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Got my hair test results back and found out that mercury levels were at .07 when the ideal is .02. Can anyone familiar with the hair test advise whether this is considered high? I was surprised by this because I chelated mercury using the Cutler protocol for over three years. In addition I simply cant understand where I got all that mercury. I had amalgams removed and I rarely eat any seafood. This leads me to one of two conclusions….the hair test is flawed…or the Cutler protocol is ineffective. I wonder what my score would be if I retested the hair.

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  1. Mike you seem predisposed to doubt HTMA, but I must question your logic in evaluating HTMA based on the existence of mercury in your hair OR the effectiveness of the protocol you are on when this is your first test and you don't have a baseline for comparison. The ideal thing to do is follow through with your consult and recommendations and retest in 3-6 months to see if there are any changes. You might also consider validating the mercury result with a blood Quicksilver test. And realize that while amalgams and seafood are the primary sources of mercury they are not the only ones. Additionally the Cutler protocol is known to be gentle; you may not have given it long enough.

    BTW I tagged you in a published study on HTMA in animals; did you read that?

  2. Kim, could you send me the link too? I'd like to learn more. 🙂

  3. Candida can hang onto heavy metals, even if you think you've chelated it out- if you haven't dealt with the candida, you won't have gotten all of it completely.

  4. here it is Katarzyna. HTMA was the method they used in assessing mineral levels; the method was not even questioned.

  5. Interesting information…thanks Kim.

  6. You're welcome 🙂

  7. Thanks Kim Tracey Konash–I am just getting very frustrated because I have been trying to fix myself for over 10 years….and have tried just about everything under the sun. Now I am back to where I started with "candida" and "mercury detox" which I tried to fix for nearly 4 years. I chelated per Cutler continuously for nearly 4 years….To have this high mercury count is disappointing and causes me to question the validity of cutler's program or the HTMA. I will follow your advice and try to stick it out here. Nothing really left to lose….I have tried everything else. Though I see Morely recommends a high protein, high fat low carb diet…..did that for YEARS….made me much worse. for some reason Morely's appointment scheduler is broken…so I cant even meet with him….I am hitting rock bottom.

  8. Mike Adams. Dont give up.
    I was very low but im now well.
    I have high protein, high fat, low carb, gluten free diet. In what way did it make you feel worse?

  9. Mike I went & saw my doc re doing hair mineral testing recently & he talked me out of basically saying it's a waste of money something due to what we have excreted thru our hair not bn true to what's in the body. I felt from what he was saying it was flawed. He said the best test to do was the red blood cell thru doctors data but this was 3x the price so I haven't done it yet. He recommended this over hair & urine tests.

  10. I understand your frustration, Mike, and I have experienced it myself. Try to take heart in the fact that it COULD be worse. I still have 7 amalgams in my mouth and my mercury level is .18 and I have not given up. I do plan to have my amalgams removed; however there is still some discrepancy, even among good doctors as to the right timing for that. Do you try to boost yourself physically and nutritionally so you aren't further harmed by the removal/detox, or is the fact that they haven't been removed forever going to stand in the way? There's no going back once you do it, obviously, so I'm still considering and waiting on a consult. Nor do I think the answer is the same for everyone. Have you had a 23andme test? If not, I would highly recommend that. Any detox protocol is dependent on your individual methylation/detox pathways working properly. There may be things you can do to support those pathways based on your individual results, or changes to the protocol that would be more effective for you. That is not to say don't have your consult; do that as well. But in the mean time, another piece of the puzzle may indeed be helpful.

  11. Mandy—low carb high fat destroyed my gut. I have been gluten free for 10 years. but going low carb for nearly 5 years has caused me to have continuous chronic diarrhea. It is now known that low carb diets destroy the microbiome because they deprive critical gut bacteria of the food they need to thrive and deplete the mucous membrane lining. I would strongly discourage you from continuing on a low carb diet. Paul Jaminet says 150 -200 grams minimum. Ray Peat recommends 3-400 grams. All low carbing did for me was leave me depressed…with no libido….destroyed gut and dependant on thyroid meds.

