Has anyone been successful at cutting out gluten?


Has anyone been successful at cutting out gluten? And what improved exactly?

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  1. I went a little over a year having daily headaches. It was never a question of if I was going to have a headache. It was how bad was it going to be. Since I have gone gluten free my headaches have significantly decreased. I still have them occasionally but not every day anymore!! I'm going to cut dairy soon too I think.

  2. As others have mention, no more joint pain, badly aches, no more upset stomach and frequent headaches and for me I break out in hives and itch horribly!

  3. Nothing changed for me

  4. Absolutely the most significant improvements are lower back pain, upper extremities muscle numbness, fatigue, and diarrhea. Whenever i cheat on pasta or beer, diarrhea returns plus extreme sleepy right after feel like drunk. It goes away when the digestion process completed in around 2 hours

  5. Yep. Gluten is very inflammatory and it helps with everything just about! It inflames the lining of the gut leading to leaky gut which allows particles of things like gluten into the blood stream which causes all sorts of issues including that autoimmune response. I've been GF on and off since college and more recently very strictly and feel the best when i am. Joints feel better, over body feels better, less bloating, better sleep, the list goes on.

  6. yes, less stomach and sinus problems.

  7. Six years into being Gluten Free! No more migraines, upset stomach, brain fog, or acne.

  8. Silly question….what do you eat instead of gluten products?

  9. Been GF for 2 mos…no more stomach aches I've had my entire life, no more cystic acne I've always had and no more migraines!

  10. I removed it completely and my entire body stopped looking swollen, I lost weight and my guts feel better now. I won't touch it again for anything!!

  11. I downloaded an app gluten free food finder that I can scan every bar code and it tells me what is gluten free. I also Google restaurants to see what the best eating options are

  12. inflammation, brain fog, dizziness

  13. Yeah I quit gluten and feel much better. When I cheat and eat it I regret it. Sugar too.

  14. Lost 50 lbs, depression and moodiness gone, hair quit falling out. All my thyroid symptoms disappeared except my brittle nails. Still can't figure that one out.

  15. I did after being diagnosed in October 2017. I've also gone vegan. My TPO Antibodies were almost 1500. I had a blood test last week, and they are now down to 500. I know they're still high but it's an amazing change. There are some great gf and vegan groups on FB. Jessica in the kitchen, and Bosh are just a couple. I share any fab recipes to my FB messenger and then I can always find them. I'm also taking supplements. I take vitamin D, vitamin K2, Folate, turmeric, magnesium folate and B12.

  16. Does cheating a little bit here and there like out to dinner or vacation or something really impact people with the gluten free?

  17. Cutting out gluten for me wasn’t a “whether I’m going to be successful or not” choice. If you truly have to cut out gluten because of health reasons it isn’t an option or a “diet.” Having celiacs disease means that gluten years up the lining of my intestines, I can’t properly digest it and it affects my health. It kills me when people say “I don’t know how you do it,” it isn’t a diet…. it makes me physically sick, it would be like eating rotten food.

  18. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for 2 years now. I’ve lost a lot weight, no more bloating problems, wheat belly and digestive problems. I also have clearer skin and overall feel much better. I don’t miss it at all because there is so many wheat replacements. I’ve learned to cook and make things with gluten free flours so I’m not missing out on much. The one time I did “cheat” and had gluten on my bday, the next day I had fully body inflammatory pain again, my face was swollen like crazy, and I was so bloated I looked like I had gained 10 lbs overnight!

  19. Major reduction with sinus problems, reduced inflammation, increased energy and lower Hashimotos numbers

  20. Yes! I cut out gluten and dairy and my back/joint/muscle/severe back pain vanished completely! I also have lost 60 lbs and counting. Nothing else helped

