For those who are improving ferritin


For those who are improving ferritin, how quickly do things start to turn around? I am very severely anemic and have zero ferritin. Hemoglobin is falling quickly. My choices are get iron infusion and work to maintain ferritin going forward or start improving ferritin now without getting an iron infusion. I KNOW it’s not desirable to get an iron infusion but I’m dangerously low. Like borderline needing a blood transfusion. So no judgement please, just stick to answering if it will work quickly enough to help me immediately or if I should get the dreaded infusion and work to avoid them in the future. Thank you.

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  1. Do you have a full iron panel or is the infusion based on ferritin only?
    Liver, blackstrap molasses, grassfed beef, nettles infusions are all good sources of iron. Increase whole food Vit C intake

  2. I have history of severe chronic anemia. I get iron infusions every 12-18 months. I'm just learning about the protocol for improving ferritin here. I just want to know if it works quickly enough for me to forgo the infusion in severely need now. Everything is dropping rapidly now that my ferritin is zero. I know the protocol recommended here. I'm planning to do it. Just trying to decide if I can skip the infusion that I desperately need since my levels are all getting dangerously low.

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  5. Using iron alone to resolve anemia almost never works. You need protein, B6, B12 and folate. To start with. It should improve your anemia in weeks.

  6. What is causing the anemia?

  7. You need a plan. How about scheduling the procedure, start the protocol here and test again before the procedure? I do understand that you might not have the luxury of time though.

  8. Morley tells us to focus on Ceruloplasmin. What is your ceruloplasmin Value?
    Yes, beef liver plus wholefood vitamin C raises things fairly quickly as reported by some members.
    Good luck to you.

  9. Melanie Johnston Boyle, how are you doing now?

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