  12. Also Mike as u know I'm doing yasko at the mo & according to her if u have a CBS gene mutation like I do high protein diet is no gd due to the body not bn able to process out the ammonia & sulphur

  13. Thanks Kim Tracey Konash — if there is a health protocol I have tried it. Wasted a lot of time and money on the MTHFR nonsense. It is incredibly complicated…not well grounded in science and there are lots of profiteers fleecing sick people with expensive supplements and specialty lab BS. Ray Peat believes that optimizing metabolism resolves the vast majority of health problems….what he says makes a lot of sense…and he isn't selling anything. I like Morely's stuff too….so will continue to muddle through. I had all my amalgams out and followed the Cutler protocol closely for three years. I don't eat mercury exposed seafood…and have no industrial exposure….No vaccines in many years. Where the heck is that mercury coming from????

  14. I know Kellie…but many smart folks say that the MTHFR stuff is all snake oil…that the body has many ways to compensate for the "mutations". In my long journey I have found that the more costly it is to pursue a health protocol the less worthwhile it turns out to be. Morely charges 75 an hour. He is not trying to get rich. Yasko charges $$$$$$ and you need to buy all your supps and tests from her. Really smells bad to me.

  15. Where does Paul Jaminet say 150-200 grams is minimum? On the weight loss version of PHD, he says a minimum of ~400 carbohydrate calories…which is about 100 grams of carbs/day.

  16. Katarzyna Siwik – I don't know about his weight loss program…but his book says that. I have been trying to get 250 to 300 carbs. After much study, Ray Peat has convinced me that the body runs best on glucose,,,not ketones….I followed low carb religiously…and when it didn't work….I lowered carbs further. My reverse T3 was through the roof and my bowels were pure water. The low carb nonsense did me a lot of harm.

  17. Did u c my other msg re the red blood cell test that my doc recommended?

  18. Mike, it is your choice what you choose to do. But there are many people who have improved their health by addressing a combination of factors. If you are convinced that Ray Peat is right, then by all means, go follow him and try what he says. You've used the phrase "many people say" but if what many people said were working for you, you wouldn't be here still looking for answers. I'm not trying to be rude, but you won't know until and unless you try.

    Yes, have your consult with Morley; I'm not saying trade genetics for this. But working on both can increase the overall effectiveness. In EVERY field you are going to find practitioners who charge a lot and those that don't. Some of it is based on education and experience, some on geographics, and yes, some undoubtedly are more focused on money. You'll find people that are helped by most of them and people who are not. But none of that is going to matter to you; what ultimately is going to make a difference is what works FOR YOU.

  19. These are the places that mercury can come from. It is in the environment. Contaminated seafood and amalgams are only the most common, not the only, source.

  20. Kim Tracey Konash — Understood. I know I am breaking a lot of china in here. I am just so darn frustrated. And people don't like to hear that protocals that they believe in may not be valid. I just hate to see sick people spend tons of money on something that probably won't work….because I have been one of those people…many times! I am in close touch with Kellie Lodge because I am hoping she improves on the Yasko protocol…If she does I will revisit it. But I have not heard anyone say the MTHFR stuff FIXED me.

  21. I would bet that mercury accumulation depends on metabolism rather than exposure. We are all exposed to some degree—but if our metabolism is working properly we can detoxify. And we shouldn't need 50 supplements and constant expensive lab testing to optimize metabolim Ray Peat recommends no supplements….only vitamin E and that sparingly…instead…he shows you how to get your metabolism cranked up with health foods. I bought into the whole sleep apnea crap last year and paid for a CPAP and an expensive oral appliance….I am slender with no apnea risk factors…but these docs conned me into buying all this BS. Peat points out that apnea is quickly resolved when the metabolism is boosted….I suspect a lot of other problems are as well.

  22. I feel your pain Mike, regarding the financial part. I've spent thousands as well, and I'm sure many others here have too. It…sucks.

    Morley had said something in the past regarding gene mutations. Did you see this?

  23. Katarzyna Siwik – That's why I followed morely…because he basically debunked all the MTHFR nonsense. What issues are you trying to fix? Maybe I can point you in the right direction….FREE! 🙂

  24. Mike Adams – I do understand your frustration. And, I hope that your consult with Morley will shed some light on your concerns.

  25. Mike, Yasko isn't the only way to go with methylation. Some do not need methylation support, even with methylation snps. But it's not all about "metabolism" either. Carol Savage is very knowledgeable about methylation issues, and she would say that MTHFR is not a CAUSE of anything, but is or can be a contributing factor. Whether or how much that is true probably depends on several factors. How extensive is the methylation impairment (there are far more snp's than just MTHFR C677t or MTHFR A1298c)? Are there other pre-existing conditions that are inhibiting mineral absorption and/or utilization? How old is the person affected? Etc. It really is never about just one factor or just one piece of the puzzle or just one diet, plan, or protocol. We are far more complex than that.

