I am researching this product “FOOD GRADE” for my Dog then saw many people are using this for MULTIPLE health benefits lots of info online… it says it has trace minerals? Would this pass the Magnesium Advocacy Group Test?

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  1. How often and how much do u use it Jennifer Mack Foundherno?

  2. Its good for chopping up bugs in your intestines and good for bed bugs

  3. How do you take it?

  4. I'm a daily D.E. user for months now start slow at about 1/2tsp a day and slowly work up to a safe 2TBLS and drink plenty of water it can constipate you

  5. Here's an informative link on DE. I use it on my dogs, around the house and internally

  6. Those that take it… when do you? On empty stomach? Or doesn't matter? I normally have acv first thing in the morn…

  7. I used 3 TBSP a day in the beginning (worked up to that) and now I do one TBSP at 6 am in the morning on an empty stomach and go back to bed…I wait at least three hours before taking meds, supplements or eating. That is all I seem to need. I basically use it to get my minerals in and to detox.

  8. I have Crohn's. I find the DE has a very positive effect on my arthritis. However I find it incredibly constipating – possibly a good side effect for most with crohn's and in a flare! I feel uncomfortable unless I ensure my fluid intake is good.

  9. I just mix it in water or juice

  10. Thank you Amy Dobson. I actually have crohns related arthritis, very little GI issues. Just when i badly mess up.i am on AIP, less joint pain, but it got again worse last few weeks. Was thinking to try D, but i am afraid that with crohns lesion it can be damaging to GI lining . Did not find any info about it on internet ,yet.

  11. Wow… I also have Crohn's. And yes, was thinking the plugging up would be good in my case. I have both DE and the living calcium bentonite clay as well, which is a detox clay supposedly much less harsh. I may try one at a time

  12. Hmm wonder if you can buy it on iherb?

  13. I was thinking of using colloidal silver but i heard that can kill good bacteria as well as bad so maybe DE would be good 🙂

  14. this is where i get mine, 50 lb bags, and lots of info on their website too, also., giving my old dog organic natural inflammatory remedies too, not just for people, info lists cautions too, like only do for a week, twice a year, because will deplete too much if use all the time, and caution for bees, hurts bees, and only use food grade, but very affordable when you buy 50 lb bags and will last …

  15. I use DE as an insecticide on my animals for fleas. I have not taken it internally but I know that there are many that do. There is lots of info on line about the benefits of it. I believe that there is an advocacy group on here for it too.

  16. I put 1 tbsp into orange juice or cocoa (hides the gritty!) After a week, my hair & skin were glowing and shiny. But best of all, my joints stopped aching, a skin wound healed, and my digestion normalized. I believe it removes certain parasites (for me anyway)

  17. I take 1 (generous) tbsp 2x daily am & pm. Have definitely seen a major improvement in my joints. Also a huge difference in my hair and nails . I take mine with water but I don't mind the taste.(It is a little gritty) Google it ,there is tons of info on it.

  18. Love DE! Myself, husband and two kids all take it. We also give it to our dog and cats! I plan on using it around my garden this year too! Definitely start slow to see what your detox reactions might be!! I had a severe itchy nose and sore throat and my tonsils even swelled up! I personally saw/felt no detoxing until I got up to 1 tablespoon daily, but everyone is different!

  19. Has anyone made capsules with DE? I just can't stomach drinking anything gritty.

  20. put it in oragne juice you cant tell and drink fast

  21. we drink it and use in garden and on my dog.. google it, youll see all it is ispure silica good for people but the reason it kills bugs is because under a microscope its "glass sharp like" and it gets under the bugs shell and cuts them and they dehydrate.. totally safe

  22. Just to clear it up…I believe inhaling the DE that is a higher percentage of silica is the one that may be harmful to your lungs, not the food grade that you ingest. You obviously don't want to inhale any type of powder, but it is not harmful if you do. I'd give ya some links to back this up, but busy at work at the moment! Also, been taking with my bf for lil over 6 weeks now at 2 Tbsp, although I've done 3 and 4 tbsp as well.

  23. I've heard people with leaky gut shouldn't take D.E. as it can act as a gut irritant. Anyone with leaky gut experience this?

  24. that is a good question Barbara?

  25. I guess I should post it as a separate question but I'm not sure it's directly related to the interests of the magnesium group.

  26. I know my mom has been taking it. She's been taking it for an embarrassing reason. Unfortunately, she got bedbugs, so all I could do from so far away was help her research solutions to the problem. DE was the most natural thing I could come up with, and I wanted something that would be safer for both her and her pets, so I chose the food grade. I did a lot of research on it. I told her that it was up to her whether or not she wanted to eat it, and she decided to do it. She likes it for the intended purpose. She feels that it has prevented her cats from being bitten and that it has given her additional resistance. She also feels that it has been good for her mood and her skin. I haven't asked her about hair/intestine, etc. She's 62 if that helps. Since she doesn't take it for these purposes, and since she's not as into trace minerals, etc., as I am, I'm not sure I can get that kind of valuable information from her. I have some here, because she was going to visit and I was very concerned about her bringing…well…anyway…let's just say I got some as a precaution, but I haven't consumed any of it myself. I have to admit that I'm curious though.

