Gluten Sensitivity and Overactive Bladder


Just curious…has anyone had bladder symptoms link to their gluten allergy?!? I have constipation/nausea all the time so that has been the reason I went gluten free but I have also had bladder infections and interstitial cystitis my whole life (26 years old) and the doctors can’t figure out why. Now I’m wondering if gluten is the reason why.

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  1. I’m in the same boat. Actually just went to urgent care this morning. She said celiacs are more prone to developing a uti

  2. Im going through the exact same thing

  3. Constipation can cause soo many things like nausea and frequent urination! Fiber supplementation is key! The drinkable kind is best, and also osmotic laxatives for when you are having a bout of constipation. I had frequent URIs but upped my fluid intake and started taking cranberry pills and I’ve now gone 2 yrs without one!👍🏻 Celiacs is so common though that they should be willing to do a blood test

  4. Had to go to a specialist, did all there test nothing wrong. Told me to go to an endocrinologist.

  5. Interstitial cystitis here! I take medicine and I’m hoping after being gf for a year that I can re-evaluate the need.

  6. Yes I had bladder infections all the time. Now that I am GF I don’t get them anymore.

  7. I have interstitial cystitis also! I found out a few years ago. It usually is ok with meds as long as I stay away from alcohol and acidic foods…I have been gluten free since May and not so much as ONE symptom.

  8. I first was diagnosed with IC about 8 years ago and then about 6 months ago figured out my gluten sensitivity. Since going GF, my IC has become less of an issue. Not an official medical response but my experience 😀

  9. I had the very same problem. After extensive testing by my urologist they came to the conclusion that gluten was the cause and as a result of the bloating it was pressure on the bladder neck giving the same symptoms of a UTI. For constipation I take magnesium citrate tablets, gluten free gelatin and buffered vit C which is keeping me regular in more than 8 years. Hope this helps. Sending love and well wishes xx

  10. Interstitial cystitis here also!!

  11. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis but after a cyscoscopy ( sorry if spelt wrong ) was given some medication called Versicare. So am now managed with that for an overactive bladder. They took 3 months to work though. I really feel for you. And I’ve felt that pain. I had it for 6 months. I hope you find some relief xx

  12. Has going gluten free helped your nausea/constipation much?

  13. I have also had interstitial cystitis my whole life, the only thing that helps is lots of water. If you are dehydrated drink water. Sometimes i dont experience relief until i drink at least 40oz of water. In the morninf i have coffee and then i have water because if i dont i will be in horrible pain. I had so many tests run on me as a child, even a spinal tap. I went throuh hell, crying in horrible pain being just a little girl not knowing why it hurt so bad. Nothing is more painful and i can tell you that i understand

  14. I still have constant UTIs but now on a low dose antibiotic every day. Yes approved by urologist and am 64. Seems it is a lot more common than we think.

  15. I had the same until I started to heal my gut through diet and probiotics plus added help of enzymes

  16. Yes I had them all the time and urinary tract as well, haven’t since off gluten!

  17. what other foods have you been allergy tested for?

  18. I have ic as well, since being gluten free I have no problems now unless I eat something I shouldn’t that’s not on the ic diet.

  19. My digestive problems all improved drastically when I went gluten, dairy and soy free. I had known about the dairy problems since I was very young. But going gluten and soy free also helped me alot. I no longer have iirritable blowel, acid reflux, diarrhia/constipation problems, amazing how food allergies were causing multiple illnesses that many doctors had tried to solve with prescription meds.

  20. I was diagnosed with ic a few years before I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

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