Great sleep-through-the night recipes?


Does anyone have some great sleep-through-the night recipes?

I have been doing the protocol, Epsom baths, using the spray, and – Jigsaw Mag in the am, beef liver, CLO, Adrenal Cocktail, prunes, glycinate at night, etc…

But I keep waking up at 2, 3 or 4 am. It seems like when I am implementing the full protocol, this happens. I am so tired. Any suggestions? (I do have adrenal fatigue.)

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  1. I haven't started the Jigsaw Mag but I thought it was to be taken before bed. ?

  2. Do you have a good mattress?

  3. I rub magnesium oil/lotion on my feet every night and take a melatonin gummy bear for kids. I sleep like a rock

  4. I do an Epsom salt foot soak followed by Mag spray on feet- sleep great now.

  5. Millions of people have been able to drop into deep REM Sleep by taking (before bed time ) a combination of Mucuna Pruriens herb ( containing naturally occurring L-dopa )
    combined with Tribulus Terrestris herb ( only works if grown in India). This is available in a
    US patented natural drug free capsules. It actually is reasonably priced.

  6. And I've been sleeping well since I've begun using milk of magnesia for deodorant, then a full body rub ( bonus benefit of delightfully soft skin). It works so well I'm using it as toothpaste and then holding it under my tongue for a few minutes also for better absorption. This has been a great discovery for me … Through this group! Thanks everyone!

  7. Magnesium is a detoxing agent. Sometimes toxins are released into the blood and causes erratic sleep patterns. I've been taking arginine and orthinite capsule before bed. Some cleansing programs recommend this. Seems to help.

  8. Have you tried B6, or the amino acids GABA or L-Tryptophan?

  9. I've had fantastic results with, Elektra magnesium cream rubbed into the soles of my feet. Slept like a baby and woke feeling refreshed.

  10. To be honest I just started taking tumeric paste and I sleep like a baby. Glycinate helps me fall asleep but tumeric helps me stay asleep. It's not for everyone since there are many considerations to keep in mind especially if you take other meds but it works for me.

  11. Sole water helped me

  12. I just love this group! Thank you so much. I'm open to more!!!

  13. Maybe try a small protein snack in the evening to prevent blood sugar decrease that sometimes wakes folks around 3 a.m….

  14. Rice bran, right at bedtime knocks me out for a good sleep

  15. Liver build

  16. I didn't sleep through the night until I switched to mag mind, magnesium threonate. 10 yrs of insomnia gone!!

  17. Eat a heavier meal (fat and protein) right before bed and have a bedside snack and est as soon as you wake up. With adrenal fatigue, when you blood sugar drops overnight, the adrenals can't make enough cortisol to raise it back up, so they produce adrenaline, which obviously makes it impossible to go back to sleep

  18. Valerian root is wonderful also.

  19. I do a late night high starch and salt snack. Like midnight is my last time to eat. I love arrowroot coconut pudding with a little banana , sea salt,and maple syrup. When I dont have something like that I am up too several times.

  20. Carb cycling helped me when I had adrenal fatigue: load up with protein and fat at breakfast and carbs at dinner/ in the evening.

  21. I've always had a hard time getting a good nights sleep, my grandmother would make me 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk a touch of sugar & a dash of cinnamon, heat. She called it Cambridge Tea, I've been drinking it for over 50 yrs. & must say it works or it's the story behind it but I truly think it works! Worth a try!

  22. I hate writing it but Parasites will wake you up like this. Black walnut from green hulls and wormwood can help with parasites. I use Nature's Sunshine products when necessary then rebuild with Probiotic Eleven also Nature's Sunshine.

  23. I take a magnesium and a natural sleep supplement that contains lavender, L-theanine, lemon balm, passion flower and german chamomile. Then I use an essential oil blend with lavender, cedarwood, ho wood, ylang ylang, marjoram, chamomile, vetiver, Hawaiian sandalwood and vanilla. I sleep like a rock.

  24. Exactly why i am here so early. Been a solid sleeper all my life but , is it the mag "program" has me up all night and my pulse anxiety racing ? going to read through this post and look through the search box but this is very unusual for me for sure !

