Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease?


I have a couple of questions

1. What is the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease? My doctor said I may just be gluten sensitive, but I’ve read before that if you have the rash, then you probably have the disease. (I have it on my elbow, under my arm pit, on my belly and on my buttocks and on my leg)

2. Are there any supplements I should take in the beginning of going gluten free? This is day 2 of being completely free of gluten, bones still hurting which I know is normal for at least 2 weeks before seeing results

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  2. I tested negative for celiac but I always have this red blotchy looking rash on my chest and cheeks, almost looks like rosacea

  3. Gluten sensitivity is not an autoimmune disease which could, if undiagnosed, severely debilitate a person if not kill them. Celiac is. If you have the rash, keep testing if you keep eating gluten. It can take awhile for antibodies to be in the abnormal range.

  4. I was wondering the same thing. I was already GF when I had the blood test, the Dr called and said I didn’t have celiac but I was positive for antibodies and to continue GF

  5. The rash is celiac. A dermatologist who knows what they are doing can biopsy it and figure out if it is the rash part of celiac.
    The difference is that medicine has a provable test for celiac. It has not found the evidence for NCGS (sensitivity).
    Celiac is deadly. NCGS is supposed to just be uncomfortable without causing actual damage. I personally don’t think people take on this diet as seriously as those with NCGS unless they are suffering pretty badly. And there is not enough research about what all the damage is in celiac. I get almost instant central nervous system symptoms that can’t be due to starvation from villi damage. Those with NCGS may have a form that just does not have villi damage.

  6. about 5 percent of celiacs also have DH

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