Flu shot and having hashimoto’s


Ive heard alot about the flu shot and having hashimotos . Im trying to figure out if i should get it or not please any info /insight would be great

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  1. It’s fine to get it.
    I get it every year.

  2. I get it every year as well

  3. Just got mine last week. I get one every year with no problems.

  4. Thanks for asking this question as I’m about to have mine tomorrow.

  5. Some people i know get it but sick for days after so im confused

  6. I get it every year. Sometimes I’ll get a mild injection site reaction (redness and swelling) but I have never had the flu

  7. I never risk the shot

  8. It’s mandatory for my job that I get it every year. If it wasn’t mandatory I personally would not get the flu shot as I do usually get horrendously sick afterwards. It’s not so much a problem with my Hashimotos, I’ve reacted that way to every flu vaccine I have ever had. I got mine last Sunday, and spent Monday and Tuesday very ill. I’ve had the flu twice in the last 10 years, and one of those times was last year despite getting the vaccine.

  9. I get the shot every year as recommended by my Dr. Rarely any reaction from the shot itself. Doesn’t keep me from catching the flu, but does help my immune system bounce back quicker.

  10. I get one every year and have had no problems. Just got mine a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Never had a problem with the flu shot.

  12. Got the flu shot and got sick right after.

  13. It’s a good idea for most people with autoimmune disorders.

    If you react it maybe mild cold-like symptoms, but that’s NOT the flu.

    Flu symptoms are: severe upper respiratory infection, high fever, weakness, nausea, etc. It usually lasts a week or more and you are completely bedridden. People die from it.

    The flu shot does NOT prevent getting winter colds. It prevents the nasty flu that causes you to miss a week of work.

    If your physician recommends it, it’s a good idea.

  14. This debate happens every year. I get the flu shot every year without any problems.

  15. Yes get it. People die from the flu. IMO that would be an embarrassing way to go.

  16. Last year is the only year I didn’t get it. I got both strains of the flu for the first time in my life. So I got it this year. Yes it makes me feel like crap for a few days but it’s better than missing work for 2+ weeks. My dr recommends it.

  17. I got mine a week ago. No problems.

  18. Thx, All. Yip….I started last season for the first time. And Pneumonia shots….I have Hashi.’s, Immundef-IgG,, COPD, Asthma, etc . Time for me to get on it. Wishing the Best.

  19. Get the shot!!!

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