For the swelling afterwards?


A friend of mine is going into hospital this week to have keyhole surgery on their knee. Can you recommend anything for the swelling afterwards? I was thinking about a compress? Ideas?

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  1. Homeopathic Remedy Arnica 30C. Take 3-4 pellets dissolved under the tongue for 3 days in a row ONLY.

  2. Mag Cl compress is a good idea. Keep it warm for better absorption.

  3. Edna how do you make that and with what. Sorry i I seem stupid!

  4. Increase Mg before surgery as the drugs will further deplete it. Have her join this group and get the recommended testing done.

  5. Heat and then ice it.

  6. What is the recomended testing. I was in the hospital bad urinary infection. And they started bringing in a small pouch of magnesium and ran it in my iv for almost a week.

  7. Traumeel ointment to help reduce inflammation, follow instructions and do not place on any open wounds, only around the area, also traumeel homeopathic tablets… Again follow instructions on bottle, a good vitamin shop should carry this…quick and speedy recovery for your friend

  8. Marvie B Cauffman – the Magnesium BC blood test and the HTMA tst

  9. Physically, your best bets are compression, elevation, movement (even small things like wiggling toes), and perhaps light heat.

  10. I agree with the arnica, but before my husbands shoulder surgery I read that a lot of plastic surgeons are giving their patients arnica and bromelain before and after surgery to minimize bruising and swelling so we did both and it worked well. A uncle had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and did the same thing, his followup with the surgeon 2 days later and the surgeon was amazed at no swelling or bruising.

  11. Systemic enzymes like biotics intenzymes. They eat cytokines and inflammation.

  12. Vitamin C!!!!!
    1,000mg a day a few days before and after surgery. Besides arnica

  13. My daughter had a bad sprain, very swollen. Integrative MD suggested this. All natural, and seems to be working very well.

  14. rescue remedy

  15. Thank you MJ Hamp for answering my question. I Googled the info you provided me very interesting. I learned information I didn't know before. As I stated before when I was last in the hospital the nurse hooked up a small pouch of Magnesium to my IV and it was replaced every so many hours for several days.

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