Fluffy Fresh California bee pollen?


Hello, before I start on bee pollen, I just have a few questions. Has anyone tried this Fluffy Fresh California bee pollen? Is this a good brand? How common is the allergy or sensitivity to bee pollen? My 2 years and I had honey with no problem, but we have never had bee pollen before. I am kind of hesitant taking it. Tia

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  1. I've never heard of this brand. If you decide to take it, start slow on 2 granules for you. For your 2 yr. old maybe a fourth of one granule. Then see how your body reacts. I would probably do one for you one day and the do your 2 yr. old the next day.

  2. I prefer organic, if that is possible anymor these days.. not a fan of pesticides etc potentially in my pollen.. I use Mt Rose herbs.

  3. This is the one I was going to be picking up tomorrow.

  4. Just start off SLOW with it. Just 1 to 2 grains……then work your way up to more.

  5. I have this brand. It may just be me, but when I attempted to move up to 1/2 teaspoon after several weeks of just taking a few granules I threw up once, then even when I attempt to mix it with other foods, my mouth water like I'm about to throw up. So I have moved on to trying unfortified nutritional yeast to get my B vitamins.

  6. Lien Nguyen have you tired it yet? I just bought it

  7. what are the reasons we should start that slow? this is what I am using and I didnt know, started with 1/2 teaspoon and haven't felt any difference. My kids are taking it too, should I be worried now?!

  8. I started today with one grain. No clue but I'll go slow just incase since I am breastfeeding my baby

  9. I am too he's 20 months though but he also ate 1/2 teaspoon of it! Now I'm worried

  10. That's the one we bought at Sprouts. Both my husband & I use it with no problems. We did start with a couple grains/pellets and gradually increased.

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