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Hi my friends daughter just got the Gardisal vaccine at school, Even though mum and daughter didn’t consent. Is there anything you can take or do to reduce side effects. This can’t be right to make someone get the immunisation if they don’t consent and have the form to prove it?

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  1. that's absolutely shameful..:(

  2. see a Homeopath as soon as possible

  3. I'd be getting a lawyer!!

  4. My daughter was also injured by hpv vaccine, the mag clay baths made her feel on fire. Although I think it still helped. Got her dead leg and stroke like symptoms better with greens first and coffee enemas.

  5. Hi Rachel Lee Wardley can you tell me what country this was in please..

  6. Sherrie it happened in Australia.

  7. oh no! This CANNOT be legal nor on the childhood schedule. And it can leave girls sterile 🙁

  8. My grandson was recently given FIVE shots at once at his school in South Australia – his mother was only aware of authorising one. He was unwell, but has recovered. As for Gardisil, the paperwork lodged by Merk shows that having any form of Herpes prior (even a coldsore) increases your chances of an adverse effect which may include warts. I have no idea why they would offer this vaccine as most HPVs clear and only an incredibly small percentage persist, let alone become PRE-CANCEROUS. Pap smears remain neccessary and are still the most reliable way to protect yourself against cervical cancer.

  9. In all honesty, if I still had a child in school and this happened I would sue – and I am not litiginous. Neither the school nor even a child's GP should be able to give injections without the child's or parental consent., other than for an acute problem like anaphylaxis.

  10. omg shocked to read tis! I mean, seriously, It's so clear what that vaccine is/does…. anyway, go to kinesiologist asap to help the body release toxins and deal with it the best possible way.

  11. Guess who manufactures the shots and gets big money for them. They care about $ not about people getting sick from the shots.

  12. Australia

  13. Did someone say they give the shot to males now also?

  14. Yes males too starting at age 11

  15. wow if you have a legal consent form and it was forced upon a child then that is a criminal act. It is medical abuse by any medically authorized individual and it is medical abuse by school officials who dont know better.
    You should start a website, Raise Hell , Get a LAWYER and SUE all invovled for criminal misconduct on several levels.
    document all side effects too.
    Dont think you sue them all as one case either.
    There are many people involved that forced this abuse upon a child. the crime committed by each is different and each should be sued seperately. I have my consent forms authorized in a lawyers office for a reason. Defying that consent form is a criminal act even if nothing happens to the individual vaccinated.
    The actual medical staff on site that allowed it should be up for misconduct and the person or perosn forcing it have broken several laws.
    Welcome to america you are all forced lab rats with out consent.

  16. Wow!! Abuse at it's finest.

  17. I heard about them wanting to give young boys the gardasil vaccine too..If any one jabs my son there will be hell to pay I'll sue the bastards..sorry for the bad language but feel very strongly against it.. much for freedom in our country 🙁

  18. I have literally taught my first daughter to refuse any needles with out my presence. TO kick and bite, refuse in every way possible to protect herself.

  19. Following

  20. Most schools now won't even give Tylenol without written parental consent! She should not let that go without a fight!

  21. Shocking, I would not let it go. A lot of young girls and boys have had bad reactions to the gardasil vaccine, even death. I'd be fuming, especially since there was no consent.

  22. Depending on where you are and age prental consent is not needed

  23. This is Australia and parental consent IS very much required. I can't see that there would be anywhere where parental consent would not be required for a vaccine to be administered to a child.

  24. In the states at varies ages kids have to consent to their own medical stuff and prental consent is not required as the minor can make their own medical choices

  25. Our friends daughter quickly developed guion bere syndrome and was paralysed. Watch closely

  26. Homeopathic THUJA for vaccines.

  27. I use homeopathic often, but have never tried Thuja. I see above, someone else recommend this, to use once and 30 c strength. Is this the amount you use for counteracting negative effects from vaccines, Laxmi Arden Rayne

  28. Keri welter, I believe in Australia, except Western Australia all states do not require parental consent for an abortion and since the HPV virus Is related to sexual activity…They figure it falls under this umbrella. I don't agree but many states here in the U.S.have actual law now that state no parental consent is needed.

  29. I wish I could share this post outside of this group!!!!

  30. They should have still required the daughter's consent for the vaccine. If she didn't give consent, or felt pressured into it, they may still have a legal case.

    I don't understand why school nurses are authorized to give vaccines. The ones here only do first aid, and the paperwork for vaccines, but can't administer them there.

  31. 30X or 30C whatever you can get your hands on!

  32. True, but if you don't have hundreds of dollars to see one…

  33. Thuja is good because it cancels most vaccines out.

  34. That is horrible that they gave it without consent. Just horrible!

  35. One more reason to homeschool.

  36. Update: Hi everyone. . I went to the police station and they had no clue under which area the assault would come under. I made a statement until they could figure it out. Also took my daughter to the Drs… The Dr had no idea what i was on about with the dangers associated with this vaccine… We spent the next 15 mins on Google!! Shocked to say the least.. At least she was open to learning about it I guess ! I obtained my daughters vaccination card from council nurses today… Unfortunately I have signed NO consent and then crossed out my signature thinking I had signed the wrong one. Siigh… i still think they should of called me considering my daughter was saying NO and both parts had my signature on it. BUT at the end of the day she has had one injection and there will be no more. Her file has been pulled and i have written NO Consent for ANY further vaccines. Feel like a complete fool BUT at least people are aware now in my lil part of the world.. A doctor can reach many more than me … Thanks for all your information and kindness it has been appreciated. Now it's the wait and watch game … all good so far !! Many blessings to all.

  37. Thanks for the update! Praying she will be healthy and have no lasting bad effects from the shot. We are all learning..

  38. Thanks Jennifer .. appreciated

  39. Rebecca Sperrin Please give an educated reason why. I have been doing homeopathic since the 80's.

  40. No gardasil!!

  41. Laxmi Arden Rayne, I agree with Rebecca Sperrin regarding the routine use of Thuja. It is an extremely powerful remedy – in fact ti is a nosode- and should only ever be used under the supervision of a competent homeopath who is familiar with your history. In appropriate use can cause some very unpleasant side effects, including miasmic ones. I often see people recommending this for vaccine detox and it concerns me for these reasons..

  42. I think we are all adult enough to know that this is just Laxmi's opinion, along with all the other suggestions that are suggested here. Thuja is just another (good IMO) suggestion. Surely no one would just blindly follow that suggestion without properly researching it first.

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