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is there a file in this group that explains the differences in the following forms of magnesium:

magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium malate, magnesium taurate, magnesium aspartate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide.

is one better than the others? one for better absorption? one to stay away from completely and why? those kinds of questions.

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  1. If there isn't one I would like one please!

  2. What about magnesium theonite

  3. oh good golly….
    how many forms are there?

  4. thanks Linda….
    i fell asleep in science class during the periodic tables portion…

  5. There's also Liposomal

  6. Yikes……I wouldn't do good in that class awake!

  7. Hahaha yes….we could go on and on…. I was so surprised when my oncologist didn't know how important Magnesium was.I think MORLEY and MJ need to go back to school….and teach those up and coming doctors

  8. I use and seems to work very well – country-life-magnesium-potassium-aspartate-180-vegetarian-tablets

  9. Following- I too am curious. I went to my local natural food store yesterday, while looking for magnesium I decided to wait and get more info on which form is better absorbed. And what to look for as "other ingredients" that the capsule is made of.

  10. i am familiar with Country Life, and i DO use Country Life fish oil tabs because they are the closest to pharmaceutical grade fish oil tabs that i've been able to find OTC.

  11. Thanks for asking this! I'm trying to put an order together for Vitacost and can't figure out which one to get! I'm thinking glycinate but if we're supposed to have 5mg for every pound of body weight, that could get very expensive for two or more people!

  12. I am trying theonate next

  13. can someone create and post a file please, I google search stuff, but would rather put my trust in admins….

  14. i think we may be waiting for an admin to comment.

  15. L-Threonate works for me after trying three others

  16. I use Magnesium Citrate

  17. Sue DeLongpre – what benefits have you gotten from that type?

  18. that is outstanding, Kathy. i'm bookmarking!

  19. Great question. Every one iv tried gives me loose stools.

  20. Is there one that doesn't make you tired. What about mag phos ?

  21. Bear in mind that all our bodies are slightly different from one another. Mag oxide might be "more likely to lead to loose stools and less likely to be absorbed" in general, but there are still individuals who do very well on it. And Mag malate may be "well tolerated by most people" but there are still individuals who do poorly on it.

    If all forms of mag have given you loose stools, then you need to take smaller doses more often, and/or work on transdermal methods to increase your mag levels. Liquid forms that are sipped slowly are usually better absorbed than pills where you take a large dose in one swallow.

  22. Good advice Ruth. That is what iv been thinking too. It gets so expensive to experiment. I'm sensitive to allot of things. I soaked my feet in Epsom salts last night. Today soft but not diarrhea.

  23. wonder if you could take the liquid form and reduce it down to take it sublingually.

  24. What form of mag is sublingual?

  25. There is a partial list of Mg types in FILES.

  26. This is the recommendation of the owner of the group for restoring Mg.

  27. Susan Maki – I've been taking plain Milk of Magnesia sublingually for over ten years. It works well with small amounts.

  28. Iv been leery of mom but hadn't thought of sublingual. I'll try one drop and see what happens.
    Thank you

  29. Susan….MOM is also a good deodorant, so using it under your arms is also an option..

  30. I've been doing well with the mag water from the files. It's inexpensive.

  31. This is so interesting – thank you for starting the discussion and everyone who has responded. Great information! Almost sounds like one could benefit by taking a couple different forms? I may try that! As I said earlier I like the Aspartate (been diagnosed with fibro – fortunately I have a handle on it now ) but I may try the Malate form, and possibly others and see if I improve further! For the record – I up my dose often. Great conversation – so happy I just joined this group 🙂

  32. Melissa Moore – multiple forms of Mg are recommended by the owner of this group.

  33. Mag malate is often helpful for fibro because the malic acid is helpful too. But generally we can meet our malic acid needs with mag malate before the mag needs are met. I don't know if extra malate is harmful, but it certainly can be more expensive than using some malate and then filling in with mag bicarbonate or mag oxide (or whatever inexpensive forms work for you.)

    Many mag citrate products contain corn derivatives, and corn is a fairly common trigger food for fibromyalgia. I stay away from all traces of corn (along with wheat and potato).

  34. So since I'm on a roll with copying files today, here's one I found relating to this. It was actually a link in a post, rather than an actual file.

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