Got a CT scan done last week (6 month check)


Got a CT scan done last week (6 month check) after surgery for removal of a rectal cancer now they tell me they see something in my lungs and want to do a needle biopsy. What are your thoughts on needle biopsies. I did not do chemo or radiation for the rectal cancer and would rather stay away from it. Into alternative health and natural methods of healing. Do needle biopsies spread cancer? I do not wish to go ahead with chemo or radiation and so I am wondering if I should even have this done.

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  1. I was told with a breast lump that they are contained unless you do a biopsy (in that case a mammogram could also cause it to break open). I would do a Thermogram.

  2. RESEARCH I've read says needle biopsies break open and disrupt cancer cells causing it to spread. Seek and you will find answers.

  3. My sister has gastric carcinoma phase 4 any advise pls?

  4. I was told that the lump in my breast is encapsulated and harmless and a biopsy would break it open and cause it to spread if it was cancer, I did thermograms

  5. I had a biopsy 10 years ago (papillary thryoid cancer) and it did not spread. I was treated in Mexico and beat the cancer. I am praying for you.

  6. My thought is: Why biopsy it? Why not just treat it with the best healing protocol you can? Why put your body through that when you know it's a malfunction caused by dis-ease somewhere in the body? Just treat it rigorously with WPO and a perfect lifestyle and who cares what it WAS called? It will be gone and you'll be healthy. You don't really need to name it …

  7. Thank you, Alex. Bad night. I;'ll get over it, I think

  8. Tsvetomila Todorova, it is true that cannabis oil is contraindicated in some breast cancers, .. we are just finding this out.. it is all new.. and you are right regarding cannabis oil not being the silver bullet to freedom of disease.. some are cured and some are not.. there are many factors in healing, just was Linda Maree Muchmore indicated.. there is the emotional and spiritual aspect of healing.. for some it takes a short period of time to heal and others it takes a long while.. It did not shrink my tumor after 80 grams, though I could not 100% verify the quality of my product as it was donated to me.

  9. Tsvetomila Todorova, this is the hardest part, when all the promises don't provide miracles. I'm tired, too, sweetheart, and ready to give up. No, it's not a silver bullet, but it helps more than anything else I've found. Sometimes, (like in my own case, I think) it's just time to let go and move on. This life is bootcamp for the next, find out what you need to do to move into it. Fight this shit with everything you have, don't ever give up. Beating cancer is now on your bucket list, so do it. We are never out of the fight but it's okay either way. Be as strong as you are. I will beat this shit or die trying, ok>?

  10. Hi Deb. You have mentioned lots and lots of physical therapies to treat cancer , but have you looked at non-physical causes and treatments, eg, causes could be any of the negative emotions (anxiety, hate, jealousy, sadness etc…) and treaments could be (relaxation, meditation, huge range of spiritual practices including things like forgiveness, journeying, prayer, yoga etc…)

  11. Please guys, don't say cannabis oil cures everything!!! I have Breast cancer stage four now for over 2 years, with mets to lung and after 90 grams of very good quality organic high THC cannabis oil my mets got bigger and I also develop liver and bone mets! I was and still do all clean vegan diet with a lot more supplements and other protocols. Cannabis oil is not the cure for all, unfortunately…..

  12. We don't understand too much about it.. The doctors removed two big tumors from her stomach and they removed everything that was attached to them but they want to do a second surgery to remove still rests of cancer .. We don't know what to do.. Any advise ?

  13. Isabel Isabel M Gonzalez I thought I would share my story with you I had stage 4 Carcinosarcoma the doctors gave me 3 weeks to live and that was June 19th 2011 Thought maybe my story and 12 keys to cancer free might help your sister

  14. I have been told by leaders in the nature cancer cures that it does spread cancer

  15. Thank you Rhonda.. you seem to be a kind and strong person in character.. I will look into DCA.. thank you. the 2b cancer was surgically removed. Take care.

  16. Deb, you hang in there. I've been stage four for two years and I'm still here fighting! My last radiation really knocked me down. It did help a little. Can you get a second opinion. What was your 2b cancer previously? Just heard about a drug that has killed cancer but the Pharm company's can't make money off it, so won't push it. Look up DCA. I'm going to and ask my doctor. I'm praying for you too.

  17. where is the carcinoma located isabel.. have her research cannabis oil, frankincense, there are a lot of natural remedies.. keep connecting with folks on here to get your answers.. good luck honey.

