Has anyone been diagnosed with hypothyroidism?


A question out of pure curiosity, has anyone been diagnosed with hypothyroidism only to discover later that their hypo symptoms were related to magnesium deficiency? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism but the more I learn in this group – the more I think my symptoms might have been related to magnesium deficiency. I am working on the magnesium deficiency and also on NDT for thyroid. I wonder if anyone has actually fixed their magnesium deficiency and been able to ween off NDT….

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  1. I'm experimenting with that right now. I will retest in 6 months.

  2. Please let me know how it goes! Are you slowly lowering your dose of NDT?

  3. I don't take ndt as ice always been extremely hesitant.

  4. taking NDT, magnesium & cofactors for the past 1-1/2 years

  5. What is ndt?

  6. I tried going off in Jan and did awful so went back on. Still it's hard to say whether it's bc I always need NDT or bc maybe it was too soon.

  7. What is NDT ?

  8. Natural Desiccated Thyroid

  9. Have you tested for Hashimotos?

    I'm very deficient in magnesium. But in many other things as well.

  10. Soile Hautamäki read this

  11. Me! Two days after I started the protocol, I got so hot I knew I had to cut back. My temperature was 99.5 by noon. I have been checking my basal temp for years. I had long suspected something was making me hypothyroid but took almost 5 years for yo-yoing with different ideas. Liver cleansing, coffee enemas, I took adrenal cortex for 4 Years, (I couldn't function without it, I had a flatline diurnal cortisol test), Copper issues, melasma issues, told to supplement iron, iodine, gluten free… I can go on and on. You name it I tried it. Don't let me forget the expensive hormone doc I saw, who although meaning well, wanted to put me on hydrocortisone, testosterone, progesterone and NDT. I was so desperate to feel better, I atleast gave the NDT a shot, thinking it might be responsible for everything else that was broken. I never felt right taking it. I had been so healthy up to a certain point in my life. Something had changed. They said it was age, periomenopause. For me, I link. It back to 3 kids, hectic life and stress. I wasn't taking care of me. I kept digging and it land me here. Best thing ever! I am off everything. No more cortex, no more NDT. I still use a little progesterone mid cycle. I think I will be able to give that up soon too. I have been off everything two months and I check my basal temp every morning, doing good at 97.8 by mid day I am up to 98.6. It is amazing. I feel warm and to be fixed with whole foods like liver and bee pollen is incredible . My supplement intake has decreased and I think I am better for it. I weaned off NDT over a period of two weeks. I wasn't in a high amount tho, 1 1/2 grains. Hope this helps. This group is right on many, many things. Fixing the root cause. I went with my gut and knew there was a reason so much of me was out of whack. In another month, I am going for all my testing and will be very interested to see my thyroid and magnesium results!

  12. It has been suggested a few times to me I have hypothyroidism but never proper diagnosis.
    Magnesium 'fixed' most of the suspicious symptoms.

  13. Mine was from lack of iodine and magnesium.

  14. Following. I am hypo and have depression. I'm not doing the whole mag protocol but magnesium and methylated b vitamins fixed my depression like the flip of a switch (my depression was clearly a deficiency). I'm about to try switching from levo to ndt in a week. Interested to see how it goes.

  15. I have Hashimotos. Doing mag helps, but I'm still not out of the woods.

  16. Mag supplementation has helped the adrenals, but still have not gotten material improvement on the thyroid yet. The key minerals for thyroid function are Ca/K, so the Mag relationship to thyroid function is indirect. I am currently focusing on increasing my K intake via foods and coconut water.

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