Gluten vs gluten free, paleo or no? No dairy?


Can I ask what people eat trying to get better? Obviously organic is best but what about gluten vs gluten free, paleo or no? No dairy?

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  1. Raw milk if you can get it, no Unfermented soy, no grains (sometimes I do rice), limited sugar and no artificial sugar. We mostly use raw honey and Maple syrup. Fermented foods ie: sauerkraut, grass fed meats, lots of healthy fat ie butter. Coconut oil. Avocado

  2. That's what we do. I need to cut more sugar out but at least I'm almost close.

  3. You will get a hundred different responses 🙂 I believe that you should eat what you respond well to and not try to limit too much. We eat as organic as we can, non gmo, gluten free but we bake a few times a week and don't limit grains. We eat lots of good fats and pink salt. I think stressing about avoiding grains, dairy, gluten and all sugar is extreme. We do need to get healthy but we also need to enjoy life! Just my 2 cents. I've still managed to lose weight and get healthier even with eating grains and cookies!

  4. What is right for one is not what is right for all.

  5. Kristin that's my issue is I can't lose weight. I know my breastfeeding has a ton to do with it and I've committed myself for another year but I still have like 30lbs to lose. I guess it's my thyroid and I need to not be so impatient. It's just frustrating.

  6. Do you eat lots of good fat? That is when I started dropping the weight. I usually eat at least half a stick of butter a day and 2-4 eggs. Morley recommended me to eat 100 grams a day while nursing. I wasn't exercising at all and I dropped 20 pound in like 3 months. Just lots of fat! I know we've spoken before Beth, but have you had the testing done yet? I can't remember. Copper issues definite could effect weight loss

  7. I do eat lots of fats which just seems weird to me some days. I was losing weight when I was lifting weights but then life kinda happened and I stopped. I've had my thyroid tested and waiting on the results but not the hair test. I need to do that ASAP! And I also think I have some copper issues as well.

  8. Yeap – high fat, low carb – 0 grains. For me, the ketogenic 'diet'.

  9. It's very common to have copper issues postpartum. Can you get the blood tests to look into it? I know some docs will order then. The hair test is awesome but the blood tests will give you an idea too

  10. I've had a complete blood panel done when I got my thyroid tested. They took about 10 vials so I guess it would be on there?

  11. No GMO, no dairy, no grains. Gluten free is still processed food – of which I avoid. I prefer paleo. All our meat is from a WI farm – grass fed, no antibiotics or growth hormones. Good fats!!

  12. Dairy can be inflammatory for some people (autoimmune, fibromyalgia, etc). However, if you can tolerate dairy raw, grassfed dairy has health benefits (raw butter, raw cheese, and raw milk if accessible).

    Gluten, soy, and corn are also known inflammatory types of food, particularly if you are chronically ill. I like the Paleo diet.

  13. We do grassfed animals and all organic and no GMO's. We raise most of our veggies in the summer time and I do tons of bone broth. Raw milk and some almond milk. I do fermented foods and drinks and only use honey and maple syrup. I try to do gf as much as possible.

  14. Zinc, copper, ceruplasmin and Mag rbc. The zinc and copper might be there but those aren't things docs usually order unless they are asked

  15. And it's all about restoring the minerals. Zinc and mag are essential for digestion and responsible to digest certain foods. Plus sufficient stomach acid and gut health, etc. I'm looking into food grade diatomaceous earth now for cleansing. Apparently it helps flush heavy metals and parasites

  16. Yea I have the DE at home. I want to start taking it as well. I know I'm all jacked up! Being anorexic for years and a bit of a lush in college has really made a mess of my body.

  17. Yea I made a mess of myself as well with birth control and fast food. We'll all get better, I'm sure!

  18. I do have dairy, but only because I have access to the raw grassfed organic dairy. From raw grassfed milk and cream I make my own yogurt and sour cream and buttermilk..also some cheeses. I eat fresh meats (preferable grassfed), vegetables and berries. No grains, or refined sugar or processed food. Make my own lacto fermented ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings etc. Also I consume a variety of nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. I avoid soy as it disrupts hormonal balance. Also over 95% of soy in this country is GMO. Same goes for sweet corn. For fats, I use unrefined organic coconut oil, Olive oil, grassfed lard, and bacon grease.

