Gluten free tater tots?


I’m out shopping right now for my 17 year old son who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. You guys gave me a ton of ideas and tips on how to overcome this. I have a question about tater tots though, someone said tater tots were gluten-free even the crispy crowns and I’m reading it and it has dextrose in it? I’m looking at Ore-Ida brand. So what am I not getting here? Am I looking at the wrong brand, did I read it wrong, that they aren’t gluten free.

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  1. Most Ore-Ida is GF but I don’t think all of it is. It should say GF if it is

  2. It will say GF on the front of the bag, if it doesn’t, it isnt

  3. I only get Ore-Ida bc they say gluten free on the bag.

  4. Don’t get the seasoned oreida tater tots..just the regular ones.

  5. Tried to get the pic just right so you can see that it says gluten free but also see the ingredients

  6. Dextrose is made from corn in the USA.

  7. Dextrose is sugar and often added to gf products. It should be corn based unless specified.

  8. I’m learning! Thank you all so much!

  9. The ore ida crispy crowns are safe, we eat them a lot

  10. Check with frozen foods

  11. Be careful if you ever buy a different brand or if you ever buy frozen hash brown patties
    Some have wheat\nI accidentally made the mistake of not checking once and paid for it

  12. Ore-ida crispy crowns are gluten free.\nDextrose is sugar.

  13. Detrosr is a form of sugar/sweetner

  14. Ore-Ida marks it.

  15. If it’s not labeled certified gluten free it’s not. Period

  16. Ore Ida tater tots and crowns and steak fries all say gluten free on the packaging

  17. You can make homemade fries as well. We use oreida brand some times.

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