Has anyone else gotten tightness in the chest?


Has anyone else gotten tightness in the chest or heart palpitations from the adrenal cocktails? What, in these cocktails, could be making this happen?

I recently started implementing the protocol and for the past few days I’ve had an issue with pressure in my chest. I’ve had heart palpitations in the past and it’s always preceded by this same kind of chest tightness. So today, I skipped the adrenal cocktail and, low and behold, no chest tightness or palpitations.

It could be a coincidence and I’ll test it again tomorrow by doing the adrenal cocktails and see if it happens

But, has anyone else had tightness in their chest or palpitations from the adrenal cocktails?

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

Adrenal cocktails (except for today)
Bee pollen

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  1. I recall some struggle due to cream of tartar. Maybe try one of the alternate recipes.

  2. I actually do coconut water with fresh lemon juice and salt with no more reactions.

  3. I get chest tightness and heart palpitations as symptoms of histamine intolerance. I can't take the adrenal cocktail right now because of the histamine.

  4. Crap! I know nothing of histamine intolerance. Never really even heard of it before his group. I hear so many talking about it and hoped this wouldn't be me! Wouldn't I already know it if this was the case for me? What causes this???

  5. I can tell when my co-factors are out of balance or when having a histamine reaction (last year I found out some of my genetic mutations make it difficult to deal with histamines) How much magnesium are you taking?

  6. I get occasional tightness but it doesn't happen often and I have never experienced palpitations.

  7. So, if I just keep on and ignore the chest tightness will this issue eventually go away when I get everything balances? I can deal with it.

  8. Well, occasionally my wife would have an irregular heart beat, but I think she has been having it less often than in the past. Her blood pressure has improved to the point that she no longer takes the herbal formula she was taking to control it.

  9. I experienced the chest tightness and palpitations with the adrenal cocktail, and also when I was salt loading I may have taken too much on accident. I find the best thing is to drink lots of water, after going to the bathroom once or twice I felt 80%better.

  10. I'm curious Dedra Jenkins what type of sea salt you are using and is it white?

  11. Use coconut water instead of COT and mango juice instead of OJ. I could not tolerate COT!

  12. Many with sulfite sensitivities have an issue with the COT…since it's actually the result of wine making…I think I read once that it's the powder left in the bottom of the barrels. I had a similar reaction, so I use Potassium Bicarbonate instead with no problem.

  13. I had the same experience with AC and it was definitely from COT, although I tried to reduce the amount to 1/4 of the 1/4 tsp but still had the same reaction. I also tried taking potassium chloride tablets which caused the same issue. I'm ok with coconut water though. 🙂
    Did you have the AC again today with less amount of CoT?

  14. Yes , definitely worth experimenting as people might react differently to different things. I had the palpitation and tightness for 2 more days after stopped taking CoT. I have headache from any vit B supplement so I take the recommended bee pollen and Perfect brand liver capsule which don't cause me any trouble. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with a gene mutation.
    You should try coconut water as well to see how it works. Good luck!

  15. Dedra Jenkins I do not think it has to do with histamine intolerance. If you have had OJ and other high histamine foods in the past without trouble I am sure you are fine with this. I am sure you will figure it out! If I were you I would man it up with the liver Good luck️️

  16. Guess what everyone???!!! I think I figured it out. The chest tightness and palpitations were from a deficiency of B-12! So, I did without the adrenal cocktails yesterday and had no tightness and no palpitations. Then this morning, when I woke up, I felt some mild tightness in my chest! Well I knew it couldn't be the adrenal cocktails since I hadn't had any yet. So I went ahead and made the adrenal cocktail today and on the first one I used a little less cream of tartar. But still, the tightness was getting worse.

    I had some left over B-12 supplement here that I stopped before starting the protocol and decided to try to take one to see if that got rid of the feeling. This has worked for this in the past so I thought I would give it a try. I haven't had the courage to start the liver yet. Lol! Anyway, I've been working ALL day and just realized the tightness in my chest has totally disappeared!!! So it was the B-12!!! I needed B-12!!!

  17. I know this is an old post, however I'm having the heart palpitations and chest tightness. I had the adrenal cocktail only a few times however even after stopping it for about 5 days I'm still have the issue. Dedra did you say B12 helped? Was it COT that was causing it?

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