher the risk of thyroid cancer and other autoimmune conditions. Voice your concern in an assertive way. You have the right to know what your antibodies are doing. Good Luck!

  18. Mallory Hermansen We are suppose to have zero antibodies. it is not normal for the body to make any thyroid antibodies

  19. Kari Spencer, does anyone in this forum have zero antibodies?

  20. We could ask! I would think that someone in this group is in remission. 🙂

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