Finally bought KAL magnesium glycinate 400mg


Finally bought KAL magnesium glycinate 400mg. Should I start with 200mg & also when is best time to take it & with or without food? I’m always nervous taking new things. Sorry for all the questions

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  1. With or without food. Try both and see what works for you. Try once daily and work up to 5 mg per pound of body weight for maintenance dose more to bring up your magnesium RBC

  2. Are these okay to take even though they are tablets? Because I know with tablets your body can have a hard time breaking it down?

  3. Should be fine

  4. It comes in 200mgs

  5. I thought this was 1 of the recommended brands?

  6. That is what I take, it's one of the best ones

  7. Heather, I have used that brand with go results. Go slow. Good luck with whatever you try.

  8. I was taking that and it was so helpful for sleep but my number of headaches increased and then found out glycinate can be a cause – so i stopped – headaches reduced…just an fyi – i wish i could take it because it was so relaxing

  9. This is what I take. I have one with breakfast and one with lunch

  10. I just started this exact one as well. I take 200 in am and 200 in pm. Too soon to tell if it's helping. Disappointed to read it causes headache for some. I was hoping it would reduce my headache/migraines.

  11. The ER doctor at Sutter put me on 400 mgs of Mag OX 2 times a day. One AM 1 PM..with food. Never got a headache..made me feel better though. Apparently I was Magnesium dif..bad!

  12. This is the exact one I just started taking. I take one in the morning and one before bed at night. Usually without food.

  13. I also take 1200. You have to try to find what works, I would start w/ less and add more. see how your body adjusts.

  14. Nancy, an ER doc ordered Mag tests? Wow, where do you live and what were your symptoms?

  15. One oh the morning, one at bedtime. You'll know if you're getting too much when you need to run to the bathroom.

  16. Thanks all! I'm going to take 1 per day for a week & see how that goes. Depending on that either double or keep

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