Has anyone done the gene test for celiac?


Hello everybody, I have one more question today. Has anyone done the gene test for celiac?

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  1. I did came back negative but dr said that doesnt mean anything that a biopsy tells the best

  2. Yes. Came back positive

  3. Yes 10+years after my dx only because that’s when it became available. And yes I have one of the genes

  4. Yes..positive

  5. Yes. Positive. DQ2

  6. I read majority of celiacs have the gene and a small percentage dont is that true?

  7. I’m positve DQ8

  8. Is it just a blood test?

  9. I’m going to get tested, cuz I’ve been having severe symptoms just from cheating.

  10. Does anyone know the cost?

  11. how do u take this test?

  12. Biopsy is the only definitive way but cyrex labs does a great very thorough blood test on both celiac and gluten sensitivity. If you come out showing on the blood test and have gene you can save a bunch of money on biopsy

  13. I had the gene test on my son at 14 months old. It’s an oral swab collection kit, I got results in 3 weeks, which were negative for both genes in his case. I paid $249 plus shipping because his pediatrician and insurance company didn’t think it was medically necessary. It was worth every penny. http://www.celiacdiseasedna.com/

  14. Yeap came back, positive.

  15. Yes. It’s helpful information to know. I am HLA-DQ2.

  16. My daughter did this last week and it came back with the gene

  17. Yes I did the DNA test and it was positive

  18. Yes I have all markers in both genes

  19. Yes, I was originally diagnosed with celiacs by an integrative medicine dr via blood test. After diagnosis I went 100% gluten free. I changed my GP 6 months post diagnosis and the new GP wanted me to start eating gluten again and have a biopsy done. I disagreed and changed my GP again, the new GP agreed with the blood test diagnosis and ordered the DNA test for an additional confirmation- you don’t have to be eating gluten for a positive DNA test. I tested positive for both HLA-DQ2 and DQ8.

  20. Yes, positive

  21. Yes, negative. Saved me a ton of time and pain.

    My doctor suggested I take it because you don’t have to do a gluten challenge. If you test negative, the chance of having celiac is ridiculously low, so you get the non-celiac gluten sensitivity diagnosis and can keep avoiding gluten and feeling better. If you test positive, then you have to do the challenge and the blood test and stuff. Also, it was covered by my insurance.

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