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Laughed today… went to new pretzel shop and asked if they had any gluten free pretzels. He said all of them are gluten free, gluten isn’t one of the ingredients. He showed me a list of ingredients and the first two were wheat and barley malt in every pretzel, lol.

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  1. Lol….jackass

  2. I had a guy argue with me that Wal-Mart bakery cupcakes are gluten free, lol \nBecause it doesn’t list gluten in the ingredients

  3. OMG. That’s ridiculous. I one time asked someone at a restaurant whether something had corn in it. He said no and then told me the first ingredient was maize.

  4. Trust your health to no one else. We alone are responsible for ourselves. It’s a good thing you asked.

  5. You should never ask if something contains a specific ingredient. Always ask just to see the list of ingredients. People aren’t jackasses for not being informed. People tend to only understand what impacts them directly.

  6. lol… many times

  7. Sounds to me that the kid didn’t fully understand what gluten is nor what it is in. I really don’t think it was done out of malice. Glad he showed you the ingredient list so it didn’t end in pain. I would have just let him know that those first two ingredients contain gluten, so he knows in the future.

  8. That’s about as good as Landon’s old lunch lady asking me if he was allergic to wheat or gluten? I thought to myself I will be packing his lunches from here on out! Lol

  9. I had a family member tell me they didn’t understand how spaghetti had any relationship to gluten, I’ve also had people ask me how I can eat potatoes… They just don’t get it. It use to bother me but I’m pretty much over it now.

  10. People are so clueless

  11. You can’t fix stupid

  12. Too much flour for me to ever consider anything like that safe even if they made GF onea

  13. People judge and name call too fast. Until I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 40 years old I didn’t know what gluten was either. Workers in the food industry are usually high school or college age. Give the guy a break. You are responsible to check ingredients for yourself. Take the moment to explain and educate him. Spread awareness.

  14. Wow. That’s scary

  15. Some people honestly don’t know. They probably thought gluten was the actual ingredient name. To be honest, I don’t know that I would’ve known before I had to know.

  16. Sometimes we just need a good LAUGH! Thank you for that. You would be surprised how many DOCTORS don’t really understand type 1 diabetes!!! Its not their field of expertise, so they don’t understand it. Just like its not the area of expertise for the wait staff. Although THIS is the perfect opportunity to educate them! Im quite the advocate for educating others. I didn’t know until I KNEW.

  17. Not surprised. A lot of people are unaware of what gluten is. You have to specifically state wheat, barley, and rye. I’m glad they gave you the list to review! Otherwise that would’ve been a huge liability for them.

  18. That’s a classic example of lack of awareness/education among general population.

  19. That is funny, for the most part. As long as no one believes him and checks the ingredients.

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