  19. Oh and I forgot to mention butter…I also use lots of grassfed butter.

  20. I will gladly tell you I have been gluten and dairy free for almost 5 months. I have FMS and RA among other side boys. I now have more energy, less pain, am sleeping better, exercising more, and my SED rate has come down 25 points. I immediately feel the difference when I eat things I shouldn't. Oh, and by the way, I'm also down 30 lbs. Paleo has worked for me!

  21. I have a question, what is raw milk, and where can I find most of these products? I'm new to this, just ordered a Paleo diet cookbook.

  22. Raw milk comes straight from the cow and hasn't been heated. It's so much better for you.

  23. I think a lot of it depends on the person, really.

  24. What has Monsanto done to US agriculture??
    I have seen and been to many many countries and no where have I seen such horrible stomach problems and different diets like Gluten free, Paleo so on and so forth.
    US gluten sensitive people find no reaction when they are in Europe or Asia where wheat is non GMO.

    I request Gluten sensitive people to at least try Indian wheat flour and check out for themselves if what I say is true or not.

  25. I am willing to try other forms of wheat one day! I know it's mostly the roundup and hybridization that's been done. I used to be vegetarian but I no longer believe in extreme diets unless they are short term. We can't avoid everything!

  26. When I talked to Morley he said that although they don't agree 100% with everything, Weston Price is the easiest way to describe the diet they recommend. I was already basically eating that way and was starting to feel much better.

  27. gluten free! I felt depleted when I took out all forms of allergy foods

  28. Paleo for my family. I also use DE… Love it, it's transformed my gut! X

  29. Paleo/GAPS diet for me

  30. If it was only due to Monsanto and their ilk, then why do other foods cause cross reactivity? 'Gluten Cross-Reactivity UPDATE: How your body can still think you're eating gluten even after giving it up.

  31. We don't put anything on our veggies. So I feel safe with those.

  32. If anyone is having trouble losing weight you need to get your Reverse T3 checked, forget about the ratio, it should be 10 or under.

  33. good butter , veggies good reared meat
    we were GF for 3 years now we have it every now and then

  34. Get some food allergy tests done!

  35. Tried Gf/cf not enough so now paleo

  36. gluten free, grass fed beef, organic chicken, organic vegetables

  37. I eat according to my metabolic type. I am grain free, but not paleo – I still do organic potatoes, legumes, guinoa and raw dairy which are not allowed in paleo. Plus, I only eat very limited amounts of red meat (grass-fed, of course) because of my metabolic type. I eat a lot of organic veggies. And I eat MariGold Bars

  38. Never started to get better until AIP.

  39. Ketogenic way of eating is great. Great as an anti inflammatory diet. loose weight, get energy.

  40. it really depends on your body, what your stomach can digest or not. for instance, my gall bladder gave me issues with fatty meats. i followed an idea that vinegar and water before eating would help. it did. but i also stopped eating fatty meats. overall i don't think my body processes fat too well, as i gain weight like crazy eating it. i was getting migraines. i testing it out, discovered that i was having issues with corn, so got rid of all corn and corn products, but also stayed off all grains. i think it helped me to do that because my ibs went away and i lost a ton of weight. i've got to go back to that good eating, i've been stress eating and gained all the weight back. so test your body with food to figure out which is the best way for you.

  41. Eat Right For/4 Your Blood Type, have yet to hear of anyone not doing well following this regime.

  42. Hemant Trivedi where do you purchase indian wheat flour? Thank you!

  43. Terri Straley-Freeman There are many sources for your foods.. will depend upon where you are. If you search the paleo blogs, you will get a better idea what others are doing. If you have local sources, that would be terrific for raw milk, eggs, poultry, veggies, and meat, that is all the better. If you cannot get raw milk where you are… look for vat pastuerized.

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