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My 2 year old has celiac. She been gluten free for 6 months now. However I am terrified to go out to eat with her and get her sick. I am looking for advise on major chains that do good with gluten free and what key words you use when ordering to let the waitress inform the cook? I don’t plan on eating out very often mainly if we are out of town. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Okay for kids Unos, Burtons grill, NYAJ are all great!! PF Changs, are just a few off the top of my head. You tell them she has a gluten allergy.

  2. you have to talk with each place. even though a major chain – they all have their challenges. example for me is red robin…. when i lived in wisconsin i had two of them near me that i went to and they were above and beyond knowledgeable and accommodating. last may i moved to kentucky and traveling a few times down here looking at homes and now living here i wasn’t able to find a good red robin between wisconsin and louisville. i went to many. i can’t do soy or dairy so i am limited on other places. the places i find best are fancier type restaurants, not chains, or breakfast type places. of course their menu listed gf or vegan etc is why we tried them. your local in person celiac group will be able to help out lots of that and help you prepare a list of questions for each restaurant.

  3. My experience, no chain is safe, it depends greatly on the manager of each location. You will need to speak with each manager to find out each locations protocols. Its a pain in the butt, but nessasary.

  4. Get the Find Me Gluten Free app. There are some places that are 100% gluten free. We have had good success with this app as we travel the country .

  5. Chickfila is good , Moe’s too and it has lots of options. Just tell them !

  6. I’m 63 and also fearful. We have a totally gluten-free restaurant that I’ve tried a couple times, still scary.

  7. Five Guys changes gloves and works from a cleaned or isolated surface. Nothing goes in the fryer except fries. They’re more regional, tho. GIG worked with Outback on their menu and training but as with any place awwareness can vary.

  8. Go on the app store…they had alot of GF apps tho use…for stores, fast food and stuff…I use it everyday

  9. Chick-fil-A and outback

  10. Jersey Mike’s. They have their own workspace for gluten free. Everything is separate. If they go into the main workspace, at least for I go to, they change their gloves before entering back into The separate area.

  11. Just avoid at it at all cost there’s never really a guarantee that it is completely safe & that it’s not cross contamination I’ve gotten sick many times eating out even talking to managers who tell me it gf so.

  12. Pie 5 near us is very careful. they change gloves, cutting boards, etc.

  13. Red Robin. Tell server your child has food allergies and you need to order from ipad. Just type in allergies and everything that your child can eat is on the screen. Ours has a dedicated section for gluten free. Can call ahead of time and make sure or just ask. I have hamburgers or salmon, fries, chips and salsa.

  14. Jersey Mikes has been good to me & they are a chain though not huge but if you have a Taco Mayo they’e good.

  15. Thank you everyone for the response. I am very appreciative of the support and comments. It has given me some idea and places to start. I am very grateful to hear from others on what works for them and what doesn’t

  16. Subway is not healthy at all

  17. I use the “find me gluten free” app (its free). It will list restaurants near you that serve gluten free food & dedicated menus. We call ahead of time to be sure. We can now go out for Mexican, Chinese, Italian & more because of this app. It includes bakeries, fast food (we LOVE Chick Fil A), take out, sit down, everything. I highly recommend using the app!

  18. Where do you live? There might be a gluten free support group that had a list of recommended restaurants in your area. I also second the Find Me Gluten Free app. They do have rating systems. We feel very safe with the places that are 100% celiac safe.

  19. We only trust 5 guys

  20. Olive garden

  21. Mexican food

  22. Reese’s cups

  23. I’ve had bad luck at Chick-fil-a. Maybe it’s just my local branch. I’m not sure how adventurous your little one is, but I’ve had really good luck with Thai and Vietnamese food, and some Mexican places. I also agree with Outback and Red Robin.

  24. Wherever you go you have to tell them you have a gluten allergy. They usually understand that

  25. Starbucks gf breakfast sandwich come cooked in it’s own separate bag. And there is one in every corner. Makes me feel normal and I know I won’t starve. Haha

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