Generics are as good as the brand ?


I have a question do you really believe that generics are as good as the brand ? My insurance will never cover brand and I am just wondering if you have experienced different symptoms from generics of the same brand of birth control pill or actual brand?

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Answers ( No )

  1. When you pay more for the brand name you are basically paying for the marketing that went in to it.. Essentially the brand name and generic are the same, give or take an inactive ingredient…

  2. This is like when you go into the supermarket, and you can choose to buy the no name brand of flour or the high end brand of flour. They're both flour. They both have gluten and both disturb my bowels equally. Damn it coeliac disease!

  3. The only difference in them is the inactive ingredients, Alyson, such as maybe a colouring for the tablet or a film coating. The active ingredients will always be the same in a generic, or it would not be able to be issues as 'a generic version of x'.

  4. Generics are supposed to be copies of the brand name version but sometimes they are not exact copies and women may experience different side effects. You can read more here

  5. I can also confirm that generics are exactly the same as brand names. I hate branded products because they are literally just marketing the same thing with a fancy name and a massive expensive price tag. In England there are products like Nurofen (or in America Advil is an example) which are literally just ibuprofen marketed under a fancy name with an expensive price tag.

    If anyone tells you otherwise, they either have no idea what they're talking about, or they're lying!

  6. When you have a headache and go to the pharmacy, do you waste $$$ to get name brand Motrin or Advil, or do you just get the generic ibuprofen. The ibuprofen gets rid of your headache just fine, right?

  7. Its funny I have actually never been on birth control till this year even with 4 kids..its still new to me.. I just didnt get pregnant till I wanted to and now things are so different.

  8. Nope, unless you're allergic/intolerant to the inactive ingredients (say lactose, gluten)
    Otherwise the hormones are exactly the same as the name brand.
    Not at all a stupid question, it was something I wondered when I started birth control ~2 years ago.

  9. Thank you for answering..maybe my questions sound stupid but I was just really wondering..

  10. Can the inactive ingredients actually make someone have different side effects though

  11. Generics are EXACTLY the same as the brand name. The only difference may be the packaging or the inactive ingredients.
    They are just as good, because they're exactly the same

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