Good antidote for dealing with chlorine?


Hi I know Chlorine is bad for you but I don’t want to give up swimming. Is there a supplement that is a good antidote for dealing with chlorine?

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  1. To keep the chlorine from turning my hair green, I rinse it in cold water before swimming. I wonder if there is a way to seal it out of your skin. Like some kind of oil….?

  2. i read this morning, keep hydrated, shower before and after, vit c.

  3. Maybe go in the sauna after to sweat it out.

  4. To detox regularly from chlorine and fluoride, mix equal parts of raspberry leaf, blackberry leaf, hibiscus and rose hip. Take 1 tbl and steep in hot water for 5-10 mins and add a little honey.

  5. Bioray has a supplement for chlorine detox.

  6. I learned that chlorine does not "stick" to clean skin, so be sure to use soap all over before swimming and you will be fine. Do not use any kind of oil, chlorine sticks to everything that is not clean.

  7. What about doing a epsom salt bath after getting home, to detox?

  8. If you own the pool you swim in then you can change how your pool is handled. There is a system that uses hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine. Just make sure that you get the system though. You can't just pour peroxide into your pool you need the whole system and follow instructions exactly.

  9. Iodine.
    Join the group and read the protocol.

  10. I'm mcas and did fine swimming. I shower quickly after. Don't wear suntan lotion so nothing sticks to my skin and I wear a mask so I never inhale anything.

  11. LOTS of public pools are using Epsom Salt or Mag. Chloride now a days. Check it out, call and ask, that may be the case where you're thinking of going.

  12. We go to a pool that uses ozone and about a quarter the normal amount of chlorine. Even saltwater pools contain chlorine. The machine breaks the bonds in the salt to create chlorine. The bad part about chlorine is the stuff you smell when you walk in. So try to swim in an outdoor pool, some are open year round.

  13. Iodine protocol

  14. Try to avoid indoor pools.

  15. Applying mag oil before you go swimming and Epsom salt baths afterwards.

  16. vit c can mitigate it. Some use vitamin c mixed in and put on skin too as it neutralises chlorine

  17. You have to exfoliate after swimming and increase iodine

  18. Find a salt water pool

  19. We have a hotel nearby that has a saltwater pool. There are prices and deals for locals to use this pool. Love that it's salt water. Maybe there are other in your area…

  20. look into the iodine protocol

  21. They say to have a spray bottle with water and Epsom salt and spray after you swim to help the detox.

  22. When you get in the pool dry, your skin sucks as much water in as it can. Just shower before so your skin is already saturated then you will absorb half the amount. If you have access to a sauna, have one after the swim then you will sweat it straight back out.

  23. As others have mentioned, Epsom salt – I read that chlorine affects your sulphur so having an Epsom salt bath afterwards helps to replenish levels.

  24. Thanks all great advice.

  25. There is no solution, really, because you also breathe the chlorine. And very likely the shower water is chlorinated, too. Use chlorine filters at home, and shower at home. Spend as little time as possible in the pool area. I have to inspect pools, and pool season takes a heavy toll on my health every year. And I don't even get in the water.

  26. as much as I love swimming its the one reason I don't and my body does have a reaction to it long term, you are breathing it and our pool is indoors..

  27. I love saltwater pools! When I went on a cruise, that's what they had on the ships. So much better!

  28. Also, spray or lather in coconut oil to protect skin. I stopped swimming to after doing it for years. I miss it so much as I took off over a year due to chemicals. No other exercise beats swimming.
    Just don't do it often

  29. My osteopath did suggest using sorbelene cream before swimming

  30. Try rubbing coconut oil on hair and skin prior to swimming!

  31. Some pools have a rule that you have to shower before entering the pool, here does

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