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Question to anyone with Fibromyalgia who is taking JigSaw Mag Malate. Since switching to JigSaw, there’s been no improvement. Actually, I feel worse. So here I am. I woke up at 3 this morning with pains to beat the band, they are EVERYWHERE and had no choice but to get out of bed to feel better.
NOTE: Yes, yes and yes, I am doing the boron water, taking other mag supps, doing foot soaks twice a week, drenching myself with Mag-A-Hol, Bee Pollen, Taurine, CLO, potassium, etc..
FIBRO FLARE??? There was change of Thyroid med to Armour Thyroid since 9/10/16 and change of season combined, maybe? Is it the Armour? I give up.
I think I’m gonna give all of it a rest. Or I’m gonna shoot myself. Either way. I’m rambling. Again. Sorry. Have a healthy day.

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  1. Have you checked for mold exposure. We discovered black mold in our central air and that was the root cause to my daughters' fibro symptoms

  2. For me, I do all you are doing and feel ok sometimes I sleep good sometimes- then bam pain. Idk why. I think the same as you…is it the weather? Did I eat something? I do know that when I have to change my thyroid meds it hurts everywhere like the flu for almost a month and then calms down. Hope it helps to know you aren't alone.

  3. It might be wise to back off on all the supplements and add them back doing one for a few days or a week and see if one is causing a reaction etc. To me foot soaks of magnesium chloride and a clean diet is the best starting point. Even too much magnesium at once can cause an imbalance if you are very ill or just sensitive. Some have to start very slowly!! Weather is a huge factor as others have mentioned…

  4. Google Golden Paste – I had raging fibromyalgia…I can't tell you the relief I have gotten from it! Only took a few weeks and woke up one day virtually pain free!

  5. Malate was one of the first oral magnesiums I tried and it flared my pain horribly! I couldn't get out of bed for two days after I tried it. For me, it was because i needed waay more potassium. I started the adrenal cocktails and eating more potassium, and when I tried magnesium again I did ionic mag because it was easier to do in small doses. I have had to work my way up veeery slowly and really really pay close attention to getting enough potassium or I hurt really bad. I can take malate now, in small doses, without it affecting my pain as long as I make sure to take the adrenal cocktails with it. I had not realized how closely my pain is related to my mineral imbalance, but it very much is the root of almost all my chronic pain.

  6. Maybe consider an elimination diet ?

  7. Hi Liz BennyAlba Sometimes I wonder as well if it really all helps. I think the trick is to stop and see what happens and then re introduce slowly. I have had fibro amongst other things for a long time. Magnesium oil is what I use almost daily. prunes for boron as per MJ Hampstead I prefer prunes over borax lol. the other thing that really helped was the The Ketogenic Lifestyle way of eating. it does cut out a lot of carbs (keep the healthy ones) like breads, pasta, sugars etc. it made a huge difference. I haven't done meds for over 16 years except for a very occasional aspirin. Turmeric paste is something I also take regularly, that keeps the swelling in my hands and feet under control. (I stopped it for a while) and within a month swelling was bad as well as pains. Started taking it again and swelling was gone within 2 days.

  8. Take a look at Trying Low Oxalates FB group. I've seen quite a few posts re fibro. People having good results.

  9. Diet diet diet. Wahls Protocal? Nutritional dense real food. Eliminate inflammatory foods. Destress. Movement.

  10. This happens to me quite often, I get out of bed, soak in a tub with the mag and baking soda, and amazing all the pain gone and back to sleep

  11. Have you considered getting your DNA checked? You could have some of the, actually not uncommon, genetic alterations that effect how your body can process nutrients and convert them to the forms needed in the cells of the body to promote proper functioning and inflammation mitigation.

    As a last ditch effort to try and save my husband's life we got his rbc mag tested and sent off saliva sample to 23andme for genetic testing. We are going to an integrative and functional internist MD in December to help us understand how to appropriate the results. But, we already have learned enough to know that he has genetic alterations which probably prevent him from absorbing/processing/converting beta-carotene, B6, B9, and B12. He also has difficulty processing many medications. And he has inability to process folic acid which is in enriched grain products and was in the vitamins he had been using for past 25 years!!! For him folic acid is like a toxin and must be avoided. He will also require larger amounts of real folate to restore proper methylation within the cells of his body. Not at a point yet to even know how to detox him of the folic acid. Learning as we go.

    He has been at such a bad point with generalized all over pain that he's been ready to die. We've seen some improvement with extra mag supplementation along with other cofactors. We are in hopes that further understanding of his particular genetic predispositions will help us make better food and supplement choices to greatly reduce the inflammation in his body.

    Praying for you to find help and hope.

  12. It could be the Armour. What where you taking before? I had a problem with Armour have to take T3 now. some people have a problem with a filler that stops absorption. You could try chewing the tablet before swallowing or crush the tablet between two spoons and then take the powder.

  13. Have you tried cutting out all grains? That was the cause of all my pain x

  14. Have fibro. And same problem with the jigsaw mag….started out on 4 a day did not go well I take 1 in the am and throughout the day take Co factors mostly through diet also use transdermal mag. Throughout the day….my alladonya is gone it's amazing….I can finally be touched again without wanting to cry..for me that's an enormous improvement.I will never give up mag now I'm a true believer

  15. It sounds to me like you are not tolerating the B-vitamins in Jigsaw. Some people are sensitive to methylated B vitamins.

  16. Liz BennyAlba, what iron chelators are you able to use?

  17. What thyroid med were you taking before? Armour has had some problems with it recently. What is your Free T3 and dose of Armour?