  27. Oh, and Csilla – My mom has Ulcerative Colitis – a terrible case of it – to the point that she's been in research groups for it. It doesn't seem to have aggravated it for her. If it had, I'm quite sure I'd have heard all about it. 😀 However, I will ask her the question directly.

  28. Yes anyone have a reply to Barbara Wood's question? My daughter has LG,,wouldn't want to risk it..

  29. Same question as Barbara Wood

  30. I know that there are several in the DE group that have leaky gut and are trying to treat it with the DE as well. However, I haven't heard any side effects to that. I believe DE can help with Candida which causes leaky gut. Nothing proven on this as far as I know, just testimonies, etc.

  31. I have taken DE and have a large container that I put aside since I take so many things but I think I'll go back to it at some point. I simply wanted to point out to all thos with Crohn's to please have a look at what LDN can do for you and so much better than those toxic drugs. They have actually done studies for this at Penn State.

  32. I take the DE and mix it with vanilla flavored whey protein powder to help hide the taste. The power is harmful to breath so be careful. The leaky gut can be helped with curcumin (Recent studies have shown that increased intestinal permeability results in the leakage of pro-inflammatory molecules (cytokines and lipopolysaccharides) from gut into the circulation in diseases such as CKD, diabetes and atherosclerosis. This change in intestinal permeability is due to decreased expression of tight junction proteins and intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP). Curcumin increases the expression of IAP and tight junction proteins and corrects gut permeability. This action reduces the levels of circulatory inflammatory biomolecules. This effect of curcumin on intestine can explain why, despite poor bioavailability, curcumin has potential anti-inflammatory effects in vivo and beneficial effects on CKD).

  33. As far as breathing it in, this is what I've read most recently: UPDATE: I received an email from Larry Smith, the President of Earthworks, who wanted to clear up the misconception about any dangers of inhaling food grade diatomaceous earth – here's what he wrote: “This is a misunderstanding about food grade DE. There are 2 kinds of DE—food grade and filter grade (used in swimming pool and other filters) Only the filter grade is dangerous to breathe. The “dangerous” part of DE is the amount of crystalline silica that is in it. Filter grade is 65% crystalline silica while food grade is less than 1/10 of 1%! The world health org. has said that diatomaceous earth is safe to breathe as long as the crystalline content is under 2%. Food grade is 20X lower than even that level!!”
    So no need to be concerned about any danger associated with using DE for pets, bedding, consumption or anything else – as long as it's FOOD GRADE! Thanks so much for clearing that up Larry!!! It's a huge relief to know that I don't have to worry about that anymore!

  34. Barbara Wood, Sheri Legacy I believe that Tiffanie Gilliland post should answer that question. If it's only .01% Crystalline Silica I can't imagine it would harm her. And there are people that consume food grade DE specially for digestive disorders and have gotten relief. There is a DE group on Facebook called DE for body mind and spirit, they are a great bunch and very helpful.

  35. Pool grade Diatomaceous earth is toxic, but FOOD GRADE DE is great for humans and animals, but I would not use it in a garden for it kills the exoskeleton of insects (great for cockroaches, bedbugs…). and could kill the good ones like bees and butterflies. Remember to use wooden or plastic utensil when using DE, so it does not loose its' magnetic pulling power.

  36. I would say that it CAN be an irritant for people with asthma or copd. It dries out the airway as well. almost any fine particle powder can do this and DE is particularly fine. Not saying you shouldn't use it, but just be cautious, especially if using it topically or for pest control.

  37. I say this from experience. However, I would much rather have issues with this non toxic source than the same issues with chemicals

  38. This is so interesting

  39. Yes Melanie Kay Carpenter, I put mine in capsules…can't stand the grit in the glass of whatever

  40. Steve great article but I do have an ongoing question that never really gets answered, for those who suffer either genetic Salicylate intolerance or Salicylate sensitivity how can these herbs help, when they are so high in Salicyates? We found healing methods around Salicyates for my family, so is it for only those who can tolerate Salicylates that it's safe to heal using herbs, such as Curcumin?

  41. Sanna how can you safely place it in the garden without possibly breathing it in? Do you make it into a paste? Was thinking for cockroaches?

  42. Thank you Joyce. I have an annual check up soon and was planning to mention it to my PCP. Now I have some material to back it up.

  43. From website" I'm sure there are a lot of opinions on whether it's (DE) appropriate for those with leaky gut. I think it's probably best to weigh the benefits and risks of each individuals situation. For example, if I were suffering from leaky gut and parasites, I would consider taking DE before I would take anti-parasitic medication. Though it not a use approved by the FDA, I heard from a Home Depot employee that a man went in and bought food grade DE at the urging of his doctor to support him through a parasitic infection. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't take if my main concern was that my gut was inflamed. It's incredibly hard. On the hardness scale, diamonds are a 10 and DE is an 8."

  44. Kim Gaunt I read one article I think may be of some help…

  45. I by mine in the garden section at Menard's all the time. It's foods grade.

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