Gluten free due to thyroid issues?


Anyone else Gluten free due to thyroid issues? My TSH went from 4.8 – 2.6 when I stopped eating gluten. Sugar in moderation as well as dairy.

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  1. I had my thyroid removed a year ago, I've put on so much weight since, I've thought about going completely gluten and dairy free, does it help majorly with weight loss??

  2. So far mine has gone from almost 9 to almost 6. Hoping it goes down more by April!

  3. I have Hashimotos. Just starting GF…

  4. That is why I started eating gluten free. Not sure if it's helping yet.

  5. I'm in the process. I definitely feel better when I don't eat it. I haven't had my thyroid numbers checked to see if they change.

  6. I have Hashimotos and since I've gone gluten free my antibodies and goiter have gone way down.

  7. Yes and yes!! I have had Hashimoto's for 15 years, and have always been allergic to dairy. I stopped eating gluten in Jan 2017; and have had my dose of meds cut in half! I have also lost 45 pounds … I do believe there is a direct relationship between gluten and thyroid function. My doctor was astonished!!

  8. I just found out I have Hashimoto's a few days' ago. Still don't know much about it. Why is a gluten free diet necessary?

  9. I have PCOS and today is Day one of GF and I've been dairy free for a long time. I'm hoping to have a story like this!

  10. Yes I have hashimotos

  11. I have hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. I learned about my Hashimotos diagnosis a week ago and was told to go gluten free. So I'm still learning.

  12. Im thrilled to hear of the self empowerment to take control back of your life. Its so worth how much better you feel without gluten! No more acid reflux too!

  13. I have endometriosis and started gluten ,dairy, sugar free and only organic grass fed chicken and turkey and bison. Started taking vitamin B1 and maca huge difference just on my 2nd week. Feeling much better. I saw something that said you have to do this for 3 months to get the toxins out of your body.

  14. Check out I think her name is Sarah Wilson.. she had Hashimoto's and discusses this in great detail!️

  15. My sister has Hashimoto's and I wish I could get her to stick with the diet! She gave it up for eight months and went back to it. I'm the only one in my family without Hashimoto's or on thyroid medicine. I'll be five years GF in July.

  16. Join the Adrenal Fatigue and a Thyroid Care group on Facebook. Admins are Jamie and Nicole and they are incredible. Their thorough and kind advice changed my life. I post all of my test results for them. I finally feel human again ️

  17. Those with Hashimoto, how did you get a diagnosis? I was told I have hypothyroidism, but I also have a high RA factor. So I'm thinking my thyroid is more autoimmune related. I've been in my worst flare up the last month. I've been gluten free for a week and can already tell a difference.

  18. Gluten and dairy free, but antibodies still elevated

  19. I went gluten dairy free when I found out I have Graves diseases. Then I also am doing aip diet. It works! Improvement!

  20. my antibodies and T3 are fine. My reverse t3 is really high, which stops the regular t3 from working right. i have no clue what all that means, but i was told to get off dairy and gluten

  21. I have Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. After I went gluten free I went hyperthyroid. Not sure if going gluten free had anything to do with it though.

    My endocrinologist adjusted my meds and my tsh levels went up to a 6. So, he adjusted my meds again. I will find out in a few weeks if that helped. Ugh!

  22. Yep. Gluten does horrible things to me

  23. Yup! Sucks. Dairy, corn, and gluten free. Ugh.

  24. Yes I have Graves and giving it a try. Although another group I'm in suggests having a low iodine diet and not so much gluten free.

  25. I have lowered my sugar intake tremendously. Diary products once in a while and in very small amounts.

  26. Yes and dairy too

  27. This is a great article related to gluten free and dairy free!

  28. I have had hashimoto's (40 years and I now realize poorly treated) and leaky gut (just diagnosed by an alternative physician) now on gluten, dairy and sugar free diet. I'm really hoping all my autoimmune symptoms resolve

  29. I went Dairy Free almost 3 years ago and GF since December.

  30. Yep Graves.

  31. I am and dairy soy free as well.

  32. My thyroid antibodies went from 536 to 129 ( they should be below 35).

  33. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so new to this but I hear it helps (hoping it does for me too). Already dairy free and slowly going full gluten free.

  34. Same here within a month and a half the doctor was pleased with the results but it is just so hard somedays I have never been great at dieting and this is for life.

  35. Hey, I just shared some Thyroid info on my page! I am not sure I personally had issues due to thyroid, but I know so many who have. Changing your diet is so important to function at your best! It is hard, but I love the support in here!

  36. Hypo and my daughter has Hashi's. We are doing our best to follow The Myers Way.

  37. I was diagnosed with RA in 2009 and Hashis in 2013. In 2013 I cut out gluten, sodas, artificial flavors, colors & sweeteners. Took me 7 months to get better. In 2015 I cut out dairy too. I would never go back to eating either. I feel so much better. No food is worth how bad I felt!

  38. Yes, never went on meds, just went gluten free.

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