Gluten-free bread for Catholic communion.


This is not something for me, But I have seen several post on this very subject and wanted to share for the Catholic in the group.
The Vatican has outlawed gluten-free bread for Catholic communion.
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  1. Their “rites” are more important than God’s Doctrines to them. Jesus would never force wheat on someone allergic to it…..another bunch of fake religion controllers. All……wheat is GMO now, so wheat is no longer wheat…..

  2. This makes me very sad as my son just received his 1st communion with a Gfree host and now he isnt recieving, he gets migraines after it. My younger child won’t be able to receive

  3. I’m Catholic & have been gf for about 10 yrs. There is a “low gluten” host made by nuns that is approved to use for Holy Communion. Many people with Celiac take it with no problems (my church doesn’t have).

    There are strict rules with what is acceptable to be consecrated & what isn’t. I 100% respect my faith and I would never ever ask that they make special provisions for me. It’s not necessary.

    So since I was diagnosed I consume the holy wine only. That is completely acceptable & is considered fully in communion with the celebration of the Mass.

    So – with that option there’s really no reason to go against tradition & have zero wheat host.

  4. it’s been a big struggle for me at church a Decon notice I would not take it she immediately past her own judgement told her a have Celiac . she dismissed my reason and proceeded to tell the pastor about my lame excuse as her words indicated felt embarrassed and hurt how she spoke about as if I had done a something sinful and worst it was in a group setting after communion.

  5. I’m Catholic as well and have not received the host in over 4 years 😕

  6. My church now has Gluten free hosts.

  7. I bring my own cracker for communion

  8. Some but not all Non-Catholic churches will allow a totally gluten-free host.\nCanon Law says that the host must have some gluten in it therefore a gluten-free host is not allowed for official Catholic communion. You CAN use a low-gluten host for official Catholic communion. The only such low-gluten host I know of is made by The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, MO.

  9. Don’t Spread Incorrect Information because it is Not True!!!

  10. Reply by Jim is Spot On.

  11. Since this discussion is mostly about the Catholic faith and some seem to be unaware of the rules, I am posting some links about the basic requirements for receiving communion:\n\n\

  12. Im not Catholic either and this doesnt apply to me either, but i dont think that is very fair and that leaves out people with CD and people who are intolerant and sensitive to gluten-what are they supposed to do? Arent there gf communion wafers?

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