  26. It's truly amazing how I received more information in the 1 hr consult with Morley than with any other health professional that I've spoken to. I am working with an ND as well who is very knowledgeable…but Morley is something else. I hope you have the same experience I had!

  27. Kim Tracey Konash – I pursued MTHFR as I tested for one copy of each mutation…but then I was told to get the 23andme test. Which I did…though there are serious questions about its validity. I began the yasko supplements and started getting lots of muscle weakness…when I spoke to my doctor about this…they told me more lab tests were needed to include expensive and bogus stool tests. Then additional supplements would have to be tried. All at great expense of course. I threw in the towel on MTHFR when I saw some folks posting on the Peat board about how boosting metabolism via Peat's methods would overcome all the "mutations". If someone was returned to health by Yasko;s methods I would love to hear about it—but I bet I won't. What morely says makes a lot of sense. He seems really genuine though I have questions about his Vitamin D stuff. Also highly recommend Ray Medina at gutcritters,com….he knows a ton…and charges 50 for an hour consult…great guy too! Barb at can get your thyroid issues sorted out for 60 an hour. Now these are prices that make sense to me!!!

  28. Thank you for the recommendations on Ray and Barb. With the mercury question though, any ongoing exposure through air, like living downwind from an incinerator? anything near you that is coal burning? How about vaccines? Any chance that your body is ridding itself of mercury and that's why it is now in your hair?

  29. Thanks Cheryl…been very careful about mercury exposure for over ten years. and chelated for a prolonged period. not sure what to think anymore.

  30. Mike, 23andme is a genetics test; they crossed the 1 million mark last week for tests processed, which is significant. It's a valid test. I know that there are many very good professionals who consider it essentially irrelevant, and I respect their opinion. I don't believe it is completely irrelevant, but I also don't believe that it dictates your health either. It shows you "weak spots" and as such can give you clues to what is happening in your body and can be a guide to how better to support the PRIMARY functions of diet/nutrition/lifestyle/mineral balance. I'll give you an example. Someone who has the MTHFR A1298c mutation, especially if homozygous, can have difficulty with too much animal protein, as its digestion produces ammonia, which needs BH4 to break it down. BH4 is also needed to produce NOS and neurotransmitters. That COULD be why you didn't feel particularly well on a higher protein diet. I'm homozygous for that one. I don't do well on a vegetarian diet, but I must have a higher vegetable intake. Knowing that has improved my gut function. There is more to it, and of course A LOT that is not even known (only about 1/4 of the genome has been mapped).; but in my humble (and admittedly unprofessional) opinion, that doesn't mean it needs to be dismissed. I also think it is a mistake to consult with a professional about muscle weakness and then dismiss out of hand any testing they recommend. Yes, some of the tests ARE expensive, but they are also very involved. Even an HTMA – the CHEAPEST I have found is $85. Labs, equipment, trained staff, licensing, and inspection all cost a lot of money. Stool tests also show you things you wouldn't otherwise know. Another example – mine came back very high in an enzyme called beta glucuronidase. You need it, but in high amounts, it cleaves toxins off and they either stay in the gut or get reabsorbed. This increases the risk of colorectal cancer. There is a supplement that lowers this (it has been studied) called calcium d-glucarate. Of course, calcium d-glucarate is found in fruits and veggies, which is probably the reason why a plant based diet (overall) has been shown to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. And yet another reason why I need a lot of vegetation in my diet. Do you see what I mean? This wouldn't necessarily be the best approach for everyone, but targeted testing helps you find out what is best for YOU. I don't know who "the folks" you referred to are, but again, I must ask…if you are convinced that this is all that is necessary, why are you still frustrated and looking elsewhere? I think you know that may NOT be the only answer for everyone and you just haven't found yours yet. Mineral balancing may certainly be enough to restore your health at this point, and I would certainly urge you to see it through. But if at any point you get "stuck"…maybe it's time to consider doing a little bit more probing.

