Flu shot with Hashimotos?


Flu shot with Hashimotos? I have never had a problem before but I have been completely wiped out after the shot the last two years. This year my arm is very swollen too.


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  1. Other than having a sore arm for a couple of days I haven’t ever had a problem. My doctor’s staff told me to put an ice pack on the area as soon as possible after the shot to reduce swelling.

  2. Swollen arm is nothing compared to the flu. Ice on it will help. \n\nI also found 30 minutes on the elliptical despite the pain works it out faster. \n\nI’ve had the flu. Never ever missing my flu shot again.

  3. I am 28 years old. I have never had a flu shot. I had the flu one time when i was pregnant with my daughter. I don’t give flu shots to my daughter or husband either. My daughter is 10 and has never had the flu.

  4. No shots of any kind with Hashimoto’s.

  5. I do not do them…to inject yourself with a guess of what strain will be out there…no thanks!

  6. I’ve never had one and I am 45. My 11 year old daughter got one last Monday and her arm got so red and swollen and she got an icky nose, sore throat and low fever a few days later.

  7. Put some ice on that baby! I refuse the flu shot for me and my kids. Noooo thank you!

  8. Thanks everyone. I have been icing it since a few hours after I got the shot. I have also been taking Motrin around the clock.

  9. Swelling and discomfort are a totally normal reaction. \n\nPerfectly fine. And much better than the flu… v

  10. The last time I got one, I couldn’t lift my arm for over 2 weeks! I’m a photographer so it was a huge problem. Swollen, red and terribly painful

  11. My 43 healthy year old husband died from the flu. His life would have been saved if he’d gotten the flu shot earlier. It’s more serious than people realize. It’s deadly.

  12. My doctor told me never to get a flu shot with hashimotos?, and celiacs and Graves’ disease?

  13. I get a flu shot every year. As soon as they put a bandaid on it you want to start rubbing your shoulder to disperse the injection. However, if that lump gets any bigger or more importantly, if it gets hot you need to go to your doctor. Last year I got a tetnus shot and by the next day I had one hot swollen shoulder. It was a bacterial infection.

  14. somebody told me that they grew hair on their nipples after they got the flu shot , I’m good to go

  15. I won’t ever get another vaccine again. I have homozygous mthfr c766t and hashi. This means I have trouble detoxing. Vaccine injury is not rare and not worth it. Everyone should be able to make their own medical choices without pressure from industry and government. Vaccines should not be mandatory. I’ve never had a flu shot and I never will.

  16. Allergic to eggs? That’s the carrier for flu shot.

  17. Sorry this is happening. Never got the flu shot. Never will let anyone inject that into my body. I hope you feel better soon. Xo

  18. It gave me bump and severe pain and flu symptoms

  19. I have asthma, so it is a must. I always get mine in my right arm because I’m right-handed. I massage the site of injection and move my arm. I had zero pain or swelling this year.

  20. Did you get the thermaisol preservative free one?

  21. I always post this question when it comes to the flu, “When those of you state you get flu-like symptoms, what are those symptoms?” I ask because my mom will remark she has “stomach flu.” That is not flu. Flu is a respiratory virus, hence my need to get the vaccine due to also having asthma.

  22. Up until about 2 years ago I had no problem getting the flu shot. But last 2 years I feel like total hell after. Not doing it this year.

  23. Some manufacturers have changed to ingredients in the shots, where traditionally the flu was grown in egg, it is now done in other cells (animal) and most have switched to thimerosal free. It has been last 2 to 3 years. Looks like the alternatives might be bothering you? I am sensitive to thimerosal.

  24. Won’t do Flu shots!

  25. Mine usually get a little lump in the spot. I rub it out. Arm is sore for a day or two. I take an Aleve to help with the ache.

  26. Why would you get a flu shot? Not good for someone with autoimmune disease.

  27. I’ve never had a flu shot and I’ve never had the flu.

  28. I stopped years ago – per my doctor. I would get very sick for almost 6 months after getting the flu shot. I haven’t had any issues since stopping. My kids don’t get it either-when they did, they would end up with double ear infections, sore throats, etc. all of which was not common for them. Now we are hardly ever sick.

  29. Those of you saying you won’t let your kids get a flu shot… yikes

  30. Hashimoto’s is an immune system disorder, so it makes sense that our systems may not respond properly

  31. My son with and I both have hashimotos and get the flu shot with no problem. We are eu-thyroid though.

  32. I don’t mean to be rude but it looks more like your deltoid muscle in flexion, not swelling.

  33. I felt crappy and my arm swelled up too, but it was just for a day

  34. won’t do flu shots…. yuck….\nHave to sit and watch all my co-workers come in sick after theirs…. I’m vegan anyway so last time I had anything close to the flu, or even a bad cold, was years ago …

  35. I’ve never had issue before. Have to get it as I have asthma and my son does as well. Got it last week…the injection site itched like crazy the moment I got it…then extreme fatigue for several days.

  36. Mine does the same ..feels like I got frogged or sucker punched really really hard

  37. I get mine at work. I always pick the person who administers it based on patient feedback. We get ours after they get theirs. It absolutely matters who gives it to you. I get it every year or I end up in respiratory failure due to bronchitis that always follows my flu. I have no patience for people who say they get sick after a vaccination. Your body is creating an immune response to form the antibodies to protect you later. I wish everybody had to take a microbiology course before they post ignorant propaganda. And stupid videos on YouTube as their “evidence.” And stop with the memes. It’s lazy.

  38. Lots of people are having tons of issues with this year’s shot. \n\nPlease look at the ingredients and look up what each of them are. Then research what the side effects of each ingredient are individually. \n\nA friend of mine whose a nurse had her shot site become so bad, they have to pack and drain it.

  39. PS the person giving it to you isn’t the person making the shot 😂

  40. How about taking ibuprofen before getting the shot? I hadn’t thought to do that for myself, but it always worked for my kids

  41. I always refuse the shot!

  42. The last time I had the flu shot (3 years ago) about 2 moths later I had the flu… Haven’t had the shot since and I never get the flu now and I work with children…

  43. 4 Doctors told me absolutely no shots with Hashimoto’s. 2 conventional and 2 natural.

  44. We should not be getting flu shots with our auto immune disease. Vitamin D and a probiotic works better than the flu vaccine!

  45. Ii had my flu for years with Hashimoto. I was fine. Hope you feel better and the swelling goes down.

  46. Never issue, yes it can be sore for a few days, as long as not swollen amd warm, not abnormal.

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