Has anyone been a smoker and trying to quiet?


I want to say please don’t shame me, this has been a long road. Has anyone been a smoker and trying to quiet? I try and fail and I get so frustrated and it doesn’t help when I get so stressed out. I am an emotional smoker, I only smoke at the end of the day late at night when I try to relax I can’t and then I smoke and I feel better. I am not using this as an excuse, I am just trying so hard. Any advice? Cold turkey is not working for me.

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  1. Patches !! And tic tacs lol worked for me

  2. My dad smoked for decades. Used the patch to quit. And they also gave him an rx for anxiety. It helped a lot. Good luck.

  3. Chantix, e cigs, patches, gum. Check to see if you are eligible for help from a quitline through your insurance too

  4. my Mom had excellent results by using acupuncture.

  5. I have heard of coco bean cigarettes that help, they dont have nicotine or tar

  6. Maybe try transitioning with vaping?

  7. I’ve had friends have good success with vaping and slowly lowering the amount of nicotine until they could stop altogether. \nWishing you well.

  8. I totally agree with the acupuncture suggestion.

  9. I gave up after 20 years by vaping nicotine and slowly lowering the dose. It took nearly 2 years but I have’nt had a cigarette in years and can’t even stand the smell of them now.

  10. I smoked for 18 years then quit two years ago by vaping. They guys in the store were very helpful getting me setup. Start on high dose nic then once your body accepts the level you slowly lower it till your are at 0 then slowly quit all around. If you want any help or advise I am more than happy to answer any questions. The first step is you deciding it is time. I vape for about a year my dh is doing the same but is taking him longer.

  11. I have tried the patch and the gum. I have done pull that helps too. I know I can get the pill again but it made me a little sick. I am going to try to do it again cold turkey and if I can’t ask my doctor on my next visit for help. I only smoke late at night when my son is asleep so I don’t touch him. I shower head to toe, I feel like a band mom and wife. I think the shame is driving part of my stress. I am also overwhelmed with school. I think talking about it helps though. This way I don’t keep it internalized and let it over whelp me more.

  12. I WAS a 25 year smoker. I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 years. My success, you ask? The electronic cigarette. You gradually take you nicotine level down to 0 and your body/brain doesn’t notice it as much. And for those sweet cravings, get the fruit flavors to trick the cravings.

  13. Google MONQ – thats all natural and organic, not thought for stop smiling but you can get ZEN or Relax herbs and use that istead of smoking, even go out with your tea, to keep the habit ?

  14. Awww hunnie. I smoked for 27 years and decided on 26th Dec 2015 I would stop. I gave up completely I always say if the time is right you will know. Don’t even bother trying if you have no fight to try as u will fail. You will get there. Mines almost a whole year I went cold turkey and found it very easy. Clearly I was ready. Don’t beat yourself up over it. When the time is right you will know xxxxx

  15. I am fighting the same battle right now. It is so hard. Sometimes maybe the timing isn’t right.

  16. I smoked for 26 years and got hypnotized to quit. It worked for me and it’s been almost 4 years. Good luck!!

  17. Try hypnosis xx

  18. I was a smoker havent had a smoke for 3 years very hard road to travel, best advice i can say is if you fail start again and if you fail again start again, its a very hard thing to do and think you really really need to wanna do it, i got a pen that i could click and everytime i wanted a smoke i would click it and i would even pretend to smoke it in the car as that was a big habbit for me, i had to change my whole routine round after tea i did a bit of housework as that after food smoke i died for, i still to this day have a clicky pen and if i lit a smoke i would become a smoker again, nothing worked for me so i stopped wasting my time and money.but changing routine was the big one and i had to not drink alot of grog anymore punch and judy went hand in hand i staty away from triggers.. Good luck and if you even go the night without one and have one in the morning your still a winner..

  19. Vaping I quit over two years ago

  20. I do not believe vaping or any other substitute will work unless you are ready. So don’t beat yourself up over it you will get there when ur ready xx

  21. How I quit was that I prayed. I asked God to make me not want to smoke anymore. Well then I got really sick with bronchitis to the point where I couldn’t smoke so I quit. This was 2 years ago and I haven’t gone back to it. Good luck.

  22. I’m on Chantix right now …. will be putting them down in the next few,days

  23. don’t beat yourself up. I tried all those things but chantix, gum, patches..they only leave you in a constant state of withdrawal. That is why they do NOT work. Nobody is that strong. Their success statistics are not accurate. the only thing that worked for me was cold turkey because the physical withdrawal only lasts for days. If you decide to give that a go..again..try this website for support. It is the best one out there with tons and tons of support. http://whyquit.com/

  24. When you are really ready to quit, nobody can stop you. People can blow smoke in my face and it will not deter me

  25. I also switched to American Spirits…. free on pesticides etc….

  26. 7 yrs clean

  27. Whyquit.com! Cold turkey is the only way! When you use nicotine in any form your body is in a constant state of nicotine withdrawal. With cold turkey your body clears nicotine in three short days and physical withdrawal is complete! During that period it is helpful to drink small amounts of juice to combat blood sugar changes that occur when quitting. After that you are not physically addicted to nicotine and you move on to fighting the psychological addiction. Knowledge is power when fighting nicotine addiction and this website has it along with plenty of support! You can do it!

