Going in today to have my 10+ year Paraguard IUD removed


Going in today to have my 10+ year Paraguard IUD removed. Want to try a birth control pill. Never took BC before and have narrowed it down to:

2- Beyaz
3- Loestrin Fe (Spelling?)

Worried about water retention/weight gain.

Would like to try other methods as in:

Sponges, diaphragms, etc.

Any suggestions? I would like to get pregnant with in the next year or so. BUT not now.

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  1. Thanks Juliet Tallmer! Good to know!

  2. Altavera is a generic of Alesse, which is one of the top oral contraceptives prescribed worldwide. But everyone reacts different and your mileage might vary – so all you can do really is make sure you take your pills correctly and on time, and keep a log of any side effects that may occur. If side effects continue past the first 3-6 months, then see your GYN to discuss a different pill dosage or formulation. Good luck.

  3. Yaz has never been recalled nope. If your doctor deems you medically fit to take Yaz then it's safe.

  4. They gave me a RX for Altavera. Anyone with issues?

  5. Do not. Do not. Do not. Do not. Please do not ever take Yaz!! It did soooo many weird things to me, it may not do the same to you. But i wish no one with the problems that i dealt with! I agree with Roz Thompson, ask your doctor the best one. If its not working then ask them to switch!

  6. Thanks Mona Menjivar Ashley Bullard Roz Thompson

  7. I don't think you can tell your doctor which pill you want to use – it's like telling them which antibiotics you want for an infection. Your doctor will ask you questions and will prescribe a pill that they think is best. You might not even be suited to combination birth control – you might have to use progesterone-only pill (POP).
    The pill does not cause weight gain, other than perhaps a tiny amount from breast growth and a tiny amount from water retention which will go within 3 months. The 'birth control causes weight gain' thing is a myth. It can cause increased appetite and make you more lethargic, but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle then you will not gain weight.
    The only downsides to the pill are:
    1) Having to take one at the same time each day – sounds easy (and in my opinion, it is), but there are a lot of women who are incapable of handling that responsibility. It isn't extremely time sensitive – a combination pill is considered missed after 12 hours, and a POP is considered missed after 3 hours (except Cerazette, which is 12 hours), but you will not be 99.7% protected unless you take your pill within an hour of your chosen time each day. If you take it late (but not missed), you are a minimum of 91% protected, which is typical use and considered adequate protection by many. Personally, it's not good enough for me – I will only have sex without a condom if I am 99.7% protected.
    2) It's at the mercy of gastrointestinal upset. If you vomit or have bad diarrhoea, your protection can be compromised, which is not the case for any other method of contraception.

  8. Yaz had a recall or something not too long ago. I'm currently taking lo loestrien and I love it!

  9. Pills are REALLY time sensitive

  10. I'd personally just stick with the IUD.

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