Gosh the medical field never ceases to amaze/shock me.


Gosh the medical field never ceases to amaze/ shock me. My neighbour , 37 years old had a total hysterectomy at the beginning of the year and had gained lots of weight. She had chest pain and went to ER and they found her liver was like an alcoholics it is so bad. They then told her she needed her stomach removed to lose weight as she is a very unhealthy weight. That’s crazy, l can’t even begin to imagine the health issues this will cause now.

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  1. Stomach removed? Do you mean gastric banding or stapling?

  2. No, they said that would not work. I have never heard of it before today.

  3. That's crazy

  4. There has got to be more to the story. They do not take your stomach out simply to lose weight.

  5. Nora Foster I have my own story of how West Med treated me, 1 time I bled out from surgery had 13 transfusions to keep me alive to go back into surgery the next a.m., another time a med that I was allergic to was ordered, this last time in June 2014 my PCP did not treat pneumonia even with 2 months of lab work indicating a signficiant bacterial infection and then a severe one—that left an opportunity for a highly resistant form of bacterium to grow and I'm still dealing with it. I was a licensed health care provider for 40 yrs, I urge you to talk seriously to your friend and not go through with this surgery—it is totally unnecessary—there are natural ways to help the liver and many healthy eating plans to heal the GI system which will in turn help her lose weight–of course, no donuts! Suggest that she find a Functional Medical Doctor, usually they are MDs but more holistic, if that's not in her area, then a naturopath—under no circumstances should her stomach be removed to help lose weight and help the liver—there truly are healthy ways to do it.

  6. Cannot survive without your stomach

  7. get her into this group & some paleo groups

  8. Has she had her thyroid tested in the correct way. I gained 40 pounds while eating clean(no sugars), exercising 3 times a week(Zumba), and yoga 3 to 4 times a week. This went on for twenty years. I went to my former doctor with tears in my eyes… She did an ultrasound after she told me my thyroid was fine.. And her exact words were, this is not good, this is. It good. There was severe damage to my left lobe. Finally found a doctor who prescribed the correct levels of thyroid meds. Lost 30 pounds. I know this is a long story. Go to hypothyroid mom and have her take the 300 symptom questionnaire. I had 70 symptoms..demand an ultrasound. Every cell in the body has thyroid receptors.

  9. If I listened to Western Doctors I know I would be on about 40 meds not able to move or dead! Western medicine is big business not health care!!

  10. Is it non alcoholic fatty liver disease? Look towards mthfr mutation. My dad has had 2 liver transplants due to this. He has not ever nor does drink now. He also has celiac disease.

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  13. This is the opinion of an ER doctor?

  14. Pure vegetable juicing and our minerals should help to heal most things in the body. Look at some juicing info. Joe cross or jason vale.

  15. where do you get mthfr tested? I have no ins.

  16. I know someone who had weight loss surgery and now he passes out fast because of blood sugar issues. He has to eat a very 2 hours. The part of the stomach that tells you when you're hungry was removed on accident. Now he needs a special dog to sense when his blood sugar going to cause a blackout! True story.

  17. Yup! Careful. They somehow just want to operate and give you lots of pills…

  18. We absorb minerals through our gut. So many issues around missing out on vital nutrition if it is removed. Agree she needs to see a naturopath or similar to see how food and supplements can help her improve without surgery.

  19. Female issues and weight gain make me immediately think undiagnosed thyroid issues. Can't just check TSH (which should be less than 3.0),must also check T3 and T4 for true picture of thyroid.

  20. Jodie, does a GP do the full thyroid tests, or do you need to see a naturopath/ holistic dr. I am in Australia.

  21. I yeh goiter Graves' disease over active thyroid but it been removed

  22. Nora that's terrible… She must get her levels checked. It's so common to not be able to convert synthetic thyroid medication and it results in quick severe weight gain and not a coincidence…. Tell her to join the stop the thyroid madness groups to get a proper dr to help her. Removing a stoMach is ridiculous ..l drs these days are useless and do such harm for no reason.

  23. I agree Drs just don't care I was miss diagnosed look what happened to me I was told I was I hypochondriac

  24. modern medicine…they either rx drug for a condition or they remove body parts never asking why there is disease so they can get to root of it..sounds like she has a low thyroid condition complicated or even caused by cortisol issue which lead to estrogen issues leading to need for hysterectomy and also massive metabolic issues causing weight gain..

  25. Removing body parts will not heal possible emotional issues for obesity. Insane!

  26. The thyroid controls every cell. Without a thyroid and proper medication, you metabolism is off

  27. And too many people falling for it all!! Breaks my heart! https://student.societyforscience.org/article/what-appendix-good

  28. I think so too Win. A lot of us on here have all have our reasons to question medical practitioners, it makes me sad that my neighbor who put her trust into them when she feels vulnerable as a widow with young kids and they basically tell her if she doesn't go drastic she will die soon. The operation cost her a fortune too. They put the fear of death into you, it takes courage to walk away from them and I do your own research . That's why this group is so great. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations with the medical field here.

  29. Fatty liver is caused by magnesium and choline deficiencies and excess fructose in the diet. Many people have reversed it with choline supplementation and a LCHF diet.

  30. I would be concerned about iron overload. Liver is often the first damaged organ…and can be confused with alcoholism.

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