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Good morning magpies. Got a quick question. I’ve read or was told that If I take supplements I should skip 1-2 days a week to give my body a break from them. Does the same apply if the supplements I take are considered “food-based”? Im taking turmeric and Lions Mane mushroom capsules daily. Thanks!

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  1. I would think yes because even with food-based products you are still getting an extra 200 mg of this, 100 mcg of that, so on and so forth. I agree that food-based is the way to go for most supplementing, but it is still concentrated vitamins/minerals.

  2. I have always skipped supplements on weekends. Don't know if it's right or wrong, I have just felt it was better to take short breaks from everything.

  3. Why do you take those supplements Chris?

  4. Morley Robbins once mentioned something to me along the lines of 3 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off. So like MTW, rest Thu, FS, rest Sun. Also, remember to mix up your sources as much as you can. Whole foods are best, but even changing up your source of the whole food should be varied. Don't get stuck in a rut and get anal about your routine.

  5. I'm taking them to rebuild my CNS Holly. I have nasty nerve damage due to what benzodiazepines (xanax) did to me.

  6. Oh ok just curious, not familiar… Thanks. It's good to have go tos that work for our areas that need special care.

  7. Well, I take mine every day (although I don't take a lot, just really good potent ones that balance my body) and I feel the best I ever have including "getting rid" of all my health issues. Same story with people I help/work with. The "stuff" we take gives our bodies that needed nutrition that is lacking in our not nutrient-dense foods –

  8. It's good to switch it up with your body a little bit, because it's the same idea of working out and doing the same exercise repeditively – the benefits on your body will plateu, to put it simply, what Scott and Morley said are good examples. It can be done many different ways depending on what you're taking and why as well.

  9. I heard Dr. Carol Savage over at MTHFR group suggest this. As she put it, there aren't many foods that you eat every single day; you mix up your diet, it makes sense to mix up your supplements. This is my approach. I portion out my supplements into a weekly pill box so I don't have too remember what I took on what day.

  10. I'm on benzos Chris can't get off should I take anything get nerve pain and muscle aches I tryed to get off impossible for me x

  11. Was thinking of taking magnesium don't know if I will have reaction best sort as on valium x

  12. Instead of skipping days can you take less each day? I ask because my 11-year-old is on a LOT of sups. He hates it and he gives me a problem many days. Some of the sups are three pills each day…could he do less each day as opposed to skipping days?

  13. Antoinette, I would find any way possible to get off of them.

  14. Antoinette, I would try to find supplements that you can phase into your day to overcome the issues that are creating your need for xanax. If it's panic disorder/stress, perhaps you can do Morley's testing to see if that is what is driving that?? There's also Mensah Medical who deal specifically with that and have tons of experience helping people with those issues that are on benzos. You can You Tube him or go to their website (same name). I believe that what Morley is saying about magnesium balancing other systemic imbalances in spot on, too!!!

  15. Hey Chris how are you doing.

  16. Yesterday was my 15 month being off xanax Annette. Still a struggle but I'm healing for sure.

  17. Chris that is good to hear.

  18. The Mg chloride spray is one thing that helps quite a bit but if it weren't for the turmeric, there's no telling where I would be. One of my biggest protracted withdrawal symptoms was VERY bad anger. The xanax did astronomical damage to my HPA axis and the turmeric has turned out to be the magic bullet. So far…

  19. Wow that is awesome to hear about the turmeric.

  20. Chris I just found out my brother is on Ritalin and Prozac amongst many many other meds.

  21. Does he know that Ritalin is pretty much methamphetamine?

  22. Docs like to poly drug people so that WHEN not if but when they run into problems with them the doc can pull the old gas lighting trick and tell them "it's not the pills messing you up, it's YOU". They tried to pull that crap with me. Almost believed them too.

  23. Chris no, he is in a bad way.his memory is bad and now they are saying dementia. i personally think it is his meds. he also has been on liptor i think he still is. he lives far away

  24. now the million dollar question is how to get him off off them, if he comes to live with us

  25. Very slowly. There are many who he can keep in contact with for support. I belong to a couple support groups for benzo withdrawal. I'm sure there are others with experience in coming off of other meds too.

  26. Chris Cross how much turmeric do you take and how do you take it? Thanks

  27. I take it when I feel I need it. I don't really measure dose but I doubled my last dose about an hour ago from 1/16th teaspoon (aprox. 125 mg) to 1/8th and I definitely feel it. I usually did 1/16th tsp. 4-5 times a day. I studied up on dosage and I guess it's trial and error for us. All it is is a dried and ground root.

  28. Hasn't backfired yet…

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