Good source of encapsulated liver?


Can anyone recommend a good source of encapsulated liver?

Dr.Ron’s grass-fed is too expensive at the moment and my son has very low Ferritin. He won’t eat real liver.

Ideas? Our Dr. said to give him Iron which I obviously won’t do.

Help please 🙂 Morley Robbins

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  1. ^^Would it be just as effective if I buy empty capsules and shove liver into them?

  2. I have been swallowing little bits of frozen liver the last few weeks. I am getting better at it. I am finding part of the difficulty and gag reflex is due to the cold. So texture vs. temperature. 🙂 One day the cutting board had cantaloupe juice on it and my tongue interpreted the liver bits as something yummy.

    Today I am going to try a liver jerky recipe.

  3. Here is the jerky recipe, posted separately in case the link is not acceptable to the admins.

  4. The lady with the liver jerky recipe also links to this Weston Price article for if you hate liver.

  5. What do you do when your belief system tells you not to eat organ meat?? After all, liver is the filtering organ for all of the bodies waste. ..

  6. Jennifer, someone posted back on April 26, that their son had low ferritin for a year, then gave their son a tincture mixture of stinging nettle, red raspberry leaf and rosehips and within 3 weeks the son's ferritin numbers were up in the normal range.

  7. Pinterest hiding liver in food, you can find a way.

  8. Jennifer Fofennifer
    Forget the Ferritin — what is your son's Mag RBC & Ceruloplasmin?…

    I'm curious, did you take a Prenatal and/or Folic Acid?

    Perfect Nutrition makes an excellent Dessicated Liver.

    A votre sante!

  9. Wynter S Knight
    Those are great suggestions ^^^^… Those herbs increase the bioavailability of Copper which — in turn — increases the bioavailability of Iron.

    Again, Iron is helpless in the face of LOW bioavailable Copper. Iron & Copper are joined at the hip of Ceruloplasmin…

    The sooner you ALL learn that, the LOWER your chances are of getting POISONED by taking XS Supplemental Iron… My wording ^^^^ is intentional & accurate!…

    A votre sante!

  10. blend the liver in spaghetti sauce?

  11. Perfect brand dessicated liver tablets are recommende. I take 4 a day

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