Garden of Life–Vitamin Code Whole Food Vitamin C


After I take this Garden of Life–Vitamin Code Whole Food Vitamin C….I feel very jittery/slight heart palpitations.
Why do you think that is?

My other symptoms I am experiencing so you can maybe have a better picture as to why maybe I get jittery when I take the Vitamin C::

Cold hands
Cold feet
Tightness on my throat
High T4 Thyroid levels (Tested)
Adrenal Fatigue-Imbalance and High Cortisol (Tested)
Mental fog
Slight faint feeling
Severe anxiety/Panic Attacks
Air hunger
Hormone imbalance-Progesterone (Tested)
Digestion Issues
Always wake up between 3am-4am
Electric shock throughout my body before going to sleep/dosing off
Shaking on the inside/Jittery
Burp a lot (If I don’t burp, I get heart palpitations)
Very slight eye pain
Iron level was low (Tested)
Doctor said I was also borderline anemic?

I was put on progesterone for 2 months. The doctor just called today and wants me on supplements to help with my adrenals. I am not taking magnesium because I’m still not sure which one to take because the magnesium to take that helps with anxiety, I’ve heard many people say their anxiety spiked even more and I’m scared about that.

Thanks for your help!!!

P.S. He doesn’t want to test me for Lyme Disease just yet but will most likely test me in November.

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  1. Please edit your post to include the brand and product names as text.

  2. These are capsules… did you take one or two?
    Just start with a smaller amount, the capsule can be opened…×1000.jpg

  3. I have all your exact symptoms. I can't seem to tolerate Any supplement. It's awful

  4. Methylation issue, the product and all the nutrients collectively do not balance you, liver not clearing, taking too high of a dose, something else going on too, etc ….

  5. Intolerant to an ingredient?
    Histamine issues?

    Make sure you do Igenex testing for Lyme.

  6. I used to use it, but after I found out about recommended products here, I switched to Innate Response Whole Food Vitamin C tablets.

  7. This stuff is not wfc. If you look at the ingredients the vita c has an asterisk next to it, leading you to website. When I looked it up, it looks to be ascorbic acid.

  8. I find I do better with sodium ascorbate.

  9. Are you taking the adrenal cocktail?

  10. Are you following the magnesium protocol or the ceruloplasmin protocol?

  11. How are you addressing your gut health?

  12. Dan Price, I'm thinking the same as you. Clean up your diet.

  13. When did the symptoms start ?

  14. I have Graves Disease but had RAI to kill off my thyroid and take Synthroid and Cytomel now. Every time I swing hyper those are my symptoms. What is your T4 level? Did they test your T3 too because that's very important too?

  15. I was going to say Lyme as well. I've had many of those symptoms. I have difficulty with all those supplements, and I think it might be the probiotics but not sure.

  16. Full thyroid panel.

  17. Sensitive (allergic) to the vitamin c and/or fillers.

  18. The solution to my becoming hypersensitive to "everything" (most foods, most supplements) was a) discovering I had an invisible mold problem in my home which also had high VOCs b) discovering I also had an active lyme infection and c) my body was full of fungal and bacterial "ick". The do-it-yourself way to determine about mold is to use the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) test available from To check for VOCs you use the VOC product. Both of these issues create invisible stress in the body which gets completely depleted of magnesium. Now that I am reading about the iron issue – it will go high and the "ick" will thrive in eternity as it feeds them perfectly. I believe reducing iron is going to be golden for these cases (I am just starting to evaluate this approach). I have not found a way to overcome the environmental issues nutritionally, these spaces with dampness/water intrusion/… must be remediated or avoided for wellness to return…

  19. I sent you a message with a site that may help or at least give you somewhere to start.

  20. My daughter experienced most of these symptoms sudden onset after pneumonia and antibiotics. I hadn't found this group yet. I had to search beyond our doctors who only recommended a psychologist. We treated leaky gut and food sensitivities, probiotics, gluten free amongst other foods she wasn't tolerating. I now believe there was a copper (and likely iron) issue also pre-puberty hormonal time for her. Almost every symptom you listed I witnessed her experience including severe panic attacks and the electric shocks through her body as she attempted to go to sleep. She is 99% healed. I'd try Morley Robbins protocol and testing. It seems he's on to the root causes not just the secondary symptoms. Look for answers in whole foods, organic and replace missing minerals. It was horrible to witness the pain and I know a terrible way to feel. Hang in there!!

  21. Sounds like you have thyroid issues. Maybe hyper right now. Have you had all the recommended thyroid testing?

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