Foamy urine (should I be worried?)


Foamy urine…should I be worried? How do I make it stop?

I’m not dehydrated so that is not the cause.

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  1. She got advice! Your diagnosing her with advanced kidney disease.

  2. No, I'm saying it's a possibility and she needs to see a professional and not just ignore it.

  3. Gabrielle Compolongo, if you have questions PM me if need be. Peace out all. Got pts to see.

  4. I have seen a dr…at the ER.

  5. Does anyone think the new waters I've been drinking with the different pH could be it?

  6. change back and see Gabrielle.

  7. My husband is diabetic. When his sugars are high his foams like egg whites. How's your A1c

  8. And you said they only checked your blood and not your urine so that's kinda pointless, wasn't it? Whatever. I'm done. Several people have told you that it's often a sign of protein in your urine. It's your life and body. Go ahead and not take care of yourself.

  9. lol you know nothing about my life Brenda, or how I live it

  10. Don't ask the internet for help if you don't want it.

  11. The internet didn't tell me I'm dying. I'm sorry you had such an unfortunate event happen because of your life choices, but everyone doesn't have the same thing you did because of one similar thing.

  12. Then why have at least a dozen people here tell you the same exact thing I am?

  13. First of all, 8 people have commented that's hardly a dozen. And second they haven't all said the same thing

  14. Like I said I'm sorry your poor choices resulted in the ordeal you went through, but I take good care of myself and I'm not at risk for anything kidney related

  15. @Gabrielle I get a lot of UTI's and they can have different symptoms… so that's something to look at. I've even had UTI's with clear urine. Hope you figure it out soon

  16. Thanks Nicole. It may be a UTI but everytime Ive had one it clears itself within days so I'll wait and see

  17. Actually, pretty much everyone is saying the same thing. Protein. The high blood pressure and diabetes suggestions are also saying it's protein even if they don't realize it.

  18. Want to be careful with "it clearing itself" Can cause damage and that's not what you want. Really would suggest testing and not just going by symptoms as they're not always conclusive. Can buy test strips from azo or online. I use D-Mannose to help prevent and treat

  19. Another suggestion, is there any possibility you're pregnant?

  20. No. 0% also I just went to the bathroom and it's not foamy now

  21. That's good.

  22. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it's something I am eating

  23. I still think you should buy a cheap kit and see if it shows anything. Can't hurt to check.

  24. Please get a copy of your most recent labs to check your kidneys….spilling protein causes foamy urine….I'm not trying to scare you…my husband had a kidney transplant due to spilling protein….it could be something minor…but please check to make sure you are not spilling protein.

  25. More often than not, it's a supplements or diet. If you visit webmd you have days to live. This is more common than you think.

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  27. There are my blood results

  28. Total protein is just a tad high but your creatinine is great. 🙂

  29. You got some gut stuff going on.

  30. Idk what to do about it I don't have a dr

  31. Globulin should be between 2.4-2.8. When it's high, there's generally inflammation in the gut .. from dysbiosis/"bad" bugs, poor digestion (lack of enzymes/andor HCl).

  32. Hmm, I was still on Valium back then so maybe that was it? I was detoxing from Benzos

  33. If u were detoxing from benzodiazepines by taking Valium there must be something going on with your health. I think u may have answered your question.

  34. What's wrong with my health? I was on xanax for 5 years for migraines and I tapered off with valium for 8 months. I'm now on nothing for 2 months now

  35. Your total protein is high and alkaline phosphatase is low…something is going on. And it doesn't say what your GFR is, just that it's above 60.

  36. I know I see that…like I said nothing I can do I don't have a dr

  37. Hopefully it's not something that will kill you. Can't you buy insurance from your state? My partner was able to get really good insurance for only $265 a month that even pays for alternative medicine.

  38. Hopefully it's not. Otherwise it's been nice knowing you all. No, I have no income I'm searching for work daily

  39. Then you should be able to get medicaid if you have no income.

  40. Yes I should, but unfortunately my state didn't expand on medicaid so I can't unless I am pregnant or disabled. Trust me I have tried everything

  41. That really sucks. I suggest moving to another state LOL (I know, not possible.)

  42. Yes it does suck and I'll probably die before I'm 30 because of it

  43. Alkaline phosphatase is a zinc dependent enzyme so when it is low (and your is pretty low) we think potential zinc deficiency.

  44. It's really sad. I have a lot of friends in Alabama b/c my partner is from there and his child lives there…and they are the same with no medicaid…and so many people are dying from simple things like high blood pressure or diabetes simply b/c they can't afford to buy their medication and the state won't help. The federal government really needs to step in and force these states to change. It's sickening.

  45. Im thinking of just giving up

  46. I have this same problem, can't figure it out though. I did a metabolic urine test and it showed I'm very deficient in amino acids. If foamy urine was caused by protein wouldn't there be a lot of protein in the urine. does it mean you have high protein, or low protein in the body since your peeing it all out?? And what causes such protein disturbances?

  47. The kidneys start spilling protein when they are stressed. There are lots of things that can put stress on the kidneys.

  48. so would that not show high protein in the urine then? and since my was saying I was really low that's probably not the issue, right?

  49. That's usually caused by either malnutrition or a genetic disorder you were born with.

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