Gluten free makeup that isn’t too expensive ?


Gluten free makeup that isn’t too expensive ? I miss doing my eye shadows?.. $100 plus for palette with 4-6 colors ain’t happening

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    They have a buy one get one 50% off sale right now. Best makeup I’ve ever used!

  2. Honeybee Gardens.

  3. Bite for lipsticks!

  4. I love Red Apple Lipstick! A tad pricey but isn’t over the top. It’s about what you would pay at Sephora but you’re getting high quality, all gluten free, vegan, and no harsh damaging chemicals in your makeup.

  5. Senegence is also good!

  6. Maskcara Beauty! So quick and easy! Let me know how I can help!

  7. it shouldn’t matter for eyeshadow because it’s not near your mouth. lipstick i’d understand. my night cream has wheat in it and i’m fine

  8. Juice beauty

  9. Arbonne

  10. Pacifica

  11. without elf:

  12. Tarte have some beautiful palettes. I think they are gluten free.

  13. I don’t know if Jeffree Star’s makeup is gluten free, but I love it! It’s my fave.

  14. Younique!

  15. I use Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay. I loved Too Faced because if you go onto their website they list if it’s gluten free or not.

  16. I use Arbonne Makeup and love it and it’s gluten free.

  17. I use younique. You can start with a single eyeshadow and build yourself a palette over time. Or the cream shadows are great. If you need any more info let me know. I became a presenter for them because I too became gluten intolerant and I needed to change my entire range of products. PM me if you would like any more info. Happy to help.

  18. Physicians Formula ( I think some I got are GF)

  19. Physicians formula is gluten free.

  20. Senegence all the way! Oil free, smudge proof

  21. Bare minerals for me

  22. Physicians Formula

  23. Coastal Scents for eyeshadow for sure!

  24. Most Senegence products are gluten-free.

  25. Too Faced Cosmetics! They are a bit expensive, but they last foreeeever!

  26. I want to point out that celiac is the lack of enzymes to break down gluten, it is not really an allergy. My child has celiac and we do a gluten free.. Putting makeup on your skin is that has gluten in it will not harm you just like touching gluten will not harm you.. It has to be taken internal in order to have a problem.. So any makeup is fine

  27. Lemongrass Spa

  28. Sei Bella make up

  29. All of Limelight’s makeup is gluten free and reasonably priced. I know IT cosmetics, Bare Minerals and Too Faced also have some gluten free products.

  30. Physicians formula

  31. My daughter’s gastroenterologist told us that lipstick is the only makeup she should be concerned about in regards to it being gluten free.

  32. But, she has Celiac disease. Maybe the case is different for somone with gluten allergy.

  33. – I think you will find this helpful. Check out Elf. They have it at most store sin my area, and it isn’t too expensive that it’s ridiculous.

  34. Wait what?! There’s gluten in make up?! (I’m like two weeks into learning this stuff)

  35. Physicians Formula

  36. To each their own! Everyone is different! So many comments and arguments! Just answer the question or not…move along its not worth an argument

  37. Elf. In stores and online. Loads of free stuff when u order online.

  38. one of my dr i have ceciliac sprue he said i have to make sure every thing i use is gf make up shampoo tooth paste powder hand cream perfume

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