  21. I started keto on new years day. I'm down 25 lbs and a pant size.

  22. I cut it out for a while and had literally no change. Yes I did it properly, yes I avoided even things that could be contaminated with gluten. I do not have celiac disease or the very rare non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I actually don't know a single person in real life that has an issue eating gluten. I even have I even have variations of certain genes that make me more likely to develop celiac disease. Still no issues. I had two great big cinnamon rolls for breakfast but a cup of coffee and had no ill effects. If you think you have an allergy or sensitivity talk to your doctor. Non-celiac gluten sensitivities actually pretty rare. If you have reason to suspect that you have celiac disease then there are tests that your doctor can do to help you determine whether or not that is the cause of any problems you were having. If you think you have an allergy or sensitivity talk to your doctor. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is actually pretty rare. If you have reason to suspect that you have celiac disease then there are tests that your doctor can do to help you determine whether or not that is the cause of any problems you are having. However you must be eating a normal diet including things like bread that contain gluten before the test in order for it to be accurate.

  23. Aches and pains so much better

  24. Yes I've been gluten free since March 2017. Also dairy free.Down 35 pounds.Bloat in my stomach down. Inflammation down. Skin better shape.

  25. My dad has been doing gluten free for my mom for several years…and gave me this website. You can save it to you phone, type in what you are wanting and it will load a list of gluten free options. Hope it helps anyone. https://www.gfoverflow.com/m/index.php

  26. I just started going gluten free again…3 days. My neck and glands are swollen and I have had a headache for 2 days. Is this normal?

  27. Yes. Joint pain gone

  28. I would try Whole30 for 30 Days and that will seriously help you become gluten free.

  29. Yes. No change.

  30. I just can't seem to get there…. my fault I know. Just confessing.

  31. Yes, for the past 7 years. Gluten causes stomach issues and migraines for me. That is the only thing that improved

  32. Yes. My brain fog is 95% gone, my joint pain is gone, I have my vocabulary back, and my mood has improved.

  33. I have less stomach issues being GF

  34. I also have less stomach pain, bloating etc and have less of the’hangover’ feeling that I get when I have eaten it.

  35. Been on a gf nutritional cleanse system for over 3 years and it has changed my life. My gut issues are gone, sleep like a baby, losing weight, no bloating like before… I could go on…. Best decision ever.

  36. Yes it has increased my energy and decreased my weight. I also cut out potatoes, rice, and oatmeal. I mostly cut out potatoes. I do eat French fries sometimes.

  37. Chronic hives, gone. Eczema gone. Depression and anxiety greatly lessened. Excessive earwax gone. Floaters in eyes greatly lessened. Brittle nails lessened. Tummy troubles lessened. Migraines greatly lessened. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of anything else right now.

  38. Yep everything improved. I pay $5 a week for meal planning and aip recipes through the paleo way

  39. No more migraines, inflation is way, way less, brain fog almost completely goes away, nausea and dizziness goes away, no more eczema, These symptoms come right back when I consume gluten so I don't. It's not worth it.

  40. I can't seem to stay gluten free. I don't get symptoms just from cheating here n there so I seem to keep doing it. I don't want to cheat….. help . I have a strong will with most things and get so upset that I'm weak with gluten and dairy

  41. Where do I begin with gluten? No more Gas-X, Tums, Maalox Max, abdominal pain, brain fog, inflammation, I.B.S. symptoms, bloating, and migraines. Dairy gives me the runs, refined sugars makes me fatigued and brain fogged, and soy attacks my thyroid. Processed foods give me an array of symptoms. I'm off all foods that cause negative side effects to my body.

  42. I ended over a year of chronic hives, itch attacks, reduced bloating and enjoy better digestion.

  43. Just cutting gluten my bowel movements were better, skin cleared up and heartburn subsided. However until I changed my lifestyle and started eating on plan did EVERYTHING get better!
    16lbs and counting!

  44. Yes, 100% gluten-free since last August. Energy back, psoarisis disappeared, no more tummy ache, memory improved, lost 45lbs. I'm back to what I was before this hit me 3 and a half years ago!

  45. 5 yrs now and it maybe saved my life, or else it just feels like it. LOL.

  46. Inflammation in the body

  47. Gluten free and feeling great! No aches or pains. Lots of energy. No brain fog or tummy issues. Never going back. http://www.slimhealthysexy.com/heck-gluten-terry-ryan/

  48. Cut out gluten and my antibody count went from 100 to 30 in 1 year

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