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My husband was recently treated for H Pylori, and is now H Pylroi negative, but blood test showed that he was anemic and his doctor prescribed an iron supplement. He insists he doesn’t like any kind of liver even though he hasn’t had it since he was a kid. If I can convince him to have beef liver, is it bad to add that to his diet while still taking the iron or could that cause iron toxicity? If he won’t eat the beef liver, is it advisable to stay on the supplements? He’s had quite a bit of fatigue (just two months ago he had tons of energy), constipation, and intermittent nausea. Has only been taking the iron for two days (Integra plus). Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Why not use Perfect brand dessicated liver pills instead? The iron supplements aren't well absorbed, and will just contribute to his iron overload. Liver pills and whole food C supplements.

  2. I can't stand liver, but manage the liver pills just fine.

  3. He has a narrow esophagus and can't swallow pills unless they are very very small. Is there a capsule he can open up to take in food or liquid?

  4. although diagnosed anemic, I have learnt that is wise to do the full iron panel, mag ceruloplasmin, copper and zink test to be sure that his anemic state is "really" due to low iron. Most men actually have excess iron. I would also check B12 and B6, if they are low, they cause anemia, and if mag is low the bodys tissue holds to iron and they blood may "read" anemic.

  5. H pylori causes vitamin b12 deficiency, which can have long term permanent affects if not treated properly, and unfortunatley is often not treated or taken seriously enough. . Has he been tested? It can cause a type of anemia as well = megaloblastic. His b12 levels should be in the upper range. fatigue, brain fog, foot/hand pain, peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, headaches, permanent nerve damage, etc. When you said h pylori and his symptoms thought right of this. Also if you can get his folate (folic acid) level checked, His MCV or MCH could be elevated as well, check his previous bloods if you have them. Any questions, you can ask me if you wish….I have b12d – for other reasons than h pylori. take care

  6. I would suggest he should do the steps to raise ceruloplasmin from this group – it really helps

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