    I don't believe I would be putting my thyroid (or anyone else's in "Barb's" hands. Here is her disclaimer: "I am not a doctor, but a hypothyroid patient who had radioactive iodine treatment for Graves' hyperthyroidism who enjoys medical research." I am wondering if she has ANY credentials at all that would legally or ethically allow her to charge $60 an hour. Unless she has some kind of other license or certification and lives in a state that allows it, that's called practicing medicine without a license. Ray Medina has a similar disclaimer on his website. The most economical care when it comes to health is what WORKS, and the most expensive is what DOESN'T, regardless of the pricetag attached to it.

  31. Kim Tracey Konash you clearly have done a lot of research and if you have muddled around in MTHFR your brain must be hurting. With so much unknown and 1/4 of the genes unmapped…putting a lot of faith in that stuff seems premature. I have read a lot about stool testing. Its highly dubious. Many practitioners call them cash biopsies. Dr. Brasco and Dr. Rubin wrote a whole chapter about them in their book…and said there was little correlation between symptoms and the testing in the many stool tests they performed. I don't put a lot of stock in medical degrees and other such nonsense…Ray and Barb know way more than most doctors. If you read Barbs book you will see how many brainless doctors she had to deal with to get well…frequently had to bring medical literature to them to prove they were wrong about things. I very much appreciate your input on this board. I still have my 23andme test if you would like to see it. Heck you probably know more about it than my doctor!

  32. Mike, I have done a lot of research, but I am no expert. I do and have discussed different tests with people privately, but always make it clear that it is patient to patient, and I NEVER charge. It would not only be illegal and unethical for me to do so, but it is not safe for either an unlicensed individual (due to the risk of being sued) or the person seeking their advice. I'm not saying that any or even most doctors have all the answers, and it can be difficult to find a good one. But that just means you need to find a better one, not dispense with them altogether. There are some very good ones in this group and I have recommended them more than once, even to people outside this group. I can also recommend a very good and experienced provider to do an epigenetics consult on your 23andme if you're interested. She actually goes into the raw data and does her own spreadsheet; I learned some things from that consult that I would not have otherwise.

  33. I have my test results but have no idea what they mean 🙂 I have a couple of weeks until the consult.

  34. Thanks Kim—is she affordable?? No more $600 integrative consults for me!

  35. I don't think it would be good to post her fee publicly, but she is certainly not $600. PM me and I'll give you her name and you can discuss it with her. Fair enough, Mike?

  36. Mike instead of low carbs, have you tried the Specific Carb diet? Really fixed my gut.

  37. Take selenium.

  38. Sally Giles – the SCD is what really screwed me up. Not enough resistant starch….I believe RS is needed to support gut flora….

  39. Did you eat SCD yogurt?

  40. SCD has been touted for SIBO, as has resistant starch, but I couldn't tolerate either one. I have improved A LOT though. It's very individual.

  41. Kim how did you use resistant starch?

  42. Cheryl I tried several different types several different ways. I had 2 issues with it. My SIBO was just too bad (I already had levels of gut bacteria, even the good variety, that was too high) and I was struggling with hyperglycemia.

  43. Mike Adams If you can't get in with Morley, then try Rick Malter. He mentored Morley and has the most experience here.

  44. Mike, the hair test is not flawed. The Cutler protocol probably had some positive effect in helping eliminate some of your stored mercury load. A .07 hair mercury level may simply mean that you are still excreting a small amount of mercury through the hair. Re-testing from time to time with a HTMA will help with monitoring mercury, but also your overall mineral pattern.

  45. The major "flaw" of the hair test is that it can be complicated to interpret the results, and not all practitioners are good at it.

  46. Mike Adams Ruth Lanton Finding a good HTMA practitioner that is also available…. (1) there is a list of HTMA practitioners that are affiliated with the Mag Group (2) that doesn't mean that there are no other good ones (3) Rick Malter and Julie Casper, both affiliated with the Mag Group, are both authors of articles on this website which I have sadly neglected far too long.

  47. Kim Tracey Konash hi I private messaged you but no response. I'm interested in the practitioner you mentioned regarding an epigenetics consult with the 23andme results.. I have the results. I also asked you about the BH4 product. I'm not sure whether or not you've seen that pm. Thanks Kim.

  48. Sorry, Elizabeth; I had an important phone call. I did get your message and responded.

  49. Marsha Scheitlin – the problem I have with that website of yours is that there are no names of the principals of the site much less a list of practitioners.

  50. How recently have you been doing mercury chelation? High levels in HTMA sometimes indicate that your body is excreting that mineral in high amounts.

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