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I have a question about gluten free personal products. So does everyone here do gluten free shampoo, makeup excetera excetera what are your thoughts on that…

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  1. Yes , Because there is that chance of ingesting them.

  2. I do. Sending you a private message.

  3. I do. My skin reacts to gluten.

  4. Yes! Made a mistake once and bought and used shampoo and conditioner that had wheat germ oil in it for a bit. My hair was falling out! Never again I always read in detail.

  5. Absolutely!

  6. I don’t, shampoo doesn’t bother me

  7. Would like to know whay shampoo and conditioner is gluten free. My teen continues to get gluten in her system somehow. It has to be her personal care products.

  8. Yes! Made the mistake yesterday if inhaling sunscreen spray that contained gluten while applying it to my son’s. HUGE mistake!!

  9. My daughters gastro said non GF products are fine as long as you’re not eating them. Lol

  10. You do not need gluten free shampoo and only makeup that goes near your mouth needs to be gluten free… lip sticks etc.. I just gave up on makeup.. makes it easier for me.

  11. Absolutely doing everything gluten free. In the process of changing all my makeup, one or two things at a time.

  12. for my body and skin and LOMA for hair. wonderful stuff.

  13. My shampoo has it and my hair is falling out… so I stopped using it

  14. I personally don’t but I’m not sure why think I might need to consider it x

  15. I check my toothpaste and lip balm, otherwise I don’t bother. They are the only things touching my mouth x

  16. Yes Shampoo for my daughter

  17. Check out this site… Use the allergen filter.

  18. I’ve sent you a PM 😊

  19. We use gluten free personal care products and I have noticed a big difference with my skin

  20. absolutely.

  21. It totally broke my heart to throw out my makeup and other personal care items. I have loved my makeup over the years, but I will not use anything that will harm me now that I know!

  22. It’s in a lot of makeup

  23. I bought an Eyeliner and after getting it home I tried it on and my eyes felt very uncomfortable. I used it on the inside line of my bottom lid which I haven’t done since the 80’s 🤣 but it was a beige colored eyeliner to brighten the eyes. Anyhoo needless to say it sa is Gluten right on the package. Ugh so I’m bringing it back. I

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