  18. Liz have you been tested for Lyme disease

  19. i'd be more likely to blame the change in medication than a failure of supplementation. tell your doc and see if you can get the dosage/prescription adjusted.

  20. Liz the article just went on this page

  21. Have you tried an auto-immune diet?

  22. Yes! What is your diet? Look into autoimmune Paleo.

  23. Over 40 years ago I was having terrible pain in my foot and a spot on my leg…felt like I had been burned….My dr at the time was older and much wiser than today's dr.'s… testing no nothing…he told me my body could not eliminate Vit B the way it should….so I had to counteract the Vit B by taking Vit B…only 1 dose…I done as he said and bam…pain was gone…..when I peeded it was bright yellow eliminating all that Vit B…..I still have flare ups but use the Vit B to get the pain stopped. I have worked in physician offices for years and not one of them had ever heard of this….my dr. now tells me if it works…keep it up….I just wonder how many people have this type pain without getting a correct diagnosis.

  24. JigSaw Mag Mal does nothing for me either. I'm on Nature Throid it has less additives. There are different kinds of Mag and I've tried them all. I've recently purchased one from Vitamin Shoppe that has all 3 types in it…we will see.
    So far the one that worked the best for me was the cheapest brand from Walgreens. I just had to take enough to equal 1000 mg. or I have sever muscle cramps.

  25. Somewhere in your body there is a trigger point which is imbalamcing the body. Maybe try raising vit c to improve cortisol so you can find it

  26. And now I have Bronchitis ! Jesus! It doesn't end!

  27. Jigsaw Mag has B in it and if you have not tested your MTHFR status that could make you very sick…taking the wrong form of B, that is, can make you sick.

  28. Sandy Helmic Cassidy Have you tried ReMag by Dr. Carolyn Dean (magnesium). It is a 100 percent absorbed liquid that can be sipped throughout the day.

  29. Definitely not the Armour! But you may need to give the Armour more time since it's only been about month, to feel better.

  30. Just want to say that in my experience; when on a health journey, we often get better before we get worse. Hang in there Liz, the improvement may be 'just around the corner' and it'd be a shame to miss it. What I always say when that is happening is that " it's like what you've experienced before but different:" Does that fit?

  31. I also have fibromyalgia, and I don't do well with the change of seasons. I try to avoid using pain meds, but if i'm in too much pain to sleep, I take a Tramadol.

  32. Find a certified aromatherapist and ask about using essential oils.

  33. You sound like me & I spend a large part of my day trying to figure it all out.
    What am I doing wrong, what should I change or tweek? Is it a flare? Why? What variables?
    Drives me crazy!

  34. When you can't find any relief and you know you're doing everything that works for other folks but it doesn't work for you, it's time to consider that maybe the cause of your condition is different than others or something that folks just don't consider.

    Mercury toxicity causes mineral derangement. Mercury blocks the absorption of all minerals. Supplementing can help but the more toxic you are the less it helps. It's also usually a slow fix. Eliminating the cause (such as dental amalgams) is just the beginning. It takes years on chelation to get the mercury out of your body. Some people feel a lot better in a short time but not 100% better immediately. My chronic fatigue stopped almost immediately and my nighttime leg cramps were mild instead of severe. Now, after 9 months of chelation, I rarely get any cramps. I expect to continue with chelation for another 4 months.

  35. consider an adrenal saliva test. If you need cortisol, cortef can make a huge difference.

  36. Hello Liz I don't know if this is of any help but we have a client who has had fibromyalgia for years and she has found L-theanine and lemon balm really the only thing that has helped her.

  37. be sure to get tested for Lyme

  38. I feel like someone's got the malocchio (evil eye) on me!

  39. Is there a chance your being exposed to mold?

  40. Fibromyalgia definition Muscle Fiber Pain, imbalance minerals is the main cause, not necessarily excess calcium, but calcium creates the stiffness (they add calcium to concrete to make it harden faster) Magnesium is natures calcium channel blocker. Everybody wants instant fix, not going to happen. The body makes the priorities, you are just along for the ride. Morley Robbins magnesium is motion. Magnesium is the spark of life. Every firecracker has maggie. So get moving, walk everyday, dance, jump rope, get a massage. Increase your magnesium(center of plant life), movement of people life. If moving too much makes you sore take epsom salt bath, burn a candle and relax. Years of us doing the wrong thing doesnt change the body's priorities. It takes time and sometimes it is painful taking out the body trash. If you experience pain back off what you are doing. Give the body a chance to do its thing. You helped open the damn but there is still thousands of things the body does to survive. Happy thoughts and give yourself a hug.

  41. Armory made me feel way worse. WP is the best. I was able to cure my fibro through diet. Are you gluten-free sugar-free dairy free corn free etc.?

  42. I mean armour

  43. This happened with me and I figured it out as a detox issue. Malate releases toxins so you have to start VERY slowly at a low dose and work up to higher doses very slowly! And important to add chlorella and other ways to help your body with the toxins. Clay, oil pulling, daily chia and flaxseed, etc.

  44. I also take turmeric and ginger and switched to a mag without the added B vitamins as I have mthfr. And my fibromyalgia symptoms are caused by taking a fluoroqunilone antibiotic so I was very toxic, especially with the mthfr issues.

  45. I went to the Chiropractor today. Very interesting methods, not you usual "back-cracker". He used an activator, and also put me on a vibrating exercise device. Anyone know what I mean?

  46. For thyroid have you looked into Wilson's temperature syndrome?

  47. Raising mag levels is a slooow business.

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