For years I have not been able to live without sugar.


For years I have not been able to live without sugar. I crave it & my brain turns to mush. Now, I can leave it w no major issues. I went for several days without, had a few sweets & returned to sugar free without issue.

It must be the magnesium.

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  1. What all have you been doing? I crave sugar all the time and I stress eat all day long!!!

  2. It is definitely the magnesium, and co factors

  3. Soon as I have magnesium…my sugar cravings go

  4. My sugar cravings are less since my supplementation with magnesium. Even though Dr. Berg says it's a potassium deficiency, magnesium must have something to do with it. Check out this informative video:

  5. Mag helps to balance blood sugar and addictions. They should soak everyone in a huge pool at AA meetings.

  6. I use the phrase "It must be the magnesium" all the time just as a running joke. For example, husband: "You look good today." Me: "It must be the magnesium." But another comment, I would like to second the idea that magnesium eliminates sugar cravings.

  7. Please, tell me more . I crave sweets/sugar all day.

  8. I kicked my sugar addiction 8 yrs ago. Detoxing wasn't easy but totally worth it. I no longer crave it. After kicking sugar, I gave up dairy, grains and nightshades. For me, giving up grains was the hardest. Small steps. Cheating isn't even an issue anymore. I realize now that even one bite means pain and it's just not worth it. Trust me, I still have days where I have to remind myself. The struggle is REAL. ️

  9. My sugar consumption has drastically dropped with mag protocol. No effort really. Now stuff is TOO sweet for me that I used to enjoy.

  10. Have you tried L-glutamine powder? along with Mag off course 😛

  11. East Ender I experienced no withdrawal though. Only very mild & brief thoughts of favourite sugary snacks. In the past not only did I have severe withdrawal, My brain pretty much shut down.

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