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I am thinking about investing in a Fitbit or some other similar device. Does anyone have any observations or recommendations?

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  1. I have the FitBit One. It was cheap from eBay. I wanted to track my sleeping more than anything since I am so fatigued. Guess what? If I’m in bed for around 9 hours, I MIGHT get 7 hours of sleep…. It’s also good for tracking exercise, etc. It was a small investment for piece of mind. I rarely do intentional exercise but it seems to work well.

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  3. Just upgraded to the HR to check my heart. Like it.

  4. I have the HR…works well, but they say you only have to charge it every 5 days…not true…that’s my only complaint with it 🙂

  5. I have the flex. I love that it tracked my sleep patterns, activity and I could track everything I ate/drank. I found I would do more activity to meet my goals and would try to beat them the next day. I currently am having a problem with my phone and the Fitbit not synching.


    When you enter in what you eating and drinking do you have to do that from your phone or do you do it from the actual device?

  6. I have the Charge HR, it was a Christmas gift. I love it! My favorites are tracking my steps and you can \

  7. Love my Fitbit

  8. I use the Charge HR. Basically just a glorified pedometer. \n\nWhat do you want out of the device? That’s important.

  9. My husband has the Charge HR…I like it takes the heart rate,….I have the Alta..I like it too

  10. I have the alta and love it. It motivates me to be more active. I bought it to track my sleep but now I feel obligated to get my exercise in daily.

  11. I love my hr. I had the jawbone first but then got the hr and I like the hr because it does my ❤️rate. My mom also has the hr (she got hers not even a year ago) and she already wants the new blaze that came out. I wear it all the time. When it needs to charge I charge it only takes a short time and then it’s back on. I love that it tracks my sleep and steps to. I see I don’t sleep much and I see my active days and not so active days. Def worth the money to buy it.

  12. Had the flex, loved it. \nHubby bought me the HR and I’m really liking all the added features. \nThe prices went down a lot cause there’s two new ones now, so I say go with the HR if you can afford it.

  13. I love my Fitbit charge hr!

  14. I’ve been looking into them and I really want the alta but I can’t afford it just yet. 🙁

  15. I have the Fitbit one and love it.. Definitely go on their website and compare each item and see which would be the best one for you to get

  16. Love, love, love my Fitbit Charge HR! I have worn it since Oct. 31st Only taken it off to shower and for surgery. It’s been a real motivator for me. It gets me off my rear and eating better. I’ve lost 37 lbs, not sure about inches and my blood work is MUCH better. No more risk of diabetes for me. Not even close to the range anymore.

  17. I have charge hr. I like that it monitors my sleep pattern and bp

  18. No to Jawbone.

  19. I have the Garmin Vivosmart HR which works well. It also can be used to interface with my biking computer from Garmin. You might want to look at the applications also. Garmin products interface with a number of products so they have a robust application and it can interface with more than 1 device. I am not familiar with FitBit’s application.

  20. The sleep app on the Garmin is good and helps to see if you are not sleeping well.

  21. I just got mine (fitbit hr) last Tuesday. So far, I’m really liking it. It’s giving me a better insight to what I do and don’t do all day. And to the quality of sleep I’m getting at night. I have mine link my myfitnesspal (mfp) acct.

  22. Love mine too! Taking Cytomel(increases heart rate) found not so high when I’m relaxed and home…lol

  23. I have a fitbit flex, and I like it enough, but I often forget about it.

  24. I bought the new fitbit blaze and I’m loving it. I use to have a jawbone UP3, but the food tracking was terrible and I had to use another app to track food. I feel like having the tracker allows me to better keep track of how many calories I burn then guessing. You get a better idea of how your doing overall. I never knew how little sleep I was getting.

  25. I have the Fitbit Alta. I love it! It definitely gets me up and walking a lot more than I was.

  26. I have a charge and love it but I like the look and slim look of the newer smaller one and it looks more like a bracelet than a bulky watch

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