GI doc said she pretty much has celiacs confirmation


My husband was diagnosed with celiacs about 4 yrs ago (his brother also has this) my nine year old daughter was recently diagnosed with her blood test (supposed to be under 11 her levels were 111) GI doc said she pretty much has celiacs confirmation but they want to do an endoscopy to confirm…
Is this pointless, to me it seems like it is.

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  1. It’s really just a preference. If you think it’s celiac, go gluten free and see if she has better quality of life. If she needs an endoscopy to help reassure that being gluten free is what she needs, go for it!

  2. You may need the diagnosis for school.

  3. Do people always have the endoscopy done? Is it ever different than the bloodwork?

  4. Personally I wouldn’t do the endoscopy. It would only verify what you already know. \n\nMy daughter & I were diagnosed at the same time almost 10 yrs ago. She had positive blood work & we chose not to do the endoscopy (blood work, plus family history – me, plus symptoms). \n\nThe diagnosis has never ever been questioned by anyone. Not the school, not any insurance, not other doctors – no one. Her doctor simply wrote a note on her letterhead to the school & that was put in her file. \n\nSo my opinion given my experience is that it’s not necessary in your circumstances.

  5. I think it’s important so you can have documentation for a 504 plan at school.

  6. Documentation is important, especially for children. She will get better monitoring of related diseases and extra bloodwork for cancer screenings.

  7. My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed about a month ago, blood test first then endoscopy. Endoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis. I would have the endoscopy before you start going gluten-free since in the future if she needs to have the endoscopy for any reason she will have to go back on eating gluten and then have the procedure which could be a horrible experience for her.

  8. We have our endoscopy Wednesday.

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