  18. Thank you .. Hope my sister find the cure..

  19. Isabel, the cancer I had was stage 2b, which means it did not metatasize.. so I had it surgically removed.. they still wanted to give me chemo and radiation though. Stuart Wolf.. I have been an emotional wreck all day.. 🙂

  20. How did you cure your self with out chemo? My sister has carcinoma and want to treat naturally? Any advice?

  21. A grumpy old man, Ms. Deb, but thanks. I feel all the same things. Wish I wasn't such an emotional wreck, but your post really hit me, so thanks. Never Out of the Fight!

  22. Thank you all so much.. I love connecting with these types of groups.. gives me strength and encouragement and makes me seem like I am not as insane as the conventional medicine folks think I am.. God bless you all.. Stuart Wolf, you sir are a sweetheart. Thank you jon amy Jessup… you are also a sweetheart..

  23. Deb Newville I haven't and would not do a biopsy. Too much risk of spreading. I feel the same about surgery.
    Total diet change, co, and lots of juicing. I know you know. We've been around these parts together ♡
    Praying for you!

  24. An oncologist at Life Extension suggested 2000 mg vitamin C 3 times a day along with all the other supplements I take.

  25. Found a spot in my lower left lung lobe. They did a wedge resection. Found cancer so took all of lower lobe. It had already gone to my bones in back and hip and liver. Jerk of an Oncologist gave me 3 to 6 months. That was 2 and a half years ago. Went the natural route, but also used Frankinsence oil. I have had radiation on bones for pain control. But lungs seem to be ok. Don't know how close a needle biopsy and wedge resection are. But if you go natural, look into natural oils especially Frank. I think it has helped keep me alive. By the way, have new Oncologist!

  26. Ms. Newville, you are one of the bravest people I've read on this or any other page. You've already got all the advice I could give, so I won't try to advise or encourage. I think you know what to do, and your attitude kicks ass. Pray a lot. Best to you.

  27. I take coconut oil daily.. add it to my coffee, a couple tablespoons a day.

  28. Start drinking coconut oil

  29. I have that around too.. I was doing that for a while and then slacked off.. I will restart it.. thanks Ray Herron

  30. I would strongly recommend 35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE taken internally, and removing ALL sugar from your diet.

  31. I also can highly reccomend Lesli Remington:-) she's great and so helpful!

  32. Thanks Angel.. I sent you a PM..

  33. please call Lisa Rimington and she can answer all your question she is really nice 🙂

  34. I could only speak for myself. But if I had what you had and They wanted to do a needle biopsy I would actually say no. I would up each one of my anticancer protocols and I would get checked again later with an MRI but I don't think I'll be doing any kind of CT scan

  35. Thank you sweet Virpi Virolainen

  36. If I was in your situation or mine about 3 years ago I would not let them do a single biobsy: I think and have heard it can spread cancer. I am on living foods -regime now for 2 and half years and feel mainly really well. I`m sending love to you Deb.

  37. Best bet is to on cannabis oil.

  38. I would not do it.

  39. I've done the cannabis oil and may have to get back on it.. it is so very costly

  40. I will tell you a bit of history of my condition. I was diagnosed last spring with rectal cancer, 5 cm mass.. I turned down chemo and radiation and tried healing myself through change in diet, all organic, lots of supplements, and cannabis oil.. seven months of this and yet it did not shrink the tumor so I opted to get it surgically removed, leaving me with a colostomy. Now they have found these masses or spots on my lungs, a tiny one and one she says the size of a dime.. She (my surgeon) wants me to have a CT guided needle biopsy and wanted me to be scheduled with an oncologist which I questioned why.. and she told me that oncology would be the way to treat it if it was cancer.. so she must have a good idea that it is.. I know pretty much all there is in alternative treatments.. I know about the baking soda, etc, etc.. thank you for all your kind responses.

  41. Ingest and vaporize cannabis oil for cancers in the lungs.

  42. To my knowledge, the concern with needle biopsies is that it's possible for the needle to disrupt the tumor causing cancer cells to mobilize. Doesn't mean it will happen, but it can happen with any procedure that involves disturbing the cancer.

  43. and here is who inspired the decision to use baking soda:

  44. I just got irradiated with the recent CT scan and now with this needle biopsy they want to do another CT scan plus the biopsy.. I do not like that idea.

  45. I would not do it. Plus, if it is cancer, you have come to the right place to learn how to take care of it naturally. Here is my published cancer success story using baking soda:

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