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MJ Hampstead – are you able to help me out? (This will be lengthy). I’m trying to find whole food supplements to take during pregnancy #2. I’ve been taking these following supplements after I had anxiety/depression/trauma-related ptsd postpartum – after researching what I might be depleted in, I’ve been taking these for two years and they’ve helped in the long-run:

– Fish Oil 1200 mg
– Calcium 1200 mg plus D3 1000IU
– Vit C 1000mg
– Super B-Complex (which has 400mcg folic acid)
– Prenatal Vits
– Magnesium 500mg

Prescription Meds
– Levothyroxine 75mcg (I had a thryoid crisis postpartum & went from hypo to hyper to severely hypo)

I also drink vegan chocolate shakeology smoothie a few times a week – I heard this has folate in it.

My first baby had a sacral dimple – so that makes me feel that I wasn’t getting enough folic acid/folate the last time! This scares me!

Last time postpartum, I took Mag-Cal to help me sleep due to high anxiety. I also used Bach’s flower essences, and have a few essential oils also.

I’m interested in soaking in Magnesium salt baths with Lavender essential oil for headaches or just to relax this time around. What one is best?

I believe I had terrible adrenal fatigue, though no one cared to officially diagnose me, so I’m looking for some support there as well. The only thing I found out was that I was D insufficient. My last D (about 4 months ago) was 26.

I’m planning to eat kimchi as a probiotic and also drink kefir as a probiotic (which I didn’t do last time).

Ideally I would see a functional medicine Dr. but I don’t think I have anyone around here, that I know of! Trying to figure out whole food supplements. I know they are pricey so if I can (consolidate) get one or two bottles, that includes most, if not all, of the supplements listed above, then I’d be willing to look into it! Here is a link of a prenatal vitamin that looked interesting:

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Storage D at 26 is NOT deficient. What are your Active D and Magnesium RBC values?

  2. Forget the calcium, get it from food.

  3. Forget ascorbic acid masquerading as whole food vitamin C

  4. 500mg of elemental Mg may not be enough to restore Magnesium. Also needed are Mg's other two cofactors.

  5. If anxiety is also because of low potassium and sodium, indulge in the Adrenal Cocktail

  6. Get a better cod liver oil like Nordic naturals or Rosita.

  7. I'm trying to eliminate the artificial stuff and consolidate, and see if I can get most of these vitamins in ONE pill. Actually, the pre-natal vit link that I posted – I believe you have to take a pill 4x daily. I can't imagine having to remember to do that, sigh!

  8. Shakeology is highly processed, folic acid, there cows are fed gmo corn, lots of inflammation agents, phytic acid which is a gut irritant, prevent minerals from being absorbed. Read the calcium lie 2 by Dr Robert Thompson for explain why you should not take calcium. No d3

  9. So, as a summary, of sorts, I'd like to take some kind of multi-vit with as many of those above supplements as possible since I KNOW they really helped me out in the long-run.

    – Whole food prenatal vit (still need to find) (One I found has Folate 800mcg)
    – Fermented cod liver oil which will have the omaga 3's that I truly need (nordic naturals or Rosita)
    – Probiotic – kimchi or kefir
    – Levothyroxine 75mcg one daily

    Adaptogen blend (Stress Manager – herb pharm or Adrenal Support – gaia herbs or Vital Adapt – natura natural products or HPA Adapt – Integrative Therapeutics)…not sure which one for pregnancy/postpartum/lactation. Also look into the Adrenal Cocktail above.

    Continue Bach's remedies, EO's, Mag-Cal for anxiety/sleep support.

    Also plan to add turmeric capsules for postpartum inflammation.

    Anything else, or any other suggestions, or sage advice?

  10. Magnesium and its cofactors are critically important.

  11. Rosita and Nordic Naturals cod liver oil are not fermented.

  12. No supplemental calcium, get it from food only.

  13. Get the recommended blood tests and the HTMA now so that you have a fine tuned plan.

  14. sigh…I guess I don't have a clearer picture like i thought I would.

  15. If you've dealt with sacral dimple I would look into methylfolate/folinic acid. Folate won't cut it and folic acid is synthetic and will block the absorption of activated folate.

  16. Benita 'Samuel' Becker I have a blog post that might help – there's info about mag, prenatals w/ foilic acid etc This is geared towards mamas who's previous babies had acid reflux, but the info is for every planning pregnant and currently pregnant women 🙂

  17. I'm feeling stressed out and overwhelmed but am trying to put together a new plan of action:
    – Take a whole food prenatal vit with folinic acid (probably Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal)
    – Cod Liver Oil (probably Nordic Naturals)
    – Obviously my levothyroxine
    – Continue eating Kimchi and Kefir for PROBIOTICS
    – Add Mag salts to soak in (JUST DON'T know what brand)

    Hopefully the above will be a good source, plus will have enough of and consolidate the "supplements" I take now. I'm convinced I'm on the right path here, just didn't know the amount of each one and felt like I was taking too many (artificial) pills. Not sure if I will be geting enough Magnesium with the above, but I really hope so!

    Take some labs to check minerals (Active D, Mag RBC, HTMA)

    – PRENATAL/POSTPARTUM: Add an adaptogen blend/adrenal cocktail later when I need
    – POSTPARTUM: add turmeric capsules for inflammation
    – POSTPARTUM: add extra B-complex (not sure what brand)

    Continue with Natural Calm drink (Mg 325mg), EO's, Bach's remedies, mostly postpartum when I'm sleep-deprived and NEED some help!

  18. Please read calcium lie 2 by Dr Robert Thompson

  19. Calcium supplements are dangerous

  20. Calcium is magnesium antagonistic. Calcium supplements cause brain lesions, kidney stones, hardning of the artery, bone spurs. Calcium supplements pushes magnesium out of the cells.

  21. Anyone know a good Epsom salts brand?

  22. Also, with my latest plan, can anyone tell me if I'm getting enough Magnesium?

  23. If you are taking the calcium/magnesium the calcium is using up the magnesium

  24. My suggestion is get a htma so you don't blindly supplementing

  25. Go to health products,his stuff is amazing and has a set for proper adrenal function.I wish i knew about him when i was pregnant.He has written a best seller too if that is encouraging.Good luck.

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