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My biggest hurdle is not being able to play in my makeup.. anyone know of a good gulten free makeup brand and gulten free skin care line?

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  1. Mineral Fusion, Tarte, Eclair Naturals and some Young Living products.

  2. Red Apple Lipstick is my fav but I also like Bare Minerals so far though I just started using it. Bare Minerals has a whole makeup line and all products gluten free but not certified. RAL doesn’t have concealers or foundations but the products they do have is 100% gluten free, no questions about it. These are the two I recommend. I also have been using Lush body care for showers, but they aren’t an all GF company. I just buy the gluten free items they have. And I love them.

  3. I use Arbonne babes because I found I had a real chemical sensitivity too. Xx

  4. I have used Arbonne for 13 years. Certified gluten free, vegan, non gmo Love all their products. No guess work here.

  5. I have had great success with Mineral Fusion. (No headaches or other reactions.). Here, in Southwest Missouri, I can find it at Mama Jeans.

  6. I like urban decay bare minerals and have had really good luck with Younique makeup and skincare.

  7. I use younique and in the process of changing all my skincare too. I now work for them. Happy to help if you would like more info.

  8. Limelight is all gluten free- makeup and skincare, bare minerals, and Arbonne.

  9. I will be researching tonight

  10. I use Senegence (Lipsense) I love it and I don’t break out. It’s amazing lol.

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