  28. I’ve quit smoking before ….. once cold turkey 8 years because I was sick ….. the second time with Chantix….. I started smoking again after 6 months because I was in a horrible RA flare….. so it really depends on your will to stop

  29. I also just realized this post is in our Hashimoto’s group and I think it is harder for us with this condition to quit and/or stay smoke free because there is some evidence that smoking or using nicotine for some reason helps alleviate symptoms. Researchers don’t know exactly why. It is still important for overall health to quit, but you will want to have full thyroid labs within 4-6 weeks of quitting and may need adjustment in your thyroid replacement.

  30. I use an e cig now. Haven’t smoked a real cigarette in years.

  31. I’ve just been reading on what Amanda Farber said…. Crazy!

  32. I used Chantix. It worked for me. 2 years smoke free

  33. No shame. I understand. Still struggling. I can’t take chantix due to past severe depression and anxiety issues. I’ve tried an e cig before and lasted a week. The reason it’s difficult to quit (besides being addicted) is the chemical called anatabine (sp?) masks hypo symptoms. When hashimotos patients quit smoking it’s possible to go into a thyroid storm because your med needs can change. I’ve known people that have gone through this and it terrifies me because I don’t want to feel worse and I am uninsured, so I can’t monitor my labs monthly because I can’t afford it. Now, that said, even though it’s a bigger challenge for us to quit smoking, it’s still best for our overall health in the long run. If you can, try smoking cessation classes for support and don’t forget to get lab work done frequently in case you need to increase your meds. I’ll be trying again after the holidays. Best wishes to you. Hugs.

  34. I have been trying on and off for over 15 yrs. Zyban(allergic) Chantix (stomach pains), patch and gum both made me too jittery and sick. It is incredibly hard. Longest I made was 4 months and that was with vaping. I still have my vape system and plan to switch to vaping the day my children go to their father’s after Christmas. Good luck!

  35. I quit cold turkey after 30 years of smoking a pack a day. I was in the middle of the deepest depression, but I just decided to quit. Then I got diagnosed with Hashi’s. Once treated for the Hashi’s, the depression went away. I didn’t start smoking again because I later got diagnosed with breast cancer and that has been the single most reason why I haven’t restarted. After many attempts at quitting over the years, I learned that you will quit when your mind decides to be successful. Keep trying. It may take many attempts but it is SO WORTH IT! It will happen!

  36. I used to be the same type of stress smoker. I failed at everything except cold turkey. I think it’s because it’s emotional more than physical, using it as a coping mechanism gives it more value. It also took me longer to completely get past the want for one when stressed out. Vaping wasn’t around when I quit, but I’m thinking that tapering down to 0 would maybe help. Then you can work on the emotional side of it as well. I wish you luck!

  37. I’m a tobacco counselor . With hashimotos. Please feel free to reach out\n And a former smoker !

  38. Great suggestions. I smoked for energy, boredom and diet. Quit and failed several times, and tried again. I quit last Xmas. Thyroid tests were taken before and after quitting. All my hormones including thyroid, cortisol, renin and aldosterone (cause dehydration, thick blood, high cholesterol, dry eye, etc ) were bad when I smoked and normal after two weeks of quitting. My taste and sense of smell returned and breathing improved. I do puzzles, color, knit scarves for charity, cook, watch movie, etc at night when cravings strike. Take a puff from ecig containing nicotine free mint liquid when craving is really bad. Taking magnesium and/or Tylenol with sleepy time tea calms me down at night. It was also a matter of changing my stinking thinking. I made it thru the night without cigs, which showed going without wouldn’t kill me. I switched to drinking water in the morning instead of coffee since coffee trigger smoking. Quitting is a slow process that requires patience and strength. Good luck.

  39. switch to cannabis. much healthier and it might heal your lungs in the process (if you use oils or a vaporizer). yes i’m completely serious.

  40. It took chantix for me after failed cold turkey attempts.
    The only side effect was vivid dreams, I dealt with it because I wanted that monkey off my back.

  41. I started at 30, quit cold turkey at 37 for 9 years, had one (!)-hooked again!- and then it took another 10 years to be able to quit again for good. I tried many things but cold turkey is the only one that worked. My husband died of lung cancer and made me promise I would quit and still .. it took another year. A few yrs later I developed asthma and I SO wish I had never touched it.

  42. I have read so many articles by Drs in the know and smoking is BAD any time and especially if you have hashimoto It only exacerbates the symptoms plus all the crap you induce into your body when smoking??? Hash is bad enough without risking the chances of lung cancer or throat cancer Seems like an awful “dumb” chance to take

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