Going to Disney World next month.


Going to Disney World next month. I’d love to hear your tips. Thanks!

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  1. They’re fantastic. Server even asked about special dietary restrictions before we had a chance to say anything!

  2. Where are you staying?

  3. Ask for the manager at the fast food places. They’ll come me out with a gfree menu. The breakfast places can do gfree Mickey waffles, yum!

  4. And you can have groceries delivered to your hotel room! We plan to send a box of snacks to ourselves this week! You just need the address and conf# on package.

  5. they do a great job at Disney with gfree things to eat

  6. Just eat popcorn and cheese and drink wine… LOL

  7. Their is a gluten free Disney app. Don’t remember the name

  8. Glutenfreedisney.com Glutenfreeglobetrotter.com

  9. They are amazing. One place I can go and feel safe and have never gotten sick! Each time a chef comes out without me even asking them too! As soon as the sever heads allergy they come out!

  10. We even got a pizza in the Food Court at the Pop Century hotel. I went to the register told her I had Celiac and the Chef in charge of that came out. He asked me what I wanted on it and said that I should meet him right back here in 25 minutes. He said the Pizza was cooked in a different Gluten Free location and he would be handling it personally. He also went over a list of safe foods and their locations in the court. It was awesome. Same thing at every restaurant we ate in. I would not say enough about how they treat you.

  11. I heard a travel writer speak on eating gluten free while traveling. She said Disney was one of the best places to go. They have plenty of GF offerings.

  12. No one has mentioned it yet… Erin McKenna’s bakery in Disney Springs!!!! All gfdf and amazing! (Of baby cakes NY fame)

  13. Call up to Disney and get a hold of the dietary department and they will email you a list of every single thing that’s gluten-free in the park and there are a lot

  14. When we went to Disney with two kids with celiac we got a list of every single park and it was fantastic there was more food than they could eat

  15. Corrie Garringer Jenkins

  16. WDW is a celiac’s dream! I actually want to go back, basically for all the safe and delicious food! Just let them know your restrictions…they’ll take great care of you!

  17. Do you have messenger on here? I can forward the message I got from their dietary needs department. We leave in 6 days to go 🙂

  18. Disney is the best!!!!!!!!!! Email them they will give u a menu for every restaurant even the little stands, sea world terrible, Orlando itself lacking GF, except giordanos pizza yummmm.. they have alot snacks through out the park but crazy 6$ for 2 choc chip cookies, bring yr own, plaza ice cream is best, dedicated area..

  19. I only got sick once and it was at the Norwegian character lunch… most buffets will bring you whatever you want freshly made w care. They didn’t and I got sick

  20. They were excellent back before people really even knew what GF was. At a buffet setting they would bring out fresh from the back. Chefs would come out and talk. At one place we had to wait 10 minutes for them to replenish their GF buns so the manager comped everybody’s food.

  21. If you make reservations you can list your dietary restrictions and so they know a head of time. At all restaurants the chef will come out and talk to you and go over what you can and can’t eat and will prepare it for you. I will say be carefully eating at buffets because I did get cross contaminated and really sick when I ate there even though the chef told me what I could and couldn’t at. But I haven’t had a problem at any quick service or table service restaurants. Also there is a list of snacks- pop corn, dole whip, Mickey ice cream bars that are all gluten free. If you have any questions you can email me. I used to work at Disney and my good friend is a chef there. Plus there are gluten free Disney apps that have all the allergy menus and you don’t have to call the dietary number.

  22. we stayed at Old Key West, had a full kitchen but I did not cook….just did turkey saisage, sandwiches, notdogs, nachos, etc…grocer.com delivered groceries. ate breakfast and dinner in room, lunch was popcorn in the park. Olivia’s had GF fries, chix fingers and mickey waffles (restaurant at okw) so we ate there a few times! no meal plan. took snacks w/ me to parks.

  23. I live in Orlando: Was just at The BoatHouse\

  24. best place to be with allergies. my daughter has gluten, peanut and tree nut allergies and I felt so safe there. the chef will come out and tell you what you can have and make you your own gf stuff.

  25. Steven Gardner Jr.

  26. Following

  27. They are absolutely amazing. Ask to speak to a chef at any of the resorts (if you’re staying on property) and tell them you have Celiac (my daughter has it) and they will make you anything in a separate kitchen. The MK- Pinocchio’s Haus has a fabulous GF menu. If you go into Disney Springs, Raglan Road pretty much caters to those with Celiac. Separate fryers for fries and GF battered things plus the show is awesome! We were there 4 days and not one flare up/ truly magical

  28. There is a wonderful GF bakery at Disney Springs. Delicious. Some of the best sugar cookies I have ever had.

  29. Pack snacks! Alert them to need for gluten free. They always call manager. Pinocchio Village Haus in magic kingdom has gf chicken fingers and fries in that are edible

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