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Hello, I’m new to the group!! I was just diagnosed with Celiac disease after an endoscopy that was done a couple weeks ago. I know I have to go gf, but is there any other tips or advice I could use with just being diagnosed? Thanks so much!!

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  1. The best advice is NEVER CHEAT! So many people think of going gf like a diet that you can cheat on. Every time you eat gluten it sets you back to square 1. The next bit of advice is read ingredients on everything. Gluten hides in so many unexpected places.

  2. Following, my son was just diagnosed, too

  3. in the beginning, it is easier to not worry about labels and trying to figure out of gluten free substitutes are in fact gluten free. I would start off by eating Whole Foods. Meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. my favorite way to eat dinner is to pan-roast seasoned chicken and veggies. It’s easy, quick, and delicious. I would go for simple snacks like cut up fruits and veggies, nuts, PB, applesauce, jello, etc. just be sure of course that you’re reading the label on any snack you get to be sure it’s gluten free. Gluten comes in the form of wheat, barley, rye, oats, and malt. The only exception to this is certified gluten free oats. If it says “may contain” or “processed on the same lines as” wheat, barley, etc. it is not safe. If it is processed in the same facility as something containing wheat, you can use your best judgement. It may never come into contact with any wheat containing foods. You’ll want to check for gluten in anything you put into your mouth-toothpaste (crest and Colgate are gluten free), medicine, vitamins, all foods, and drinks. I will suggest that UDIs bread is my favorite ? going gluten free doesn’t have to be super complicated and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just read read read that label on anything you’re going to eat. If you’re concerned, contact the manufacturer. If someone has intolerance or celiac, it’s also best to replace your pots/pans and utensils, primarily ones that have been scratched, wooden utensils, or silicone utensils. It is vital to replace your toaster. No exceptions. You cannot burn gluten off of things. I would do a total kitchen food makeover and get rid of any gluten foods so you don’t get mixed up and throw out any pots and pans with scratches. If you have butter, jelly, or Pb that has been used for regular bread, throw it out. Youlll have to replace with new and only use it for strictly GF items. I hope this helps and I hope it wasn’t overwhelming. It will get easier as time goes on. I would suggest not eating out until you learn the basics of cross contamination and being gluten free. There’s a wonderful group here of people willing to help. If you have questions, just ask. ? also, Cheerios and lucky charms may claim to be gluten free, but the way they are processed, some boxes may be under the limit of gluten contamination, and some boxes may be over the limit. So basically if you eat those, you may or may not get sick. It’s best to err on the side of caution and not consume those products at all. Hopefully they remove their gluten free label because they are not safe. Good luck! Going gluten free has been the best thing to happen to me.

  4. Don’t forget to chnage your old gluten toothbrush to a new one

  5. Find a few things you can eat while you’re learning more about all you can’t eat.

  6. Healing goes faster if you start out with just fresh meat, veggies and fruits for the first few months. That also gives you time to learn. It’s up to you

  7. Thank you everyone, for the great information!!

  8. I think Cheryl has a good point. I focused on fresh fruit, veggies, meat the first weeks while I was trying to figure out what I could eat. I found out for some reason that corn caused me problems. so I stayed away from that. I tried some certified gluten free products, you can google for those symbols, after some time went by. I realized I just needed to eat simply and let my gut heal.

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