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I have a friend who is really suffering. She is considering seeking alternatives to “traditional medicine” although she is at a loss for where to start. Here are symptoms:
Flank pain that is constant and gets intense and debilitating; urine frequency, tremors, fatigue, headache, swelling, sensitive to touch.
I hope someone will read this and know what’s wrong. She’s had blood and urine tests, CT scan and ultrasound with and without contrast. No stones. No signs of infection.

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  1. Lyme disease? Mast cell activation

  2. Tick borne disease – lyme, babeosis, bartonella and likely more. Combinations of some or all is not uncommon.

  3. 23andme genetic testing, HTMA and/or RBC minerals/NutrEval, Genova stool test. So many of these things can be so many different things or more than one thing. Diagnosing a set of symptoms like this (especially on the internet) is a shot in the dark.

  4. What do you mean by alternatives to "traditional medicine" does she want to go the drs way? It could be something digestive I get very similar pain when I have a gas build up

  5. Please, my pet peeve. It is modern medicine that she is seeking an alternative from. Traditional medicine is traditional medicine!

  6. Have your friend join this group and get the recommended testing done.

  7. Adrenal crisis?

  8. is there pain with urination? interstitial cystitis?

  9. That's sounds just like Lyme. Needs to find a Lyme Literate Dr to check for all tick borne infections. (lyme, bart, babesia). A regular MD will not know how to diagnose this and she needs to be connected with people who know how to help.

  10. Chiropractor. And check her atlas.

  11. I feel really sad reading this. Those were my symptoms before I found out it was Lyme. I hope she gets help (sorry, had to comment again, b/c I remember how hopeless I felt)

  12. Functional medical (MD) dr!!!! Trust me the ONLY dr that helped & is reversing my symptoms!!! Ditto to what you have. Find one here: https://www.functionalmedicine.org/practitioner_search.aspx?id=117

  13. I agree with Mandy, find a functional medical doctor.

  14. MJ Hamp I did add her. I'll suggest she read files etc. To answer traditional medicine or modern medicine. Whatever we are all trying to get away from. I'm pretty sure the context was clear. It was to most of us.

  15. Lyme responses: can you recommend links for her to read about the best way to get diagnosed and best treatments. She's a nurse so this is all new to her. Thank you!!

  16. When did Sx begin; did some exist before others; are there unresolved emotional stressors? These are Good Q's for her! I agree about Functional Doc, and also possibly Energy work (kinesiology, Meridian, Chakra, etc.). When we work with energy systems we are more empowered to remain calm despite what the body is doing; to understand the messages from the body; and to work with the body as an ally in becoming resilient and reclaiming a healthy Spirit – and as healthy a body as is possible.

  17. I would suggest joining these Lyme groups below and post a question in the group (as well as her symptoms), asking for input. She doesn't need to feel weird about it…it's a very helpful community. It will help give her the encouragement she needs to pursue testing since most Dr's are Lyme ignorant (said in the nicest of ways…)

    Before I was diagnosed, I had constant headaches that felt like stabbing pains. My MRI's were all clear, despite feeling like I had a brain tumor. I just felt like I was dying. Couldn't sleep. I had anxiety at night like I was dying, and then anxiety over dying and no one could help me. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack every night when I got into bed. My nervous system felt overloaded, like I was going to have seizures. I felt like my brain was rotting and like I was going crazy and questioned if my symptoms were real since I couldn't "see" them.

    The most reliable test is through IgeneX labs, but she needs a Dr. or naturopathic Dr. to sign off on the test. The other tests just do not pick up on the infection no matter what a Dr. says, they usually present false negatives.



    Again, the test she needs is through IgeneX, but I would ask around on the boards and try to connect with people in her area who can point her to a reputable Dr.

    As way of encouragement, I've lost 90% of my symptoms after treating (I never used antibiotics as I had chronic lyme, symptoms for years) and my brain works better than it ever has before (that may not be saying much :P). I still have symptoms I'm trying to work through, but so thankful I was blessed with a Holistic Dr. who suspected Lyme (it was never on my radar since I live in the South) and treated the root infections rather than managing symptoms. I would have been in a very bad place right now had I not seen the right Dr. who knew how to help. x3C3

  18. How is her diet? Does she exercise?

  19. I was going to suggest Lyme Disease as well –

  20. Kat: what did you take?

  21. Patricia Elizabeth, i used a lot of different things, but a strong collodial silver helped me the most. I tried almost everything and collodial silver, Rife machine, olive leaf extract glycerite (to target lyme and fungus in the sinuses) were the most effective. Detoxing was important. now Im working on supporting my body by balancing minerals.

  22. Great to know Kat Garrett thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you! did you try Oil of Oregano?

  24. Yes, tried OoO, cinnamon oil from Sri lanka, etc. I found with oils that it seemed to turn into cyst form (or at least it seemed like it). The cinn oil helped. I think CS hit most infections though. A rife is a good idea too

  25. Funny, was gonna post a question re flank pain and fatigue. Very very possible I got bitten by a tick but I live in the city. My armpit got very itchy "bite" when I looked at it, there was spot and a faint ring. Googled it and it looked more like a spider bite. The ring was very narrow and light colored, not the vivid red bullseye of a tick bite……

    That was 2 yrs ago. But adrenal fatigue makes sense too, am under soooo much stress but did manage to crawl back from a total burnout from 5 yrs ago. Last year was a total bust stress wise and that I am still able to walk and talk and work is beyond me :p but attribute that to being on a good mag/bclomplex and other supps regime and on a twist on the adrenal cocktail (kiwis, bananas, pink salt and lemon water)

    But this flank pain, which comes and goes does me in sometimes and also scares me. ugh.

  26. Spiders can actually carry Lyme too. My Dr's wife contracted it via spider bite while working in her garden :/. Not saying it's Lyme but keep it in your mind if you have odd symptoms. It also "feeds" on magnesium when it replicates so most of us with Lyme are severely deficient in mag.

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