Has anyone done the iodine patch test?


Has anyone done the iodine patch test? Did you find it reliable?
This is my patch test at 11am and again at 5.30pm.
I don’t want to overdose on this stuff so curious to hear others stories. Thanks. 🙂


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  1. Learning

  2. You can't overdose, excess is excreted. You can cause uncomfortable detox though. Join the Facebook page called "Iodine" moderated by Stephanie Buist for the protocol (Dr. Brownsteins) and support.

  3. Iodine protocols a good group

  4. Mine was gone in 30 minutes

  5. I have hashimotos can't touch iodine yet last time I tried my thyroid function crashed to 134 and my antibodies increased

  6. i put it on my belly

  7. I never eat the foods with iodine in them so it makes sense if need some now and again.

  8. Though Iodine group would have packed you off for asking a question on Magnesium , we are the good'uns….LOL

    Such patch is bound to show with Iodine.
    But I would not call it as a sure indication of Iodine deficiency.
    Only hTMA test can show the elemental position of your body in true sense.

  9. If it's 12% strength,you must need it!

  10. Dr.Brownstein has a really good book on Iodine & how to use it. Also he has a lot of videos on YouTube. Also the iodine protocol group is very helpful.

  11. It's good it didn't disappear and you probably can't overdose

  12. Why you saying no MJ ?

  13. Dr brownstein, Dr sircus, Lynne Farrow, all good info. BUT study and do your homework before you start with iodine. I have taken sea kelp, nascent iodine and iodoral and Lugols. Read read read!

  14. Ive no intentions of taking anything without reading up on it first

  15. And you won't overdose, but you will detox!

  16. ^ that's the reason you need magnesium at optimal levels

  17. IMO this test is not a reliable indicator. Most of it evaporates. As for absorption, our skin will absorb anything it comes in contact with….good or bad. It doesn't differentiate.

  18. I does when it comes to Iodine. The more it needs it, the faster it will absorb it. Listen, this test isn't a scientific method and won't tell you squat other than if you need iodine quickly (deficient, goes away faster) or have semi-adequate levels (absorbs it slower).

    I have read articles on both sides but the alternative doctors I trust do advise doing this as a quick answer. It has also been noted that people who have had the iodine go away quickly have seen a time shift after supplementing or doing an iodine loading protocol.

  19. I have tried and disappeared in 4 hours. Tried twice both same result. did htma including iodine and that came back in middle of range. so I guess I am not deficient.

  20. Not reliable

  21. 90% evaporates. A poor test. You can't overdose this way. The gold standard for proper testing is an iodine loading test. Spot tests show how much you pee out-not how much you use. 80% of the population are deficient – and western ranges ridiculously low. In Japan they are much higher. The Japanese women rarely have breast cancer in this own country – go to USA and their chances match those of the locals. The difference? A diet high in iodine.

  22. Lugols the only one to have – but must be with: selenium, magnesium, vitamin b and c.

  23. Kimmarie – yes. And antibodies often go up
    As does TSH on iodine – but it changes with consistent use. Iodine with companion nutrient a especially selenium is essential.

  24. Not reliable at all. Get an iodine loading test

  25. What trish said!

  26. Curious
    My drop disappears almost immediately
    Does that mean I am deficient?
    Also I notice my urine smells different
    Is that connected?

  27. it should take 24 hours to disappear.

  28. I dont know about this "test" lol, but I have taken iodine on and off over the years ( I take kelp now for iodine), and one thing I can suggest if you are going to take it is to google and get familiar with oversaturation symptoms of iodine.

  29. No, it's not relieable. Do the testing: Antibodies, TSH and T3.

  30. I've just read the Dr Brownstein and Lyn Farrow books. They outline a protocol of supplementation and support factors.

  31. I've only ever done the urine test and it was low. Don't use kelp as they say it's contaminated. My lab results note said not to take it either. I knew when my level had dropped as I because really fatigued had it retested and sure enough it was. So it took 6 weekends to drop below the range. I take it everyday as it's not something that your body just retains.

  32. Michelle – you are using essential companion nutrients. A spot urine test tells nothing about how much your body needs – just how much you excrete and it varies depending on iodine from various sources. The 24 hr loading test controls the iodine entering the body – and how much leaves it – so is accurate.


    so not reliable at all???????

  33. Nope!! Absolutely not!!!!

  34. Dr Myhill is a good source. RDA 150ug- so low intake from skin is not a real issue. Some does def go in. I use Logols 12% [or now 15%] without problems and am taking T3 for thyroid imbalance. NB: Not Hashis. I think, contrary to the Iodine group, that iodine esp at the levels they use can be unhelpful in some conditions of thyroid malfunction, which I don't have being high in ReverseT3 which comes under the, unrecognised by medics, Wilson's Temperture Syndrome [NOT Wilson's disease] http://drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Iodine_-_what_is_the_correct_daily_dose%3F

  35. Following with interest xx

  36. Dr brownstien's book he is the expert on iodine

  37. That second pic hasn't faded all day…

  38. Celestial Meeker

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