Gluten Free Face Wipes


Does anyone know face wipes that are gf? I was hoping for the Garnier or Dollar general brand. But I came up with nothing by research.

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  1. Are you talking about makeup remover wipes?

  2. Great question! Following, I am looking for something I can bring to work to wipe my grimy face off though. I got soap in my mouth the other day, and who knows what work has for soap.

  3. Yes. Like Garnier micellar wipes or just facial cleansing wipes. Not necessarily makeup remover

  4. Pacifica has some

  5. Pretty much looking for brands I can get at Dollar general or Walmart

  6. If you take a good sized empty container that you can fill with facecloths, add a mixture of 1 tablespoon baby oil, 1 tablespoon babywash (to keep from mildewing) in about 4 cups of water, you have yourself some really cheap and reusable wipes for your face, or babybottum. 😉


  8. I have kandoo wipes they’re supposed to be gf but I thought it was for ur body like ur areas if ya know what I mean lol didn’t know if it’d be a good idea to put on my face

  9. There is an app called Skin Safe that lets you scan and tells you what the item contains

  10. I use witch Hazel on my face. No gluten in that. I’ll just take a small travel bottle and put some in it when i’m going somewhere and take cotton rounds in the same pouch. Witch Hazel is EXCELLENT for your skin. Especially if its oily.

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