  25. Drinking alcohol at night will cause sleep maintenance problems and have you awake in the wee hours.

  26. What type of epsom salts are you using for the bath ? I have to use chloride , the sulfates keep me awake otherwise .

  27. Some things in the protocol are stimulating. Mag chloride, borox, bee pollen, vitamin c. Make sure you don't take these in the evening. My last vitamin c is my afternoon adrenal cocktail. I have high nighttime cortisol so I find the cod liver oil lowers cortisol. Some find it energizing but I like it at dinner time. Also check your diet. High protein elevates cortisol and complex carbs lower it. And finally check the protocol. I see recommendations that are to be avoided.

  28. 6 beers….4 scotch and cokes….a cheeseburger

  29. Answer these questions and you'll be good 1.what causes one to wake up at that time? Which hormone is produced to wake you up in the morning? What makes the hormone? Then look for something to balance the gland

  30. The nights that I have trouble falling asleep I use lavender essential oil (mixed in a base almond oil) and rub it on the bottom of my feet. I also take a sublingual melatonin if I wake in the night. Sometimes it takes a couple of nights but eventually it gets my sleep rhythm back in order.
    You may want to look into the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) “body clock” that is reflected in the energy meridians which are linked to different organs if you are waking during certain hours each night. Just a thought. 🙂

  31. maybe your sugars are out of wack, or maybe you are stressing about something.

  32. I think some people are prone to this sleep pattern :

  33. I wake more on days when I haven't exercised.

  34. Following

  35. Balance of your electrolytes is key to solid sleep. 4700 mg of potassium daily is hard to get for the average person.

  36. Glycinate keeps me awake and disrupts my sleep – I know this is not what is supposed to happen, but in no way does it make me sleepy. I normally get horizontal and I am out.all.night. When I started trying to take mag glycinate – I literally couldn't sleep for hours and hours. I now take it in the mornings. If this is a new thing for you I would recommend taking a supplement holiday – see if you can sleep properly and then start bringing things back in one at a time for 3 or 4 days each and see when your issues starts up again to figure it out.

  37. Support your liver with a castor oil pack. Check hormones. My waking was a combo of low progesterone and sluggish liver.

  38. Essential oil in a diffuser, 2 dr Clary Sage, 2dr Cedar Wood, 1dr Vetiver. Plant Therapy (online) has good prices, free shipping. I don't work for them, just mentioning you don't need to deal with MLM or those high prices.

  39. kava kava, melatonin and passionflower.

  40. You've depleted liver glycogen so adrenaline is up. Put an adrenal cocktail next to the bed tonight

  41. Have you tried the Sara Gottfried, MD protocol?

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  43. Me, too, Jennifer Durrant. It's awful. I'll be good for one or two nights then again with the wakefulness. I wish there was one way to take care of it. I'm overwhelmed by all these suggestions!

  44. Sex. GABA dissolved in the mouth. Binaural beats. Earplugs.

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  46. I would recommend checking out The Adrenal Reset Diet by Alan Christianson. It has suggestions for diet, supplements, and more. My husband and I used it last fall.

  47. The Chinese Medicine "body clock" is useful for diagnosing sleep issues that happen at the same time every night. Waking up at 2:00 am is Liver time. Waking up at 3 – 4 am is Lung time. It also happens that Fall is the season for Metal (which is Lung). This means the Lungs are extra active and if they are having issues, they are more likely to surface in the fall. Liver and Lung detox and nutritional support are likely needed.

  48. Yesterday I stopped all mag supps except some mag water. (No spray at bed, no malate in am or no glycinate at bed as usual.) I added more potassium to my diet and a little more C of T to my AC. Walked 11,000 steps. I drank salt and honey in a chamomile tea at bedtime, and had a sweet potato with my protein + fat at a late dinner. Went to bed later. I slept very soundly, until I woke up at 3 with an anxiety thought. I said to myself, this is just a thought, and I went back to sleep! PROGRESS! More work to do… but PROGRESS!! Thank you all.

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