For those who take Synthroid in the morning


For those who take Synthroid in the morning, how many hours to do you space out your multivitamin and supplements? And how many hours until you eat dairy?

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  1. I drink coffee with a bit of milk 30 mins after taking my thyroid meds. Never had a problem. I don’t take any supplements.

  2. My doc talked about this yesterday. It depends on metabolism. He advises 30-60 minutes before putting anything else in your stomach. If you take thyroid medication later in day, it needs to be 3-4 hours after eating.

  3. Yes, the meds need time to reach your small intestine where they are absorbed.

  4. I take my Synthroid in the morning, and then my Vitamin B12 and D3 in the evening.

  5. Synthroid on empty stomach w no food for an hour. No dairy or supplements/vitamins for four hours after as they bind to the medicine

  6. No food for at least an hour. I was told to then eat food before any caffeine

  7. No vitamins or supplements for 4 hours.

  8. I take vitamins at night dairy at least 30 minutes after my Levo.

  9. I take my vitamins with lunch

  10. Funny the variety of answers. My bottle says one hour before or after meals, four hours before or after medications and some supplements like iron and calcium.

  11. I take my synthroid at night, before I go to bed.

  12. I used to take my synthroid at night, so I could take the rest with my first meal in the morning. Now that I am on armour, I take it around 7am, and then my next supplments are at 10am, after breakfast.

  13. I recommend not taking synthyroid which is synthetic. Naturethroid or WPThyroid are much better for Hashi’s. Pharmacist told me nothing else within an hour. I take it when I get up to go to the bathroom at night.

  14. Not everyone needs a medication with a t3 in it though. Some of us covert and only need a t4.

  15. I take Tirosint. I wait at least 30 minutes to eat, an hour for my fibro meds, and 4 hours for my vitamin/supplements

  16. 3-4 hours after. But I just take mine at night so I don’t have to worry. I was taking an hour after and my levels went up

  17. At night before bedtime. That way I don’t forget to take them

  18. I don’t 🙂 all down the hatch at once!

  19. I have an alarm set for 3am when it goes off I wake up and take my synthroid (with water, I keep on night stand) by taking it at 3am I know I am not taking or eating anything with it. Also helps me sleep threw the side effects.

  20. Since going back on my cytomel I have been waking up every morn between 4-5am to go bathroom. I take my synthroid & cytonel then & go back to bed if I can for a while. Regardless, I try to wait at least an hour before coffee, which I do put a slash of milk in. Then I wait to later/mid morn or afternoon to take any of my vities… I used to take all kinds of vits & supplements but…all these Dr. specialists they have been tossing back & forth to for past year have chastized me, questioned me why I was supplementing with this or that saying I didn’t need anything other then perhaps a daily multi so I have since been stopping any once gone. There was a time I was taking quite a few extras & it was hard to space them. It is best though to take your thyroid med on empty stomach & wait at least hour.

  21. Take meds in the morning and vitamins at night.

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